Thoughts - The Fall Panorama
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As an avid worshiper of the mediums of entertainment, it is nearing time to begin that spectacular seasonal chore of preparing, planning and scrutinizing the television season premieres and fall film premieres. Consider this Tv’s T.V. Guide to the brilliance in broadcasting...though unfortunately fleeting this season.

Day 253 (10 September)
2100 Family Guy
In the same evening we find The Simpsons and American Dad premieres however we have long since given exculpation to the staff of both production companies and laid them to rest. However, a certainty still enlivens the choir of comedic flair as brushes with mid-eighties to early nineties references with present day farces in very tawdry mannerisms are still celebrated with Seth McFarlane’s point of fact loutish humor.

Day 261 (18 September)
2200 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Aaron Sorkin is a master chef and once again pens a brilliant cuisine. Following his lengthy and almost unheralded stint with The West Wing, he returns with a dark comic tone as he leads us into the hallways behind the scenes of a Saturday Night Live-esk production. Having read a first draft copy of the pilot episode, I ensure you with some guarantee that an instant classic will arise.

Day 264 (21 September)
2000 My Name Is Earl
This show has already culled a well deserved following and now having the entire market cornered on sitcoms -- because pretending CBS does not exist is fairly effortless for me – My Name Is Earl will likely broaden itself while still governing the boundaries of a single camera sitcom.

Day 264 (21 September)
2200 ER
Having participated in the viewership of this show for the decade plus that is has aired, I find it particularly hard to turn away, especially after once again falling victim to the cleverly devised cliffhanger season finale as Abby Lockhart is brought down by a possible loss of her child the while Luka watches on while strapped to a gurney. The general rationale behind giving adequate attention to last season and the prior season was due to the well crafted Africa based episodes involving John Carter and various other characters. I look forward to observing more of these this season.

Day 277 (4 October)
2100 Lost
Having reveled in already a series of spoilers for this third season, I anxiously anticipate more brutalization of my senses by the soap operatic level of acting and dialogue...those bastards.

Day 282 (9 October)
2100 What About Brian
I have far too little knowledge about this new one hour drama other than the awareness that J.J. Abhrams, creator of Lost, has warranted consideration for this future ventures before heading into the medium of the big screen. Perhaps I will have more information regarding this series and reassert a proper viewpoint on a later date.

Sometime later through the mid-season, such relevant shows as Andy Barker P.I. and my long time personally elevated Scrubs will emerge and I assure you that I will convey forewarning.

In a previous Thought commentary, I advised on a series of films releasing this Fall worthy of the hours of employment consumed for access and I wish to amend this list to include one more.

Clint Eastwood and Stephen Spielberg have adjoined production responsibilities on a film staged in during World War II regarding the American invasion of Iwo Jima. To further this magnitude, Clint Eastwood, now following his most recent film Million Dollar Baby, has directed two films offering opposing sides during this conflict in the Pacific. The first released film entitled Flags of our Fathers entails the American invasion while on a future release, a Japanese themed filmed will tell the story of the defense of the island from the Americans entitled Red Sun, Black Sand. With the simple notion that Eastwood directed these films offers distinguishable insight that both films are destined for notoriety.

Thoughts Stunted and Updates
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For those everyday Tv “viewers” out there...I am going to attempt the unthinkable. Stunted contention.

Intuitive conciliation over another’s sufferances is in the same contextual perspective as the militancy’s compulsory gestures.

I summon a call for any grease ball biker jockey to open a strip club and tattoo parlor entitled “Tit For Tat”.

Polluted, disorderly, unintelligible and acerbic employees at seemingly every CO-Op grocery establishment have cinched my impression justly and subsequently concludes that these infestations are merely hives for the inexplicable. A veritable lost civilization of herbivorous yeast devouring hominoids. I find it very indicative that the alcoholic beverage department consumes the greatest portion of these industries.

I implore a researcher to examine the relationship between the contamination of hallucinogenic laced carbon atoms emitted from y-hippies and the audacious bravado of the spider population in Humboldt County. Surely these arachnids are under some other discretionary influence...for they are the most intrepid I have ever witnessed. These spiders have gargantuan balls...or no balls at all in which making them fearless.

“I only buy American” is a bigoted and worldly segregationistic statement. Implying such a perspective is to misunderstand monetary and acquisitive growth. Failure of product leads to failure in revenue. Meanwhile...the label of “outsourcing” is an impressionistic word for segregationists when in fact the world is a singular sphere of matter surfaced by numerous species -- and one in particular is capable of traversing great distances with immense quantity designed through numerous alternate localities.

