Thoughts - Incompatibilities, Territories and Measures
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It is often gratifying to find solutions to queries...even when the results predicted were in relation to a television series...and speaking of which...if you have not been a regular viewer of the television series ‘Lost’...I highly recommend catching up and playing part. The recent second season finale is clearly elevated above many series from past to present and invoked many sentiments of astonishment from the proficient filmmaking to the exceptional chronicle. My current posturing for the third season -- without perusing over the cache of message boards bellowing notions -- and without going into any lengthy detail since that would absurdly fill this page with detracting dialogue -- Locke and Eko are alive. Key elements to preface this are; the lack of explosion yet an aeronautic hatch (polarity reversal), the very realistic attributes of the electromagnetic field, control and discharge in relation to the button, Charlie’s abnormal displaced attitude immediately following the events and most importantly an incomplete historical review of Locke’s life and explanation for his handicap. I could go on with a lot more but I shall refrain.

As I have evolved in my perceptions of others and more keenly to those apt to companionship into my environmental factors...I am now able to begin a list of incompatibilities. Hence, the list of woman incompatible with Tv...

Artists | Mathematicians | Physicists | Biologists | Patriots (Any Country) | NASCAR Fans | Inhaled Addictionists | ...and I surely will add more soon.

I have begun writing a one man play about a man authoring a one man play. I am not idealizing being the performer however I will likely encapsulate the script as if I were in order to sensibly obtain an impression of pragmatism.

Here are a few qualifications for being a fraudulent homeless person versus a sincerely malcontent one: Drug use (Nicotine is a drug), piercing(s) and pet ownership.

I am alarmed to observe that from Y2960 (1800) to Y3059 (1899), hundreds upon hundreds of noteworthy territorial wars littered the landscapes of all continents and drove numerous classifications of populaces from the surface of the Earth. From Y3060 (1900) to Y105 (1945) there were 22 significant territorial wars and since (61 Years) there have been only 12. Now as through human nature to dominate as a biological means of survival, wars have become civil and manifest through economic passages...yet I can one simply suffice to purchase land from those they disregard as a member of this successful species? It is biological nature to effort supremacy and this factor will escort a sorely due territorial war.

Speaking of wiping people out...I say it is time to eighty six the Native American. Since living in a community that is surrounded by reservations and is populated with numerous cultures of Native Americans...I have lost all reason to cater to their historical ethos. Most sovereign Native Americans have wandered away from their traditional way of life and have begun to live as ‘heathens’ and squanderers. Filth and decadence seems to now regard custom over spirituality of the elements...which all directed me to this thought: In essence, and what should be highly scrutinized, is that the Native American people were conquered and should beguile any means to subsist within existence as opportunity. Evolution necessitates the repression of lesser geneses of man and the highly advanced Europeans annihilated the inadequately developed Native American...and now it is to reason that this was for the best of humankind. So alleviate your sovereignty and surrender your mores for the Native American civilization is no more. In an incongruous twist...the goal of Sphere is to encapsulate an entirety of collation with all of mankind essentially alleviating all sovereignty worldwide.

“Hook it up”...As you can then subsequently tell by my demeanor...if grammar is your first failing when pronouncing a request for charity from me...not knowing who you are in the first place will likely not be the only reason I deny you from receiving anything.

Why is suicide ‘the easy way out’? There is a significant degree of preparation and focus to succeed in this extraction from existence. Perhaps calling it ‘the solo way to go’ would be still vague enough for gesture but more accurate in composition.

I have proven that ‘karma’ does not exist. Numerous days ago, I had provided a hitchhiker with the means of transportation...instilling a supposed good ‘karma’. Recently I had become reliant on imposing my own need for assistance from an operator of a motor vehicle and after 10.3 kilometers of walking...I received none...essentially disqualifying the concept of tit for tat karma.

“Nice day today”...Obviously your comment is directed as observance of the weather and as you can then subsequently tell by my demeanor...and by my verbalized is not. I am walking under the clear blue sky which means I am laboring heavily under the bright sun when in fact I could be under a mild haze of clouds, protecting me from the sweat producing ultraviolet wavelengths...and suppose I was driving. I prefer the your absurd erroneous follied salutation was self decadent and garnered no pleasure for me.

"The Baatan Nature Walk"...This piece of hilarious dialogue was uttered from Mike Nelson on MST3K while watching the film ‘Outlaw’...and with that and the numerous episodes I have been watching as of late...does anyone recall the most appetizing thing about Thanksgiving? It was the Comedy Central MST3K Turkey Marathon and I decry a plea to the television executives to reincarnate this holiday pariah once again...or on Sci-Fi Channel if necessary. Hell...resyndicate the episodes for those uncomfortably early mornings.

