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Thoughts - Sixty Six Sixes, Fleeted Mac and Whose Receipt
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Let’s start this off with a bona fide reputation builder...I work in a hardware store and maybe it’s just me but a Dewalt Sand Nigger sounds fucking hilarious. There isn’t even a negative racist connotation placed by that...I am merely utilizing the terminology in relationship with prefix...so let the atmosphere out of your bowels and move on.

For those frequent readers of my cathartic ramblings, it is time for a sorely outdated “Whose Receipt Killed More People”...and for those just joining us for the first time, allow me to briefly identify this competition...

Whenever purchasing an item from an establishment, you receive an acknowledgment and more than likely this receipt exceeds normal expectations for the consumption of resources...as exampled by this recent winner for perverseness...

Ray’s Food Place, located in Arcata, California. I recently ventured to this location to purchase one single donut for the cost of sixty nine cents. The penalty of murder for this single cube of bread was disastrous. A full 14 cm. (5.5 in.) in length and the usual 7.5 cm. (3 in.) was lead by a very hefty 2.5 cm. logo with a break and a three line address and telephone number. A flashy asterisks line broke the tension with a bold and gloating Your Cashier For Today Is...line break...checker number and name...who on this occasion was the Bakery. Line break...here it is folks...Single Donut and of course...line break and quantity...yep...1. With a cost for each single donut and then the subtotal. A few line breaks and the total...then charge and change, oh and if we had forgotten the item count for the Single Donut with a quantity of 1...we are reminded on another line that simply entails...1 item. A line break...and another...preparing us for the emboldening Thank You, line break...For Shopping, line break...wait. Where are we? Ah yes, for the second time...Rays Food Place. Now dear lord something functional and useful on this receipt...codes and dates on one compressed line? They surely have to make up for this by line breaking for a full 3 cm. (1 in.) to then reveal their website address. And then just to ensure nothing is severed, another 3 cm. (1 in.) and complete.

It was a donut folks. A single solitary donut...quantified thirty fold per day per year...numerous species suffocate and die from this one deliberated receipt. Congratulations Ray’s Food Place.

The Tv’s West of Texas Tacos (Twotts) recipe has now been elevated in sophistication as simple house Brandy has been replaced by a marinade in Johnny Walker Black Label. The few privileged to thus far have been introduced to twotts, I can assure this new recipe is undeniably delicious and addictive.

How do religious numerologists on this passing “day of the devil” validate the month, day and year numerations when the Christian Gregorian calendar is only a few hundred years old...and completely misaligned to the representation from the Book of Revelations and even further...the bible depicts the numerals as a mark of the beast...and I am most certain that a day is not emblematic of a beast or action of a consequence.

I want to beat your whistling ass slow and painfully to the degree that no bible can conceptualize...on a side note of course.

Today was somewhat depressing. Daily I am aware of the derogatory positioning of my current existence in relation to the hypothesis that I could interact with civilization on an illustrious magnitude. I am vehicle-less...employed in a discouraging low paying position securing a decree of broadening time before resolving my transportation predicament. I find myself in a displaced gradual 13,000 dollar debt and discovering that every move that you make in every mannerism, comes at a cost to prosperity.

As similar to the variations of pure energy into diverse forms, sheer existence exerts a strain upon something that required or will oblige the expenditure of capital. Walking derives biological energy which requires sustenance, the while you exert wear on clothing which require replacement and or cleansing. Watching television alone on the couch in a small discreet room exploits electricity. Communicating with you requires resources, functional environment and wear on the these elements. Everything you do comes at a cost...and that is at present the existence which conflicts me to defy efficiency and utility in these vanishing days...knowing I am capable of much more.

Either her voice is monotone or Fleetwood Mac has only one song.

It would seem that resolution to homeless persons who commit criminal acts through defiance or mental incapacity would be labor camps which would reciprocate room and board for laborious activities contributing to society. Challenge their insolence to contribute to society.

A rather heartbreaking scene as I discovered a novel design that adorns my notebook for a practical, functional and aesthetically appealing urinal has already been created by a professional bathroom fixtures manufacturer. Though derailed, there surely is additional variations for an even more functional urinal...and intentions were imposed to devise such an apparatus. Back to the drawing board.

And finally...the perceptions placed now upon the particulars of ingredients in products have exceeded rationale. Recently perusing through an organic foods super market called Wild Berries...two measly, sinewy and burlap sacked faced girls questioned the counter attendant to the ingredients to the iced coffee. First...it is an organic store serving specifically organically cultivated yields. Second...coffee goes to the defy the purpose of attentiveness to physical conditioning. And third...standing there before them, I am quite conscious of my superior -- arrogance allotted here – physical state the while having consumed stereotypical fast food for nearly a decade. I could out perform them in every measure and candidly my biological composition is within an advanced periphery of theirs. I find misunderstanding in the perception that food manufacturers are interested in slowly murdering us without recognition...and that you are given the impression that fast food establishments are unable to acquiesce amenable provisions to endow sustenance -- while then partaking in physical activity to decontaminate, repair and restructure the human body as specified in biological nature.

But then again...this particular city is more concerned about confliction without validation before methodology of resolution. It would appear that the sheep necessitate a fear of the unknown...and find reliance in placing those fears with ethereal conjectures.

A few updates while we have you here...

Progeny is in production as I write this and I may in fact make an appearance at the approaching San Diego International Comic Convention with initial glimpses at the first issue. Expect to hear more about that status in the coming days.

Fooled is still on hiatus however numerous pre-production procedures have been underway and principal shooting will commence again soon.

And...I should be placing the completed first volume of guitar tabs on the music page within the next seven days.

MATCHCUT:Films Treejail Teaser
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Take a look at the newest Treejail Teaser Trailer available from Kyle J. Maki of MATCHCUT:Films.

Link: MATCHCUT:Films Treejail Teaser Trailer
Two EBay Listings For Blackhawk Tactical Gear
11:6.7 77-06 OTC
I have posted two listings on EBay for three items from Blackhawk Industries. If you are a user of Blackhawk tactical gear, I suggest visiting the links below to checkout the nearly half price deals on never used items. I have a cache of equipment that I later decided not to use for my particular excursions and I will be posting these and several more pieces on EBay in the near future...check back frequently.

Blackhawk Omega Drop Leg Medical Pouch
Regular Retail Price $59.95
Tv's EBay Listing Price $33.00 ($5.00 Shipping)
Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 9527432638

Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Small and Medium Utility Pouches
Regular Retail Price Each $32.95 ($64.95 For Both)
Tv's EBay Listing Price $30.00 ($4.00 Shipping)
Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 9527430780

Updates - Myspace Photographs
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I have added several elderly photographs to the myspace.com/vtyhw pictures section ranging from Y63 to Y65...and I have posted two samples below. Immediate notation regards tresses emitting from my cranium and after appraising these photographs repeatedly, I have decided to attempt to re-grow these locks...and due to my genetic disposition...this will likely take a while.

Updates - Previous Employments and Engineering
13:43.5 74-06 OTC
Employment #81 was obtained today with intention for #82 in the immediate future.

I will have first draft designs up shortly for a Removable Corner Shower Seat. There are numerous products on the market for folding free standing stools for the shower and the various mounted corner shower seats however none incorporate the two principles of ‘removable’ and ‘corner’ placement until this currently conceptual design. I will likely construct a prototype of this particular model due to the simplicity of design.

Sean Hannity prompts me to reminisce about chicken strips.