I am not saying these words just yet but I assure you that my lips purse as my breath draws in the intent to exhale the lexis, “In silence, the war has begun.”

Mere moments.

On that note of ‘mere moments’, I should subject that within a few hours I should also be cognitive of an additional employment –- epically job numeral 80 -- as a secondary labor complementing my evening services.

There appears to be a lot more gastrointestinal commercials on television these days and I surmise, are we merely bloated bag of gas or incapable micromanaging our intake after 30 plus years of existence...and to suffer with such pleasing glee as well. “My diarrhea was keeping me up at nights until I took Ambien which didn’t solve my intestinal problem but allowed me to rest soundly through the exploding filth”.

Here is a full of shit notice...

Advertisements or resumes that feature the dialogue, “...enjoy the challenge...” I can’t seem to find the passages of sincerity from business owners who employ the tactic of enjoying the challenge of offering carcinogenic beverages or managing the loosely populated wharf district.

This is just happened a few brief moments ago...a reiteration as well...

A gentlema...no, I should not declare such decree of title for this ingot...so rather this douche decides to communicate on his cellular phone in my general area. Now bear in mind I am currently located in a facility that entails silence as a means of study...so subsequently this cohort of idiocy decided to cease my degree of focus on this documentation with his chatter about leisure on this Friday eve. Surely that may spark some degree of concern but it is more imperative that you decipher the remainder...for when he took stock in his intrusion...he apologized. Now the compassionates out there would say, good. I would say shut up...to the both of you. For you see, not only did he intrude by his conversation with the currently displaced in a room coherently acknowledged as unwavering on such cantankerings but he then preceded to continue to fault by conversing with me, subjugating more intrusion and displaced focus from the media at which pertained my studies...on top of that is his apology was sincere, he wouldn’t have burdened us in the first place with his incompetence.

New Scientist, Scientific American and Time are the only magazines that garner any pure readability from cover to cover. I recommend these journals of information with internet links below...

Link: Time Magazine
Link: New Scientist
Link: Scientific American

Yet another full of shit notice...

Art forms that edict “transcendental” as title, medium or any other axiom of association. The word transcendental alone deciphers the assertion of an irrational thought or experience usually pertaining to the paranormal or spirituality. I endow this distain based on the emphasis that it is clear that an obtuse melting reddish purple tree convexed by a cache of discolored contorted butterflies the while liquefying tapestries of white bellow from behind is not likely a realistic scenario on Earth and subsequently if your perception is that we are unlikely to decipher the disassociation...your art only then appeals to the absurd viewer for the absurdity of it’s creator.

Declaration for termination...obese drivers. Not only do they consume more gasoline as wear on vehicles as noted numerous years ago on my Observations, but they also as dangerous on the highways as handicapables –- to refer to the In Living Color days gone by. Have you ever took stock in the median space that it takes to steer a vehicle and then to displace three times your girth into that space? Watching a fatty steer is like seeing a mime break free from an imaginary box. And of course I have found no reason to ever believe otherwise that fatty in the SUV is not consuming some form of organic material packaged for their ease of handling and digesting. Addition one more likely misnomer of cellular communications and you subsequently have the diabetic version of a blind man hurling a 2 tonne boulder in your general direction. Why do I never see statistics online about the quantity of obese drivers who were killed or murdered another because they passed out or were reaching for the second half of the broken M&M between fold seven and eight?
Sphere Update
16:40.45 39-06 OTC
Current Top 5 Sphere Destinations For Y67

1. Colombia
2. Democratic Republic of Congo
3. Haiti
4. Somalia
5. Nicaragua
The “Fooled” mock-commercials are still under production as we speak. Episodes 1 through 4 are going to be completed before they are posted online. The expected timeline for completion is not for another 40 days.

The Orbital Calendar photo shoot is gearing up, now that the weather has permitted such outdoor photography. Frequent this page in order to see preconfigured photographs and decide on which you might like to see appear on the calendar.

I am working on the first few drafts of three audio tracks soon to be available online. For those who don’t know, the first anthology of tracks will be a chaptered novella. I will likely post the first drafts here in the coming days.

I have recently decided that my first and only child’s name will be Blank. Perhaps I should first discover the location of my future spouse, Anya...the German-Indian engineer slash architect...or so as I have constituted as the woman of my interest.

I am working on the Search menu to be located on the menu bar to the right...finding a moderate amount of troubles with CSS on this bar for some reasoning.
What About Your High Ball? Its Salty?
13:54.20 38-06 OTC
Job numeral 79. Bartender...and in a college town no less. Payola. I have updated the employment history list which you can find at this link - [ Employment History ]

I also recently observed a televised interview with Sam Harris, the author of “The End of Faith” which I will be reading shortly and will advise on. You can visit the link added to the right to learn more and perhaps obtain your own copy.
Brainwashed Update - Search
15:24.13 37-06 OTC
I am either adding an entirely seperate search page or adjusting the already existing side bar menu search feature provided by SPHPBlog so that you can easily find past information related to any subject with greater ease.