How is it possible that someone can moderately navigate nearly fifty years of existence and still be unacquainted with such trivial mechanical chores? In the fifty years of your life, have you not ever once looked inside of a toilet? -- to understand or contest the clamors and routines of this life consuming device?


Professional Wrestling
After closely following the poll and your votes...and subsequently disregarding them entirely. UW will be the insignia for the new wrestling promotion. More information on UW will available soon.

Website Maintenance
The Brainwashed Search page has been repaired and restored.

Graphic Literature
I have once again begun searching for an unestablished illustrator to pencil the first issue of either graphic series, Progeny or Distinct. Currently there are postings on various artistic websites including Myspace and DeviantArt with flyers to soon be posted through numerous instructive institutions. If you or anyone you know is interested in applying for this position, please send a portfolio of images to I must admit that there is once again some harsh discretion over current applications I am receiving leading to a contemplation that perhaps I may find myself in the role of illustrator.

Website and Graphic Design
I would like to mention a project under production by Matchcut:Films entitled “The True Empty” which is written and directed by Kyle J. Maki. I have had an opportunity to read a general portion of the script and I have seen behind the scenes footage of the production and I am confident that this short film will be well received. I am also commissioned to author the website for this short film and will keep you appraised.

As a means of exploitation for revenue...I am considering a joint meandering of T.w.o.t.t.s. and idiotically imprinted t-shirts with rudimentary narcotic metaphors for sale at a future local farmer’s market. “Growing Since ‘76” or some other moniker does give the impression that I can turn a 250 per cent profit.

And finally -- some days ago I was attempting to complete a Progeny display for a flyer to be available at the now departed Y66 San Diego Comic Convention. Below are a series of sequentials that detail the process to a point before the project was terminated. The completed design was to incorporate the thematics of a wheat field and an emitting fog and light integration.

Thoughts - Human Void, Unlucky Sin and Hardware Diplomacy
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The hollows of mankind are filled with excruciating whistling. I am certain that the dimmer and less inciting a person is, the more frequent the outbursts of chambered noise to fill the dulled silence. Whistlers are humanity’s dead air.

Allow me to guise this query to the acclaimed moral authoritarians as appointed by religious or spiritual virtues –- can one be unlucky at deceiving someone? The deception of another evokes a sense of errant behavior however there are exploitations of it can one find the frequency of success versus failure in an unethical behaviour as signification of luck? Give that one a try in your classroom Daniel and see if the budding epoch of tomorrow can truly dissect in an evolved acuity or if we are surely doomed. I await your reply.

I am proud to say that I will once again find myself victimized by the magnificent eruptions of fruit flavour in a mere 30 hours from the completion of this prose.

I have contested this confliction in the Observation Archives long before however as confronted again by the composure of another to hinder society with misperceptions of autonomy...allow me to reiterate...

A black male laborer at my place of employment advised me that society is still burdened by discrimination and that his goal in life is to ascertain an industry in which he would not discriminate against another. I informed him that he is currently employed as equally as I am in earning the same wages in a percentaged relation to the application of knowledge and experience in this particular establishment. I also offered insight into the principles of the class system to which knowledge and the application there of devises the utilization within society and subsequently a competitively concessioned wage. He volleyed with the comment that an employer’s personal discretions still habituates the operations of the establishment. I concurred in noting that he is subsequently desiring the texture of freedom for all races and genders to be forcibly perceived as equal by the mannerism of removing the freedom of the employer from discriminating. I asked, if you understood a place of business to discriminate, would you patron that establishment. He returned a no. I enlightened the individual that if a successful businessman desired a full market to attract for the greatest means to revenue, he would not corner his perception of society unless his product or success could sustain such an self ethicized perception. Forcing others to accommodate to your existence idealizes that you out of four billion human beings are a singular event and that these others should compensate for your triviality despite the double standard of desiring your own freedoms the while confiscating another’s. He turned away and entered the bathroom to likely evacuate his bowels after receiving such an authorative scholarly ass whooping.

You can often overhear obese people remarking how “cute” the clothing they have just purchased or worn is. With a substantial increase in the consumption of resources to fabricate your larger product and the very essence that your wide load requires accommodating departments in clothing stores...there is not one god damn thing that attributes anything you would wear as attractive...aside from your disgusting self-ethical management of subsistence.

