Life's A Bowl of Peas In Waylon Mercy's Hands.
13:58.33 37-06 OTC
In a few hours we will know if we have acquired a moderate change of fortune which will lead to some manner of temporary stabilization...or so supposed.


Happy Guillotine Day. Ah yes...a day when capital punishment was...a capital idea.


I just watched the second worst match I have ever seen in professional wrestling...only precedented by one of mine of course. In days past there was this imposition that Josh Prohibition was decent performer. Now I question if I ever truly heard that from someone’s mouth or I imagined it in some greeded mannerism to find a path to succession. Either way...contestment aside...what a douche.
Passing Humor Like Don Juaco's Pork
15:50.38 36-06 OTC
This is mere banter to exploit this moment in time since few were there to experience it lingers this residual-ness that efforts it to be one of the funniest occurrences I have ever witnessed.

It also prompts me to coerce that when I have bestowed a nickname upon someone, it is rather endearing and elevated...which is rare for the common characteristic of being quite literal...or for those who truly know...just horrifically dry.

In the behind the scenes commons of The Roast House restaurant in Santa Clarita, California mid-summer of Y65...a collection of employees gathered in this tightly confounded kitchen and serving area behind the sparsely copious swinging doors. It was within this moment that the sexually pervasive Eric Boon was handed a wooden spoon by yours truly to which he immediately found sexual connotation with. He offered it in hand to Francesca, this breathtakingly gorgeous Italian woman...or “Buckles” as I so entitled which he then turned and presented his hind quarters. A growing constituency of employees...during peak business hours mind you and crowded in this minute garrison...held in waited breath as she swung in full regale. The sheer snap of flesh, fabric and timber echoed though briefly before being subdued by the reverberated groan from Boon who performed the finest plié into a pas de cheval. A bellow steamed from the hoard of staff which ironically silenced the clientele of the which we declared no explanation for.

In the finer words of men before...”you would have had to have been there”.

This was a reenactment of an actual reenactment.
Rinse and Repeat
15:41.47 36-06 OTC
Vanity is the exposition of good hygiene and sanitation...just a note to all those at the renewal energy festival a few days ago. Also...I couldn’t help to notice that the large array of speakers and audio accessories themeing (new word) the stage area were not powered by anyone riding a stationary bicycle.
Kreyòl, French
27,750 km²
$12.94 billion
Gourde (HTG)
Summer (DST)
.ht +509
Y67 Orbital Time Calendar Shoot (D112 Y66)
16:8.58 35-06 OTC
Here are a series of photographs taken from yesterday in McKinleyville, California. One of these is likely to be manipulated into the final version of a draft for the pending calendar. I prefer the version of the tree from further down with more left placement as the choicest image to use but once again, they are drastically altered so any suggestions on which you find more appeasing would be accepted. Note, the wheel is botched on that shoot...a re-shoot of the wheel will be taken today or tomorrow.