Thoughts - Best In Show, Good Morning and Independence Day
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To be pissy one must be provoked into pissi-ness. This isnít psyche class here, this is a damn singled cell regularity and like a bowel movement shooting out a quart of leaded which was once equivalent to thirty nine ninety nine at that nice eatery where they wipe the crumbs off your table, it ainít anything but coming in and going out at all costs.

Okay, not much of that had much to do with much of anything...much...but purely a rant celebrating my anguish with humanityís misperceptions. Iíve sat here now for quite a few days persistently deliberating my deliberancy (new word) the while conjecturing some degree of disappointment for the scheme so far and here comes Joe Moistpile to shoot a thin stream of urine into my eye -- which is already beginning to fail me -- thinking he was aiming for the toilet.

And it made me realize this...there are two perpetual competitive races in humanity thanks to the nervous systemís release of compounds that stimulate receptors in the brain. One contest to be the verbalized best and one pursuit to be the articulated best at the worst. And it is all within your means that you have created for your environment which instantaneously can be deciphered by listening to this degree of rivalry. I sought to explicate more into this but Iím pissy right now.

People who donít get it...

Covering your mouth with your hand when you cough...courteous.

Moments later employing that very same hand to open a door...someone who doesnít get it.

There is not one person reading this who hasnít utilized or received a "good morning", "good afternoon" or a "good night" quip and this is a pure example of the self ineligibility of society. Often, early in the morning as you shed your eye gunk from the corners of your eyes, you cross paths with someone of simple or lesser acquaintance. "Good morning", they mutter. "Good morning", you grumble. First, being that this morning is only merely initiated, you have imposed the use of a word for reference of a positive nature. Why did you do that? Is the morning good? Has your few moment of waking hours exceeded normalized function? Not likely. You have immediately disqualified the operative of "good".

Secondly, if I can get this fucking Verdana 10pt to work, without creating the exemplification of the word ďgoodĒ, you have demeaned itís function thus debilitating the word in itís entirety and by doing so, you have managed to subsequently disqualify the occupation of the word throughout culture as a whole. We all now perceive a verbalized gesture of "good morning" as tendency rather than by particulation (new word).

There is a third. Pause for a moment from interpreting this discourse and utter to yourself "good morning" a few times. You will notice no grammatical aim with intention of issuing the offering of a good morning. Most will presume that the issuance of this gesture purposes the optimistic inclination for the other person to have a good morning. As you discovered from saying this salutation a few times, there is no grammatical composition suggestive of wishing another a good morning. With that, in constitution of this third configuration, it is simply poor misconstrued syntax.

So take your "good morning" gesticulation and pound it hard and deep...because in fourth, I donít need a declaration of intent to converse. Itís inefficient, discourteous and distracting...get to the fucking point.

Six days and having to rest on the seventh...God is one lazy mediocrely-omnipotent douche bag.

I have placed a new proposition for another bumper sticker design below...and being that it is fairly self explanatory, feel free to comment on typeface, composition, alignment and general design in order to improve upon it before publication.

Note the time and date for which I am posting this brief to you. It is "Independence Day" at the moment the night sheaths the sky and people impose their "patriotism" by drunkenly exploding devices concocted by the Chinese. At least one person is standing by his convictions and principles in defiance of a holiday for a country of an "independent" culture of citizens and structure of government that I abhor.

And in contrast, I must admit...I find myself more at peace amongst the echoes of several explosions shattering the darkness and instilling that sense of applicable fright. Focus as a derivative.

Updates - Sphere, Progeny, Orbital Time, Labor and Thoughts
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A real time Sphere countdown assets clock has been added to the Calendar section of the Index Page. Special thanks to phpnovice at for the javascripting assistance.

Though I am now fairly diverted from negligible projects, Callista Cassady has agreed to stay on with the Progeny comic book and I will attempt to micromanage the first issue into publication by year's end. Subsequently the Progeny website will undergo a transformation within the next 20 days and the display piece and flyers for the San Diego International Comic Convention will be accessible at the Ancient Squid booth on the main exhibitors floor.

