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Thoughts - Finals, Impartialism and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol
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It is that time again when the collection of ‘students’ nationwide devise a scheme to absorb 120 days worth of information in one day. The library fills to capacity for the first time all semester and the streets are left vacant the while the real pupils educated throughout the semester by appropriating themselves into bubbles of constant edification find stresses elevated...grossing a higher degree than those who are learning all of the material for the first time. I have seen vomit in the bathrooms and shaking heads in the chairs...and this is the generational transects we perceive as tomorrow’s youths. Good luck to you all because after recently visiting the downtown area for amusement as the celebration of the completion of a minor segment of enclosed paced education commences with liquor and sexuality...one passionate line of dialogue I think abbreviated most of these ‘future’ individuals..."I finally got the courage to go to the clinic".

Last evening I was part of an employment that catered a visibly immense auction for the preservation of wildlife and a particular prominent river in this region. District attorneys and other high ended individuals attended to plead support for this measure...except...there were distinctly two tables left abandoned within the median of the room. Not one member of the Democratic Central Committee nor any guest was seated at the table for the congressmen of the district...who by the by is also a democrat. Would this kind of inattentiveness for a public display of support by a major party who issues decrees for this measure be printed in the local paper? Indeed not...so I will do it for them.

Speaking of printed dialogue...here is a real winner to coincide with the ideals of future generations bred from this area...

“...as a journalist and an activist...”

The reported story were this quote was detailed was regarding the arrest of three Humboldt State University students who resisted orders from the California Highway Patrol to not march in dissent on the 101 Freeway. And low and behold, this one particular journalism student was pleading her case of objectivity while protesting the issue at hand. After doing more research on classes available at Humboldt State...Impartialism 101 is not an available journalism course which leads to the probability of her immediate employment with the majority of media outlets in the United States of America.

Speaking of reasons to abandon ship...Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba are initiating the conversion of dollar holdings into euros. Currently, the world market preserves 70% in dollars and while this goes to preserve the fiscal debt by balancing a high mean on the dollar...if the dollar value decreases by competing with euro assets in oil and other goods, living in the United States will be nearly impossible for lower and middle classes. Expect war or some means of dissemination of Iran’s hierarchy by the United States or affiliates such as Israel otherwise finding a wetback capable of taking you down across the border to a village in the desert might be a far cheaper venture than staying.

Back to Humboldt State University...students held a rally for the legalization of marijuana...and I quote, "...marijuana doesn't hurt anyone...and even if it did, it would only hurt users and no one else". Allow me translate into English for those non-pot heads out there..."It doesn't hurt anyone as a matter of fact...oh but wait...if I was wrong in my assurance, then let me say it only hurts the users...which is myself...and who by standing out here near traffic...couldn’t possible hurt anyone else...so let my trivial misguided admittedly ailing mind choose for myself."

It’s now time for a quick biology lesson...

"The main active chemical in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). The membranes of certain nerve cells in the brain contain protein receptors that bind to THC. Once securely in place, THC kicks off a series of cellular reactions that ultimately lead to the high that users experience when they smoke marijuana."

Another words...it affects your body from typical accurate function...thus any operations of a sophisticated publicly interacted presence could be affected and subsequently can effect others around you. We’re sorry the real world isn’t working for you but welcome to it and jump on board because the only manner for which success is attained is to participate. And to participate, there is a degree of understanding perceived from others based on innate biological functions which allows for efficient progression...or you get mowed down...and with my pleasure.

If I find a butch dike attractive, does that make me gay?
Cinco Did You Forget Something?
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For those gringos too stupid to know the basis for which they consume alcohol on the celebration of other’s holidays...here is a quick reference of Cinco De Mayo.

In 1862, in response to Mexico's refusal to pay off its debt...Britain, Spain and France sent troops to Mexico. On the 5th of May 1862, Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza with an accompaniment of 4,500 defeated the French Army of 6,500 at the Battle of Pueblo. By 1864, Emperor Napoleon III had dispatched 30,000 French troops which overtook Mexican forces and occupied Mexico City.

Nowhere does there incur celebration in defiance of debt and suffering defeat...first and foremost. Second...it is the gringo that essentially were the hostile forces conflicting with Mexico’s sovereignty. So I ask...white and brown alike...why are you enjoying a cervaza and tequila with your ranchero musica today?

(Information cited from Wikipedia)
Fooled Series and Forseen Update
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I am going to attempt to squeeze out three to four episodes in the next five days which will likely mean that the quality is going to be diminished ever so slightly on each episode. The following episodes should reach the internet in no later than 5 days:

Coast to Coast AM

And possibly...

Secret Passages

There is also a slim chance that Forseen will be shot and edited in the next few days and will also be available on the internet by the scheduled deadline.
The Best of Phil Hendrie Download
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Being that Phil Hendrie is leaving the terrestrial radio business...and there are numerous persons in this world that have not been able to enjoy his radio program...there is one particular moment in the history of The Phil Hendrie Show that to this day continues to detonate a moist green deposit in my drawers. I have provided a 04:39 clip from a segment that is entitled ‘All You Can Eat Negro’ in which even Phil Hendrie could not contain his own laughter.

Link: The Phil Hendrie Show - All You Can Eat Negros

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Major Announcement Soon
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A major announcement will be published in the next five days exclusively here on vtyhw.com and Brainwashed regarding the future of Sphere.

And while we are at it...I stopped using the T9 Keypad word recognition on my cellular phone last night when ‘entaie’ materialized instead of the word douche. ‘Entaie’ is not even a damn word. Give me douche on my cell phone you T9 encoding bastards so I can in turn msg u that u r a entaie.