Thoughts - Irreallyism, Middle-Aged Baseball and Kent Day
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Irreallyism. I have decided to allow for the creation of this word simply on the merit that someone someday might find allocation for it. What it means? Haven’t found a use for it yet...but I assure will find out. Well...actually...let’s examine.

Really is defined as actually or truly. Reallyism would engage the idea of the act of actuality. Ir as a prefix would reverse function giving the word meaning...a divergent act of actuality...or perhaps a single word prologue for the question if Israel is really even necessary.

I recently read about a prolific 19th century character who conquered land throughout Central America with little resources others than in correlation...think William Walker...without the intonation on slavery.

This morning I walked upon the hollowed grounds of a baseball field and I must say I always find myself at peace lost in the echoed snap of the baseball bat as the eyes gaze into the blue backdrop to be pierced by a ghostly sphere. The scent of worn leather dirtied by tan colored silt and stains of green burned across your knees. The emptiness and individuality. Your space standing there in the deep as the shouts of both esteems blur from auditory to scenery. The tensed antagonisms of competition shrilling your esophagus as your weight paces to and fro upon your stance. The loss of senses as your body heaves upon a wounded ball of fabric...knowing more...that each is there to arise above as you gauge your steps.

I wanted to be a ballplayer far to late to understand the field of battle that is was. To enjoy the wanderings of middle aged half drunken out of shape softball players is almost criminal...yet I am imparted no other theatre.

Subsequently...I miss softball. Though...I miss playing for a team who was there to vie...and recognized that fun was consequence of competing to prevail.

Yesterday, Zacarias Moussaoui was condemned by a jury of our peers...not several sentences life in prison as an alternative to the death penalty. A few notes on the death of America...

Life in prison without parole is a sentence of death...only gauged as giving everyone time to leer at him at cost to taxpayers for the scope of his existence.

According to citizens of the United States...admitted intention does not qualify one for the authority of burden. Which impresses upon me that American’s are accustomed to the perception to disbelieve everyone around in America is traditionally full of sheet.

This is my favorite...

According to the jury cards with details notated by each individual jury member, the main discernment about Z-Mou was trait development from an unstable childhood. His father abused him and he was orphaned. Being that this coincides with 100,000 other youths...I would gauge America was in for major troubles if the world of orphans are uniting to wage war. It is startling to see that American’s have begun to so absorb themselves into the fanatical compassion of religious conditioning that they can segregate themselves from the act of anything...the real war to be waged is function versus compassion. Materialism versus Religion.

Round One:

Ding, ding.

Religion comes out of the corner with a great deal of size thanks to 40,000 years of desperation from unawareness and deals a hefty right across the jaw of Materialism. Materialism stagers a bit but regains his step only to duck another right hook from Religion who over shoots leaving the ribs open for a beating. Materialism goes to town on the upper cage surely jail raping the breath from Religion. Oh know...Religion comes back with accommodating to the masses and lands a clean left to the solo plexus. Materialism draws in his position to wait for it...and...

Ding, ding.

Where’s Apollo when we need him?

Happy Kent State Day. Today, many years ago...protesters decided to act out in their usual outlandish defiant of their own preach principles mannerism leading to National Guard members having the slay them. Living in Southern California, I would have not so clearly understood the perception of liberal protestors acting hostile...that is until I moved to Humboldt county and saw first hand ever so clearly of the characteristics of hippies. I hate to sound like a conservative but, on this note...they know exactly what they see and exploit it because it’s true.

Here is the typical procedures of a young liberal...


Still asleep from a hard night of pot and locally brewed beer...they realize they have to get their children to school before they attend their art classes at the university. Being young parents pretexts their need to function as individuals of love and compassion for everything around them...that is until they are sober and coherent that their surroundings and culture their incompetence has created is dysfunctional.


This leads them organizing a series of conflicted thoughts guised as banter during a lunch of pizza, soy or something even less nutritious...often nothing. Assorted friends who currently have been enriched by conservative parents earning a modest income agree without contesting.


A collection of individuals commonly seen in the presence of cannabis or alcohol begin issuing decrees of conflict with society and the manner at which it functions. They preface all deeds defiant of topical issues. Let’s say for example today’s major conflict is immigration. Numerous worldly uneducated, inexperienced, unemployed liberals present the necessity to stand affront the steps of a federal edifice to emphasize their plight.