I have repaired and uploaded the Live Orbital Time javascript clock which displayed incorrectly in Firefox and Netscape. The pending revision to the entirety of Orbital Time is still on the development list and due for assessment shortly.

To: Daniel Levitch (Ancient Squid)
Subject: Scheme To Augment Exhibitor Booth Traffic
Body: Have a collaborator "accidentally" spill a large soda on the opposing side of the isle way from your booth in order to increase seized pedestrian traffic. Piso majado to your advantage...actually...maintenant en FranÁais...humide de plancher.

I am considering the advent of a mirror that is easily placed in the base of your toilet so that one could more easily oversee and acknowledgeably maintain physiological alimentary function. Surely those fecal timid inattentives will find repugnance in this concept yet those who are endeared to be conscious of ordinary biological functions may in fact devolve this apparatus into an amusement. You can put a lot of miles on an asshole and I am interested in ensuring it's sacrament through visual acuity for the lifetime of it operation.

Here is a novel philosophy demonstrated here in the "yhippie" liberal Acton, California. As the celebration of the independence of the United States of America approaches, numerous fireworks stands have sprung up in parking lots ubiquitously throughout this county as eager residents begin nourishing the pyrotechnics industry. Firstly, age of consent for the purchase of fireworks in this county is 16 years which in sorts as well leads into the main emphasis that the principles expressed in this perforation of a city is to detonate numerous explosive devices while attempting to articulate a hostility free culture. Congratulations once again for your venerable incongruity.

In the rubbish strewn ditches unseen by wealthy eyes stands the front line trenches of an underground war between the transients. Coalitions are mended and broken as desperation pleads madness. Scraps of food and debris become gestures of hostilities the while life continues unabated. Ė- This is a diminutive treatment I have begun outlining for a short film. More on this as it develops.

I have recently managed to acquire employment number 83 as well as number 84 to which I will dually utilize for a moderate length of time in order to radically intensify the reduction of the Sphere assets total. The Employment History page will be updated soon.

This site is more often a resource specifically designated for my own wherewithal and on occasion, something on it's own merits by a reputable outlet deserves recognition. The Colbert Report and it's recitalist, Stephen Colbert, are considerable standouts in comedy programming and favored ominously by myself. Recently, Stephen Colbert delivered an annotation about Stephen Hawking and Daniel Henninger that after several viewings...still disengages my bowels to deliver a small helping of mud. Thanks to and it's contributors, here is that very segment while I go enjoy a smooth concoction of CH3CH2OH.

Update - Sphere Countdown
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In an age where time is more accurately gauged by capital...the commissioning of Sphere is as well only liberated by this measure. Assessing the required resolution for preceding acquisitions and the obligatory outlay of resources for the endeavor schemed, an anticipated volume is petitioned and a counter can now be obliged...

Sphere Countdown

Update - Sphere and Thoughts
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A recent electronic mail was sent to a friend of mine from a source in Africa who is currently working on a humanitarian and wildlife preservation program. These are various extractions of dialogue from this communication...

ď...our project is going to hell, but I'll tell you about it after I fix it. You will be either excited or jealous to know that I am in Rwanda right now. You may also be jealous to know that I have malaria. It's finally happened. I had a 101 fever, a headache like a steam truck rolled over my head, sweats all day and night, couldn't stay awake longer than an hour, but then couldn't sleep for longer than two. I've had it for 10 days now. It took 8 days before I could finally get medication. Although I can't complain because a native would have never gotten the medication. With the medication, it's already almost cleared up. I have to tell you, even though I felt like death was taking over my body this last week, I've never felt so good. It's so real. That feeling of something genuine is unexplainable. I feel in the middle and completely involved in the world. I have malaria and I'm in Africa. I wouldn't change it for anything. You have to get here. We are about 60 km outside of Kigali. We traveled there yesterday. Signs of the genocide are still everywhere. I can't even try to put it in words. We met with survivors in an effort for refugee day. They had a platform to talk to press about the situation then and the ongoing now. I won't need to tell you that no one from the US was there. The survivors were incredible. Some have no arms, some no legs, some no family left, some machete scars across their faces. Still they are surviving. They are so much stronger than we are. We camped at the UN site last night. In the night, a group of displaced came to the camp. They were young kids orphaned from the genocide. They hadn't eaten in days and had no where to go. We fed them, but the doctors said the youngest boy, Kokumuo 7 years old, would probably not live much longer. His name means "this one will not die" after his mother had her first three daughters murdered. She died in the genocide. He is diseased and there isn't enough medication...Ē