I just completed pursing the Volume 1 California Legislation 2003 to 2004 Regular Season Senate Final History book and I must submit it was a page turner. Sometimes 40 to 100 pages per turn yet never the less captivating...however I did manage to acquire some degree of knowledge in that there appears to be an element of excess in congressional procedures. Imagine that. Everything from the very merit that an evolved society seems to require the average submission of over 2000 measures per year to the very process of passing a bill. For example...

Page 593
S. B. No. 911 – Alpert.
An act to add Section 53115.1 to, to repeal Section 53100.5, and to repeal and add Section 53115.2 of, the Government Code, relating to emergency services.

* First note how clearly stated the lead dialogue is at defining that a section that they passed is requiring annulment.

Feb. 21 – Introduced. To Com. On RLS for assignment. To print.
Feb. 22 – From print. May be acted upon on or after March 24.
* Apparently the printer is more prompt than the readers...the legislative body who we pay specifically to do nothing less...though I do bow to the necessity for a timely expanse to be able to apply oneself to reading the document...oh that’s right. Advisors and interns make cliff notes which are more easily reviewed.
Feb. 24 – Read first time.
* This defines it was advised to be read-ily available to be read.
Mar. 13 – To Coms. On G.O. and E.,U. & C.
Mar. 24 – Set for hearing April 8.
* It was advised on Feb 22 (30 days ago) that this amendment could be acted upon on this date yet rather than devise this date as apt for committee is a date to set yet another date tallying a total 45 days.
April 3 – From committee with author’s amendments. Read second time. Amended. Re-referred to committee.
* It is staggering to comprehend the author found fault in his own legislative document...which more clearly explains the requirement for repeal.
April 8 – From committee: Do pass, but first be re-referred to Com. On E.,U. & C. with recommendation: To Consent Calendar. (Ayes 11. Noes 0. Page 489.) Re-referred to Com. On E.,U. & C.
April 10 – Set for hearing April 22.
* Huh? Two days later and another 12? The following is my favorite...
April 29 – From committee: Do pass as amended, but first amend, and re-refer to Com. On APPR. (Ayes 7. Noes 0. Page 629.)
* Now passed twice though requesting amendment twice...oh and 7 days after the set hearing.
April 30 – Read second time. Amended. Re-referred to Com. On APPR.
May 8 – Set for hearing May 19.
* 8 days later for 11 days more.
May 19 – From committee: Be placed on second reading file pursuant to Senate Rule 28.8 and be amended.
May 20 – Read second time. Amended. To third reading.
* Now by the by, this measure has been amended four times since it’s introduction...not a very stable means of foundation for an author of laws.
May 22 – Read third time. Passed. (Ayes 30. Noes 3. Page 1049.) To Assembly.
* Hey, regardless...we are kicking up some dust finally...
May 22 – In Assembly. Read first time. Held at Desk.
June 5 – To Com. On U. & C.
* Slowed back a little too rushed for government I think...they might have missed a latte or knish.
June 26 – From committee with author’s amendments. Read second time. Amended. Re-referred to committee.
July 1 – From committee: Do pass, but first be re-referred to Com. On APPR. (Ayes. 10. Noes 0.) Re-referred to Com. On APPR.
* Don’t let the entire month of June fool’s still on the calendar, they just decided not to use it.
July 17 – From committee: Do pass (Ayes 21. Noes 1.)
* Someone fire the author of this measure...five amendments...two by the author him or herself.
July 21 – Read second time. To third reading.
* Because the first and second are never quite precise enough? More like perusing a magazine in the terminal of an airport but a little more serious when the third reading comes along.
Aug. 21 – Read third time. Passed. (Ayes 72. Noes 2. Page 3086.) To Senate.
* That is not a typo...that is exactly one month later.
Aug. 21 – In Senate. To unfinished business.
* Isn’t it cute how it’s almost a mockery alone that they file it into a classification of unfinished business. I wonder if the bathrooms have pictures of genders on them and if the door says push or pull.
Aug. 27 – Senate concurs in Assembly amendments. (Ayes 32. Noes 2. Page 2179.) To enrollment.
Sept. 4 – Enrolled. To Governor at 4:30 p.m.
* Though the government would hardly wait 9 days for you to pay a bill, apparently it takes 9 days to offer one to the Governor.
Sept. 30 – Approved by Governor.
* Did it really require 26 days to research this measure or was he touring the shores of Portugal?
Sept. 30 – Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter 631, Statutes of 2003.
* Same day...only more likely that it would not be set into motion until 2004...or 5 of course.