Ignorance stipend within the walls of a hardware store. This is a warning to all readers who wish to partake in the venture of mechanical repair with little to no previous knowledge or experience:

1. Do not enter the hardware store to purchase a duplicate item without the current item in hand unless you have measured to an accurate degree all aspects of the item with imperial or metric measurements onto a piece of paper. Tracing paper as means of measurement is not permissible.

2. The word “standard” is not allocated for any product -- anywhere. Using this word or perception will immediately hasten your venture in repair and instantaneously infuriate the staff who you have exploited in aid.

3. Asking for any product and thusly receiving the inquiry of dimensions will be anticipated. A response of “...if I see it I will know.” will instantly reap a disgruntled employee and hasten your venture in repair.

These are your first steps to a better hardware store and restoration experience. Thank you.

I have managed to nearly complete a Thought blog without mentioning any abhorrence for Humboldt County...which now as I reckon would be a cruelty to humanity. Allow me to note...

The population of Arcata, California is formulated of a certain characteristic of human culture...liberal hippies -- as stereotyped. What is odd is that in contrast to their potent protesting principles, Humboldt County still maintains the following in greater abundance than numerous larger percentages of populations in California: poaching, hunting, pollution, murder, drug use, suicides, sexually transmitted diseases, driving while under the influence, homelessness, starvation, underage pregnancies, poverty and much more is all yours if the Price is Right. What is articulated is that the lethargic nature of liberal hippies employ nothing for and from exampled by absolutely nothing contracted from their very own environment. Much like any forest and body of water, behind the “Redwood Curtain” is a stagnant pond festering with blood thirsting anthropoids carrying around deadly pathogens.

Ledger is to Joker as Salt is to Earth. Has someone cloaked the coming of middle aged population or have we been elapsed?

And someone tell the Japs to stop spamming me. Their spam has to be the most notoriously difficult for English language computers to delete. I know you enjoy Nothing Mor but give me a break...several pages of squares and red bolded incoherent words is ushering in the urge to kill.

Continue to vote for your nomination for our new wrestling promotion’s title and in extent consider these options in the same proportion as everything on -- under the auspices a mafia copyright.

Vote For The Wrestling Promotion's Name
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This is your opportunity to take part in the preface to our pioneering wrestling promotion by helping us nominate the best lettered contraction as our emblem.

Updates - Fooled, Graphic Literature, Wrestling Promotion, Merchandise and Paranormal Research
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18 one to two minute scripts are presently being analyzed and highlighted for production by the end of this year with an almost certain alliance with Matchcut:Films. Much more information on this will be poised by D300 Y66.

Progeny and Distinct
Until recently, both projects no longer have an illustrator employed...however, within the next 90 days I expect to once again embark on a campaign to discover an unestablished artist to pencil the first issue of either mini-series in time for the pending Y67 (2007) San Diego International Comic Convention. More on this advertisement and search soon.

Comic Strip Illustrator
I will also commence a search -- if it has not already been concluded -- for a comic strip illustrator to complete a series of comic strips recently composed. The designation of the title, genre and configuration of the comic strip will be unveiled soon.

Professional Wrestling
In what now seems like a whirlwind affair...within fifteen days, BPW which was to be abandoned for PCW is now as well discarded for a future endeavor more executively localized in order to stabilize a more sound infrastructure and validity of product. The now highly anticipated new professional wrestling promotion will remain under wraps until a greater wealth of information can be confidently purged. I can assure one detail in that the innovative architecture of the new promotion will rest in my hands.

With some already moderate success from the pending Nothing Mor DVD, I have begun to erect a series of silk screen presses for the production of apparel merchandizing of various commodities related to myself and other marketable colleagues. As currently devised, within the next 100 days I foresee the preliminary manufacture and vending of various branded apparel.

Paranormal Research
It has been nearly 6 years since my last encounter with this particular field of conflicted study and until recently, was not of precedence due to the complex measure of requirements for the decisive research experimentation to complete my hypothesis. However, further field research has never been undertaken due to the perceived frivolous nature of it...that is until granted the opportunity to acutely investigate an assumed haunted location. Within the next 30 days, myself and an individual who claims to have experienced numerous events within Ace Home and Garden in McKinleyville, California will undertake an overnight field research to attempt to debunk or record the alleged deceased inhabitant. The final documentation on this field research will be posted on the Paranormal Research page upon completion.