Having painted their faces, adorned eclectic jewelry, they hop into their eight year old Toyota Corolla and journey forth...stopping for various snacks and beverages.


Arms linked, shouts blared...the young liberal hippie protestors defy conventional amendment. Series of uninformed, uninterested or employed drivers and pedestrians are impeded upon in their necessities to utility in that moment. Due to the intrusion upon the public...who they do not even claim to be representing...the local law enforcement arrive to quell the disturbance.


Upon immediate notice of law enforcement, the protesters immediately perceive confliction which initiates the normal genetic response of fight or flight. Unique to liberal hippies...the fight response is exactly what they were protesting against though they in turn utilize it...unaware at this point when impeding with the public, they have also subsequently defied functional reason of protest against the government.


After having completely harassed verbally everyone in sight and impeded a lane of traffic, endangering lives...the police move in. Obvious tactics are to key in on weak links in the chain in order to create a divergence which initiates a dispersion.


Confronted by police, the hippie cries out...struggling...and subsequently giving plight to the officer.


The rumors of a police officer “assaulting” and arresting a protester engorges the crowd.


The crowd disperses.


Feeling angst over the arrest, the very few who gather at various residences issue decrees of discord towards law enforcement. This is officially when the context of the protest is completely forgotten. It’s traditional. Thus, few of the well established non-profit organizers who have been entrenched in this small region forever (idealizing they haven’t been able to do anything of value for anyone) reach into their messenger bag of shambled papers and reveal the complaint form.


The form is completed and filed at the local law enforcement encampment and distributed to the district attorney’s office...who I guarantee have a special folder designated specifically for these complaints from these particular individuals as an in office novelty.


Having returned to their domiciles once again, they converge on thoughts of the evening...which coincidently are the same as the night before. They change into more comfortable dressy versions of themselves and usher their way to neighboring homes...


...where they immediately travel hence forth to the local bars and cafes where live open mic music is played over the mumblings of the day gurgled from beers and clouded in cigarette smoke.


Journeyed to a residence where most are unsure of the names of faces of others around them, they precede to pass a pipe filled with a stem.


If lucky, they find their way back to their own residence where they ramble on about the day, waking others who were already resting. If not...they fell where they lay.

Now this is the common every other day in the life of a hippie liberal. The other days are only concerned with sleeping, eating, getting high and revealing in their distrust of law enforcement. When asked what the principles behind the protest...good luck finding that out because the one thing absolutely missing from every protest...


Never a single alternative to define functional reason to revise the current conflicted platform. Only angst for the reason of the discretion of conveyed empathy...which is then promptly misplaced.

Matt Stone and Eric Cartman are right...the hippies have to go.

Now...back to me.

And speaking of is a little gem from the scientific field...

‘Cyclic universe’ can explain cosmological constant. – New Scientist

Hmm? Where have I heard this rationale before? Oh was me. Except...though they are getting closer to my theorem as presented a few years ago to colleagues and as posted in the Observations Archives...they still seem to desire to encompass entirety into one event (Big Bang) rather than utilizing the cyclical methodology that ‘black holes’ employ in composition to the three dimensional universe. The day is coming.
Ubiquitous Entropy
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It’s getting dreadfully quiet.

A little...too quiet.

As of yesterday I have been thrown into a quandary of numerous facets and one must deduce that when placed in such peril that one would find alternative avenues previously inferred from intent as means to convalescence.

Within that, let us examine the current scenario as the platform for amendment...

As of late last year I ceased to have any practical considerable friendships or allegiances with anyone and have somehow managed to preserve that. Acquaintances numbered in the few then and as of yesterday now meander around two. Engulfed in solidarity, one finds the atmosphere of adversaries as prominent leading to the prospects of balls to the wall so dialogued from the years of banter on this website and in presence.

And aside from living situation currently disintegrates the while employment in a small seasonal rural community curtails. I feel like Charles Taylor minus the laundering of money.

One must it time? What binds are seized around my wrists to refrain me from venturing blindly and in an immediate charlatan mannerism in order to merely rise beyond? There are two particular causes that oblige me to take pause. a positive demeanor mind you...and the prospects of furthering successful ascertainings of potential objectives.