Thank you for joining our expedition through a measure and hope you will join us again when government actually works...somewhere else.

Inactive - Fifth Leg Crutch Design
15:47.28 66-06 OTC
This is a somewhat aged design leftover from years ago that never harvested further consideration. The concept behind this now defunct objective was to enable a patient of a lower leg injury to disregard under arm supported crutches and utilize a stabilized third protrusion as a brace while elevating the wounded limb.
Various Development Updates and Notes
19:22.2 64-06 OTC
In the grand methodology of low brow’s another in the long list of forgettables...

|0| means absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile...I am currently writing the revision information for the inclusion of days and numeric weeks to Orbital Time and the explanation for the rationale behind it...I will advise when this information is placed on the Orbital Time page. The Orbital Time Calendar is still on time for production and is scheduled for sale by mid-fall and will only be available from and

Earlier this year I had proposed cooking Tv’s West of Texas Tacos (Twotts) for the local farmers market and after next week’s intent on cooking ‘Twotts’ for a colleague, I aim to finalize several of the requirements for this venture and to execute it in the next 120 days. Allowing the public to embrace my ‘Twotts’ and compensate me for them is tantalizing enough let alone the gratification I will unearth from telling vegetarians to step aside while I fry another corn shell in order to heave a mighty portion of spiced red chuck into the gullet of a satisfied customer. Each taco will sell for 50 cents each with your choice of toppings that will include shredded mixed cheese, shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes all served on a slightly oil olive fried corn tortilla.

Projects in development as of D142 Y66...

Screenplay – Morningside
Engineering – Water Propulsion
Engineering – Toilet, Urinal Re-Design
Engineering – Shower/Tub ‘Habitat’
Orbital Time Calendar Y67
Comic Book Series – Progeny
Graphic Novella – Distinct
Sphere – Destination Africa

Okay, realistically that was a list for me more than it was for you. Surely you would prefer the finalized expressed versions of developmental projects rather than subjective banter but occasionally when distracted I require my own communicative exposition in order to burden responsiveness.

Now for those Misties out there...I came across the just less than a holy grail yet greater than a Disneyland souvenir cup of MST3K archives...and stupid’s Simply head on over there and type in MST3K in the search box and cycle through a few pages and you will find complete commercial free episodes of some classics from Joel to Mike though...and no offense Joel...Nelson was far better the performer.

Link: You Tube (w/ MST3K Search Results)

I am finalizing the leftover guitar tabs for display and perhaps someone out there can find some usage from these...meanwhile I have begun preliminary studies of piano.

You may have taken notice on the Index Page that I have added a Skype address to the contacts menu which I am now employing while online. While still utilizing Yahoo! Messenger for it’s various attributes, Skype operates on a series of ports more amenable to the locations at which I exploit for my internet connectivity.
Updates - Across The Board
18:48.4 62-06 OTC
I officially obtained occupation numeral 80 today for a management position and will be attempting to obtain a temporary employment leading to job numeral 81 in order to secure a median income until number 80 begins at the end of next week.

Progeny is still under pre-production as Callista Cassedy continues to work on the character designs and page layouts. Expect to hear more on Progeny in the next few weeks regarding display of early artwork drafts and sneak peaks at completed page layouts.

Distinct is delayed while I find time to construct a graphic novella draft.

There has been a lot of recent interest in working on various screenplays again...expect to hear more on this soon. Especially regarding The Death of God and Morningside.

Nothing Mor is delayed for the time being. Special thanks to everyone in Japan who has kept this project alive and I promise that you will hear more about the rejuvenation of this project within the next 90 days.

As mentioned in recent postings, the Fooled mock-commercial series is still on hiatus until I can utilize remotely superior equipment for production.

I am once again attempting to converge some of my time to hydro propulsion designs and have found interest in the possibility of soon posting various aspects to the idealized hypothesis.

As more of a novelty to my eventual implementation of a South Pole laboratory and residence, I have begun drafting early designs for the bathroom which will feature a shower/tub combination unlike any ever seen and likely to be highly desired. More information on that soon.

I have once again reestablished a Myspace page ( as means of mass marketing this internet site the while also covertly finding the avenue to once again personally commune with the populace.
Updates - Orbital Time and Live News Feeds
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Orbital Time
After having a relentless discussion regarding the proper and efficient arrangement of the calendar of days restricted to a orbital has become clear that titled days and numeric weeks designations are viable and more amenable than previously formulated. More information on this adaptation will be advised soon.

Live News Feeds
Head over to the Internet Links page to see all of the new features available including Internet Links, Translation Tools and a series of Live News Feeds via RSS from various specific news and entertainment medias that I frequent.