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15:38.4 44-06 OTC
I am currently constructing an “About Tv” section to the Brainwashed portion of vtyhw.com. It is more or less cleaved from the 60 day Myspace tumult I experienced earlier this year with a touch of more consideration towards biographical reflection. I will advise when the link becomes available.

And since we are seated here in the usual constrained contentment, I would like to note a few items of interest I have recently perused from the world medias.

Two new additions to the Endangered Species list this year are the Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibious) and Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) the while environmentalists glee over their success of revitalizing a breed of English eagle and a South Asian vulture. Giant mammalians are reduced in numbers of 90% while scientists are having great ease with winged varmints whose decline are more entangled by population growth than hunting or environmental decline.

The fact that every nation has now officially found necessity for economic “bailout” plans demonstrates how this current composition of capitalism is a failed method.

In Y3221 (1611) the first officially authorized publication of the Bible was published. What? Only 1611 years after the existence of the preacher or only 6000 years after the imposed creation of man? For a fundamental of existence...or so claimed...surely the progression of time and formulated ethereal hallucinated manifestations would have shepherded more prompt attention to this.

I should also note that Good Housekeeping Magazine was published on this day as well...and to think that an interview with Martha Stewart on proper sauce pan management might breed more functionality from a human being than the gospel about murder, death, rape, plundering and insanity....which paradoxically covers all of the gospels.

Though bear in mind religion preaches tolerance...the kind of forbearance uncommonly burdened with boundaries.

A rather unusual think-tank list was released today noting a failed states index...

1. Sudan (3)*
2. DR Congo (2)*
3. Ivory Coast (1)*
4. Iraq (4)*
5. Zimbabwe (15)*
6. Chad (7)*
7. Somalia (5)*
8. Haiti (10)*
9. Pakistan (34)*
10. Afghanistan (11)*
* Position Last Year

Twelve parameters were compiled to allot judgment upon various nations which included...

Mounting demographic pressures
Massive movement of refugees and internally displaced peoples
Legacy of vengeance - seeking group grievance
Chronic and sustained human flight
Uneven economic development along group lines
Sharp and/or severe economic decline
Criminalization and delegitimization of the state
Progressive deterioration of public services
Widespread violation of human rights
Security apparatus as "state within a state"
Rise of factionalized elites
Intervention of other states or external actors

As a member of Sphere and subsequently a factionalized elite, it appears to me that I have misplaced one main concern in the immediate underpinning of a province of Earth. Apparently chronic human flight is a necessity forbearing human rights.

I would like to note that I am less fertile yet likely to live longer and healthier than you. According to recent studies, scientists have deciphered that the Sirt2 Gene is relative to the reproductive cycles and integrity of those cycles in cells division. They discovered that minimized food intake increased metabolic rates which stimulated the Sirt2 Gene into survival procedures subsequently increasing the quantity of stable divisions in cells. The draw back...with less food consumption, reproduction of sperm declines. I eat as a specialized diet for the poor...not by choice bear in mind. Though I have imagined now that I am much more adapt at long runs of lower nutritional requirements when serving within the conflicted environments Sphere is so fervent at penetrating...ha...you see what I did there? Less fertile...penetr...never mind.

Just as a reminder...The Phil Hendrie Show has only 30 more episodes left before forever leaving terrestrial radio.
I think we should be humiliated in front of arachnids. They calmly fabricate twine from their orifice that is capable of detaining a cabaret of likewise sized vermin the while our own excretions from our rear compartmented cavity lacks the consistency of the very tissue paper we cleanse ourselves with. Do you suppose while they journey along their threaded expedition within a bathroom that they guffaw at our inability to scale great edifices or sail amongst a breeze to a neighboring province aloft our fecal yarn?

We are not superior in function...we are hindered by sentiment. Your only dominance over this species is magnitude...and yet regardless...they slay us effortlessly.
Music Update
17:7.13 43-06 OTC
After spending the last nine years off and on playing guitar, I have come to the decision that the current configuration in the musical medium is flawed...ie...guitar ain’t my thing. Though I have created numerous tracks...ie...eleven...I have recently determined that this is the key time to divest myself of the acoustic guitar and ensue a more viable resource for musical composition in relation to my biological means...ie...the piano.

Within this transition, I will likely post what remains of the guitar era online including deficient audio tracks and tabs. This also subsequently initiates a new unacquainted expanse of time before any musical productivity is generated...ie...music is on the back burner for a good amount of time as result of this instrumental transition.
Index and Brainwashed Update
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I have added a Latest Posts | Brainwashed feature on the main vtyhw.com index page utilizing RSS 2.0, RSS2HTML and an <iframe>.
Yet another fine example of how book smart filmmakers are douche bags...yeah and...I am talking to all of you currently enrolled in various 10,000 dollar courses who think you are eccentric when blathering about traditional conceptual pacing...

Tony Scott’s commentary over the film Man on Fire is littered with contradictions and especially at one point irrevocably tarnishes himself as a hack. During the final segments of the film, he notes that it is unreasonable to consign so many emotional hits during such a brief sequence of time yet, “...it seemed to work”.

Is there no longer a median of filmmakers? Independent filmmakers revel in their glorification of being a moderate isolated artist while producers find reassurance in directors with mindsets of fixed composition.

The while, the few films that establish merit are the ones abstracting to a norm of humanity rather than a norm of filmanity (new word...and I am staking a flag in this one).

One way streets have to go. Consistency contributes to awareness rendered by oncoming drivers and when you provided abstraction by randomly incurring one way streets, you provide uncertainty and subsequent certainty of failure. And furthermore, one way streets endow a restraint of travel generating convoluted excess to arrive at the intended destination.

I have witnessed the word of God...on television...as preached from his messenger here on Earth...and he said...

“If it is God’s will, then it will be.”

The following day...I witnessed the word of God...on television...as preached from his messenger here on Earth...and he said...

“Human beings are gifted with free will.”


This is a Sphere related inquiry... In order to establish a stable economy, one must find validation in value. In order to establish value, we must define the attributes to condition value of material. This will sequentially define the median value of a single dollar. A material’s value is based on two distinct attributes...labor and resource supply. A piece of Earth such as a sand holds no value until interacted upon by a human being. Let us utilize sand further. Say 10 cubic metres of sand is equivalent to 0. Now employ labor from a single human being to displace this 10 m/cu of sand into a bin. You have now displaced a percentage of sand resources from supply into a segregated bin to be used as a commodity while also the labor employed to displace the sand achieved value from in personal resources utilized. The value of the 10 m/cu of sand is now equivalent to labored resources subtraction of the human and resource subtraction from supply. Going further to define the attributes of the value of supply requirements for sustaining the laborer’s biological functions, and labor to produce sustenance...hold on...I get it now...

In order to properly evaluate the value of material is to find the reciprocating aspects of materials to the laborer. Food production, agriculture are the defining attributes for the labor can be equivalent to the production supply. So then is the value defined by efforts toiled outside of this margin or of this margin within a segment of time? Back to the drawing boards...