At this point, am I even subject to alternatives? In nine days, I will grant a response to that query.
About Tv and Thoughts
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I am currently constructing an “About Tv” section to the Brainwashed portion of It is more or less cleaved from the 60 day Myspace tumult I experienced earlier this year with a touch of more consideration towards biographical reflection. I will advise when the link becomes available.

And since we are seated here in the usual constrained contentment, I would like to note a few items of interest I have recently perused from the world medias.

Two new additions to the Endangered Species list this year are the Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibious) and Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) the while environmentalists glee over their success of revitalizing a breed of English eagle and a South Asian vulture. Giant mammalians are reduced in numbers of 90% while scientists are having great ease with winged varmints whose decline are more entangled by population growth than hunting or environmental decline.

The fact that every nation has now officially found necessity for economic “bailout” plans demonstrates how this current composition of capitalism is a failed method.

In Y3221 (1611) the first officially authorized publication of the Bible was published. What? Only 1611 years after the existence of the preacher or only 6000 years after the imposed creation of man? For a fundamental of existence...or so claimed...surely the progression of time and formulated ethereal hallucinated manifestations would have shepherded more prompt attention to this.

I should also note that Good Housekeeping Magazine was published on this day as well...and to think that an interview with Martha Stewart on proper sauce pan management might breed more functionality from a human being than the gospel about murder, death, rape, plundering and insanity....which paradoxically covers all of the gospels.

Though bear in mind religion preaches tolerance...the kind of forbearance uncommonly burdened with boundaries.

A rather unusual think-tank list was released today noting a failed states index...

1. Sudan (3)*
2. DR Congo (2)*
3. Ivory Coast (1)*
4. Iraq (4)*
5. Zimbabwe (15)*
6. Chad (7)*
7. Somalia (5)*
8. Haiti (10)*
9. Pakistan (34)*
10. Afghanistan (11)*
* Position Last Year

Twelve parameters were compiled to allot judgment upon various nations which included...

Mounting demographic pressures
Massive movement of refugees and internally displaced peoples
Legacy of vengeance - seeking group grievance
Chronic and sustained human flight
Uneven economic development along group lines
Sharp and/or severe economic decline
Criminalization and delegitimization of the state
Progressive deterioration of public services
Widespread violation of human rights
Security apparatus as "state within a state"
Rise of factionalized elites
Intervention of other states or external actors

As a member of Sphere and subsequently a factionalized elite, it appears to me that I have misplaced one main concern in the immediate underpinning of a province of Earth. Apparently chronic human flight is a necessity forbearing human rights.

I would like to note that I am less fertile yet likely to live longer and healthier than you. According to recent studies, scientists have deciphered that the Sirt2 Gene is relative to the reproductive cycles and integrity of those cycles in cells division. They discovered that minimized food intake increased metabolic rates which stimulated the Sirt2 Gene into survival procedures subsequently increasing the quantity of stable divisions in cells. The draw back...with less food consumption, reproduction of sperm declines. I eat as a specialized diet for the poor...not by choice bear in mind. Though I have imagined now that I am much more adapt at long runs of lower nutritional requirements when serving within the conflicted environments Sphere is so fervent at see what I did there? Less fertile...penetr...never mind.

Just as a reminder...The Phil Hendrie Show has only 30 more episodes left before forever leaving terrestrial radio.
I think we should be humiliated in front of arachnids. They calmly fabricate twine from their orifice that is capable of detaining a cabaret of likewise sized vermin the while our own excretions from our rear compartmented cavity lacks the consistency of the very tissue paper we cleanse ourselves with. Do you suppose while they journey along their threaded expedition within a bathroom that they guffaw at our inability to scale great edifices or sail amongst a breeze to a neighboring province aloft our fecal yarn?

We are not superior in function...we are hindered by sentiment. Your only dominance over this species is magnitude...and yet regardless...they slay us effortlessly.
Music Update
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After spending the last nine years off and on playing guitar, I have come to the decision that the current configuration in the musical medium is ain’t my thing. Though I have created numerous have recently determined that this is the key time to divest myself of the acoustic guitar and ensue a more viable resource for musical composition in relation to my biological piano.

Within this transition, I will likely post what remains of the guitar era online including deficient audio tracks and tabs. This also subsequently initiates a new unacquainted expanse of time before any musical productivity is is on the back burner for a good amount of time as result of this instrumental transition.