Thoughts - Televised Television, Pants Day and Wheel of Religion
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Apparently watching films on a television does not meet the criteria for someone to signify they are watching television or so I was to understand by a recent conjecture by another less qualified human individual.

The San Diego International Comic Convention convenes tomorrow and will continue for the next five consecutive days and if by chance you are visiting this event, please meander your way to the Ancient Squid booth on the exhibitor’s floor and peruse their wares and quite possibly you could be rewarded in some mannerism should you note that you are a faithful reader of Brainwashed. For a limited time only and especially while supplies last -- of course.

Have you ever arbitrated a day based on the degree of difficulty for putting on your underwear and/or pants? This may in fact be a coherent perspective of your biological functional capacity based on the previous day’s occupations and the evening’s sleeping reparations for the following appendage of awoken hours which commonly is self-deceived as a good luck or bad luck mysticism.

Whispering...often courteous.
Whispering while under the impression you have too...someone who doesn’t get it.

I had to explain this to someone the other day so here it is for everyone still dysfunctioning from imperial measurements...a "klick" is an abbreviated term for kilometre which is nearly equivalent to .62 statute miles. Inverted, 1 statute mile is nearly equivalent to 1.61 kilometres. And for those struggling to read the weather reports from the link posted on my Index Page to the Yahoo! Weather -- simply multiply by 2 and then add 30 for your Fahrenheit measure.

Is it somewhat an indicator to my aging when I find the woman from the Meatloaf music video "I Would Do Anything For Love..." still stunningly gorgeous -- perhaps in similar repose as middle aged males finding Bo Derek as an enduringly prominent sexual symbol.

And finally...with this many platforms of constituents openly invalidating the other...religion is a far cry from authentic. Staking claim in valuable human property for the virtues of incorporation...the shepard and his flock...the magnate and his staff. War is mere commerce architecture and religion is the mightiest of conglomerates...

Christianity: 2.1 billion
Islam: 1.3 billion
Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion
Hinduism: 900 million
Chinese Traditional Religion: 394 million
Buddhism: 376 million
Primal-Indigenous: 300 million
African Traditional and Diasporic: 100 million
Sikhism: 23 million
Juche: 19 million
Spiritism: 15 million
Judaism: 14 million
Baha'i: 7 million
Jainism: 4.2 million
Shinto: 4 million
Cao Dai: 4 million
Zoroastrianism: 2.6 million
Tenrikyo: 2 million
Neo-Paganism: 1 million
Unitarian-Universalism: 800,000
Rastafarianism: 600,000
Scientology: 500,000

Updates - Progeny, Fooled and BPW
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Yesterday I terminated Callista Cassady's participation in the comic book mini-series Progeny and subsequently Progeny has been returned to the Delayed category.

A volume of seventeen scripts for the Fooled series has been completed and arranged for distribution to several contributors and producers, that including Kyle J. Maki of Matchcut:Films, in order to develop and complete production on this series of shorts by years’ end.

Interaction with BPW has begun accelerating in recent days to include various acquisitions. Every 14 days, we will air a 30 minute televised program entitled BPW Static which will feature matches and more from BPW Live Events. I will be in the position of direction and writing for the series which is estimated to begin airing in approximately 60 days. I will also participate in the design and authoring of the website for the independent wrestling organization which will correlate directly with the televised program. One other poise of labor will be in marketing for the various outlets available from BPW. This will likely include promotional activities and adverts with intentions to expand into other mediums. Expect to hear a great deal more about BPW in the coming days as I readdress awareness to this lucrative endeavor.

Thoughts - Theory of Relatives, Variable Constants and Venting Sales
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I find it hilarious that one of the most coveted theoretical mathematician of our time was a subversive marital recreant. Though with honestly I personally find his mannerisms irrelevant to the utility of his application, it is the obvious characterizations that most will have within the moralitized (new word) guidelines for affluent intelligence that jest my perspective.

And speaking of theoretical is a recent quotation from an article written on

“Recent research has found evidence that the value of certain fundamental parameters, such as the speed of light or the invisible glue that holds nuclei together, may have been different in the past. "There is absolutely no reason these constants should be constant," says astronomer Michael Murphy of the University of Cambridge. "These are famous numbers in physics, but we have no real reason for why they are what they are."

For frequent readers and conversives (new word) with myself and of my scrutiny of particular scientific anomalies, I bow in gesture to your assured applause for authority.

Films inspire passionate internal deliberations due to their abstractions from normality afflicting curiosity and aspirations.

And on an obviously entirely different topic of dialogue, I must endow Bryan Singer with the unsullied nobility for accurate comic book to film translation. I entered the theatre with discretion against Singer for his abandonment though quickly I was reminded of his honed gift for respecting the genre of comic book illustration which I believe is the key element of translation for such an interpretation. Singer is a distinguished craftsman...the bastard.

