Yet another fine example of how book smart filmmakers are douche bags...yeah and...I am talking to all of you currently enrolled in various 10,000 dollar courses who think you are eccentric when blathering about traditional conceptual pacing...

Tony Scott’s commentary over the film Man on Fire is littered with contradictions and especially at one point irrevocably tarnishes himself as a hack. During the final segments of the film, he notes that it is unreasonable to consign so many emotional hits during such a brief sequence of time yet, “ seemed to work”.

Is there no longer a median of filmmakers? Independent filmmakers revel in their glorification of being a moderate isolated artist while producers find reassurance in directors with mindsets of fixed composition.

The while, the few films that establish merit are the ones abstracting to a norm of humanity rather than a norm of filmanity (new word...and I am staking a flag in this one).

One way streets have to go. Consistency contributes to awareness rendered by oncoming drivers and when you provided abstraction by randomly incurring one way streets, you provide uncertainty and subsequent certainty of failure. And furthermore, one way streets endow a restraint of travel generating convoluted excess to arrive at the intended destination.

I have witnessed the word of God...on preached from his messenger here on Earth...and he said...

“If it is God’s will, then it will be.”

The following day...I witnessed the word of God...on preached from his messenger here on Earth...and he said...

“Human beings are gifted with free will.”


This is a Sphere related inquiry... In order to establish a stable economy, one must find validation in value. In order to establish value, we must define the attributes to condition value of material. This will sequentially define the median value of a single dollar. A material’s value is based on two distinct attributes...labor and resource supply. A piece of Earth such as a sand holds no value until interacted upon by a human being. Let us utilize sand further. Say 10 cubic metres of sand is equivalent to 0. Now employ labor from a single human being to displace this 10 m/cu of sand into a bin. You have now displaced a percentage of sand resources from supply into a segregated bin to be used as a commodity while also the labor employed to displace the sand achieved value from in personal resources utilized. The value of the 10 m/cu of sand is now equivalent to labored resources subtraction of the human and resource subtraction from supply. Going further to define the attributes of the value of supply requirements for sustaining the laborer’s biological functions, and labor to produce sustenance...hold on...I get it now...

In order to properly evaluate the value of material is to find the reciprocating aspects of materials to the laborer. Food production, agriculture are the defining attributes for the labor can be equivalent to the production supply. So then is the value defined by efforts toiled outside of this margin or of this margin within a segment of time? Back to the drawing boards...
Myspace Leftovers
15:22.47 41-06 OTC
These are the few images leftover from the Myspace incident of Y66...

Prospects For More Adhesion
14:6.41 41-06 OTC
Following the overwhelming success of the Support Waste Bumper Sticker, or as I have been told...the lack luster appeal in a town of fried bacon and egg heads...I have been tossing around a proposal of another sticker detailing the ignorance of disliking the emotion of hatred. This is a first draft model of the new sticker. Feel free to leave some suggestions.

I was thinking about dropping the CUZ YUR DUM part since it deters from the main emphasis of hating hate which is the ironic idiocy.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 2 -- Finally Goodbye Firefox
15:39.44 40-06 OTC
It is of today I have installed the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (7.0 Beta 2) and I am pleased more than I can confess -- minus two trivial things -- Clear Type as a preset and some loss of control over the manipulation of the control bars but otherwise I am aware of the beta version it is so my worries are not nearly as troublesome as the moist dungage that Firefox deposits.

So I insist that everyone purge your operating system of Firefox and Opera and allow MSIE to provide the primary platform for which you view the internet so that we may all have a unified spyglass.

And two simple immediate suggestions...

Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Multimedia > Uncheck Use Clear Type

Tools > General > Tabs > Settings > When A Pop-Up Is Encountered > Let IE Decide
The Jailhouse Raping of Evening Radio
13:43.51 40-06 OTC
Phil Hendrie announced last evening that he will be retiring from terrestrial radio on D174 and as a long time listener and enthusiast of The Phil Hendrie Show, I implore those to obtain your final moments to listen to a true radio brilliance in his final days. Phil Hendrie sustains a reserve of functional and practical wisdom and has not censored his opinions even in the overwhelmingly hilarious satirical jest upon his platform. Thank you Phil Hendrie for the years of bewilderment.