I have existed as an individual entity for 28 years and 112 days, and in that time I have exerted a great deal of cerebral labors over novelties despite having tutored myself in the art of the evolution of civilization. Throughout my life I have had a fundamental aptitude to contribute and employ the perspective of functionality I have come to discern as progression from our decayed stagnation. And here, upon these very electronically tendered pages I issue advertisements about comic books, tablatures and frivolous inventions the while my very corporeal existence withers away...becoming less dexterous to the abstract complexities seething within humankind.

A stand must now be made as principle to my own validity. There is nothing more central to me now than to achieve the potentials solicited by Sphere.

Current projects will cease and new endeavors will become implausible the while this foremost venture will engross my pursuits. Though assured of the moderation of time to acquiesce the necessities to conquer this characteristic to exploit disturbances as means to morale will almost be certain however now in a more proscribed faculty. This internet site will not be deserted and my joviality will not be disregarded. is never static...

I hold Bryan Singer solely responsible for the soaking wet douche that was the conclusion of the trilogy of the X-men series. Surely I should mention the entire cast, crew, above and below the line but merely taking pledge to the individual who refrained from completing a well crafted series he initiated appeases my senses. For all good reasons, I would not hesitate to pretend that this film was never created and Bryan Singer was disposed to immediately begin production of the film following his wrapping up of the Superman film. Yet...I cannot purge that venomous anguished moment that seizes my core. What happened and why? This travesty of nature bewilders my wits. The horror...the horror.

Is it not obvious to most that Jared Wess is a mere Wes Anderson thieved?

How can a mere three young ladies exert such a deafening squealing chortle? Is there a lack of capacity to perceive depth of consciousness when communed with analogous biologyís? Males are guilty of this dysfunction as well. Louder and more rambunctious when riveted by paralleled physiologies.

When courtesy infringes upon expectations, it is a defiance of utility and subsequently a disservice.

No longer a penny. No further use for a nickel. I assert solitary utilization of the ten cent, twenty cent and fifty cent divisibles and pieces.

I must confess to being a sufferer of motion sickness. When I see a blubbered five tall by five wide lump of douche come hobbling down the sidewalk, I feel like belching up two plates of kung pao and a side of rice.

Neglect is a component of a viable companionship. Regardless of forever remains two individuals seeking out a privatized substantiation.

For those 570 some viewers who crossed my particular path on an alternative internet site...I have closed my Myspace account as means to contribute to the application of my intentions implied above. You are welcome to persist to scrutinize my discourse articulated on this faux manuscript however expect a far more contemptuous Tv from this moment onward as human distinctions becomes mere afflictions upon tomorrow.

And I shall leave this discussion with the minority of words displayed on that very internet site...

An author of humanity.
The evolution of creation.
A remorseless laxative of the imperceptive.
And victim of the dexterity of complexity.

Fearless eloquence.

Updates - Progeny and Professional Wrestling
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This was a recent first version roughly sketched out "coming soon" promo for the new Progeny website which after some discussions with myself...I have decided to scrap this stylized version for another more realistic perspective that will incorporate video footage to be filmed this week.

This now defunct promo has been reduced by 50 per cent from the original full screen format that was intended for publication. To view this file again, right click on the promo for menu options.

Battleground Pro Wrestling (BiGPro) will return to the American Legion Hall in Newhall, California on D210 Y66 (29 July 2006) and will signify the first joint venture of Tv, MATCHCUT:Films and BPW. More on this soon.