At my place of employment I deal with customers requiring the knowledge to accomplish projects. I am essentially what I have always claimed to be in life, a consultant. Lately however, I have become conflicted over the procedures to identify who is acceptable for assistance. My current statistical reference for the aid of marijuana growers has burdened my integrity. On average daily, I provide assistance to three to five marijuana growers -- who believe they are covertly shopping while carrying and questioning for all the of particular essentials utilized for the manufacturing of an illegal substance. As you have read in the previous Thoughts installment, this particular area is consumed with the exploitation of narcotics which severely afflicts a futility upon this segment of population and I have found myself implored to amuse myself in their folly. From this moment forward, consider myself inaccurate by choice when confronted with the necessity to assist pot heads. Misdirection leading to momentary failure eases my sanity...right before I burn this mother fucking place down.

Once again I must segregate myself from a census of society...

Ying and yang. Good and evil. I have always imposed that fundamentals for material function as methodology for the interpretation of good and evil is the only merit to success in human evolution. We find ourselves engulfed in a society that desires only good and derides evil as conjectured by religious ambiguity when in fact the only pure integration into a specieal (new word) functionality is harvesting knowledge and amalgamation mutually. Ying and yang, as cited, represent the duality of two segmentations unifying to create a whole. Obliviousness and disparity towards one dissection of this accord creates an instability in the principles of defined perspective.

I endorse any and all major corporate mergers...for in the least the excessive shelving in super-sized retail stores will be reduced as indistinguishable god damn products under two distinctive brands are curtailed. How many manufacturers of a package of identical rubber bands can one world require?

Thought - Just One
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Anger is purity.
Thoughts - Explore(ode) Arcata, Nixed Media and Today's Dates?
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I have now resided in the city of Arcata, California in Humboldt County for nearly 365 days and I believe that I have earned and acquired a reliable degree of insight into the culture and community that inhabits this environment beyond the “redwood curtain” and my supposition establishes with certainty that in all of the places that I have lived...from arrogantly staunch religious zealots (Santa Clarita, California) to back road racist methadone clinics (Acton, California) to criminally subjugated bathroom stalls (Los Angeles, California) to destituted congenital cadaverous pool cleaners (St. John, United States Virgin Islands) –- Arcata is by far the most revolting, depraved, nauseating and rationally desolate expanse of colonized earth. The culture here derives a sense of foolish indignation towards humanity’s occupation and utility in life the while imposing their own unsophisticated means at deploring civilization while sustaining a divide from humankind. Filth, stench, drugs, disease, coddled poverty, obliged disregard, psychosomatic volatility and deceit all encompasses a city of no more than 16,000 which overwhelms. Red necks, white trash, hippies, transients are all stereotyped labels that candidly designate the entire population of this city leaving behind no measure of scholarly deliberation about mannerisms. Worthless civic value is demonstrated by the numerous unoccupied enterprises the while overwhelmingly supported by third party capital. Family, friends, divorcees all contribute to individuals who marry and impregnate too young to aptly administrate bearing. Consistent habituated drug use perceived as a practical methodology to subsistence allures dysfunctional associations and subsequently falters morality leaving Arcata, California as one of the highest categorized locations for attempted and accomplished suicides. Arcata, California and Humboldt County are without a doubt to be perceived as the metaphoric phrase -- criminals running the asylum. Flaming rolls of toilet paper would only be poetic dressings upon this scene yet I assure you, would be perceived as novelty here.

While articulating under the auspices of losing my mind and finding emotional balance from psychopathically murdering everyone within a visual radius, I have decided to appropriate a list of dysfunctions within humanity that vie no cogent means of purpose and subsequently revoke urbane contribution.

I shall call this register...people who are going to die. Why, surely you jest Tv. Nay my internalized colleague. Someone who defies and negatively abstracts recognized deficiencies is a burden to civilization and vexes means to evolve. For example...

1. Smokers

Anyone and everyone who entitles themselves to inhale and exhale a component ascertained to be volatile to the human body as well as the environment are devices of confliction for the evolution of humankind. This is a mere broad conjecture specifying smokers however there is a particular degree elevated from this nature as the psychological prescription to perform this act while acknowledging the desecration of their surroundings establishes merit. certain as I am more than likely to spontaneously snap and engorge on the murderous rampage that we all know I am capable of...smokers are certainly targets for immediate termination. You’ve been warned.

2. Religion

Moving on...

The title of “mixed media” has begun appearing more frequently in galleries and I could not help but notice that a general portion of mixed medias curtails the actuality that one took a digital photograph and applied an Adobe Photoshop filter to alter the composition of the image, including that of applying filters that falsify the sense of a painter’s application. Have we broadened and enforced the understanding of the invalidity of the majority of “artists” that they have begun to once again and always more creatively develop a medium of artificial denominations?

Since creating Orbital Time as a perceptible standard, I have often observed additional justifications for the obliteration of religiously inclined calendar systems. Here is yet another fine example of how the meanderings of religious perceptions continue to instigate of the segregation of humanity...

2006 Gregorian Calendar
2759 Ab Urbe Condita
1455 Armenian Calendar
4702 Chinese Calendar
5766 Hebrew Calendar
2061 Vikram Samvat Hindi Calendar
1928 Shaka Samvat Hindi Calendar
5107 Kali Yuga Hindi Calendar
1384 Iranian Calendar
1427 Islamic Calendar
0018 Japanese Calendar Heisei
2256 Runic Calendar

Today is Day 188 (D188) - Year 4,567,724,066 (Y66)