Have to start seriously contemplating size issues for #Miter. 100K file is not tragic but it is also inefficient. 500K file...that is tragic. Thinking file size creates new file. Requires numerous adaptive parameters in every code. I hate code! 22:21:46 363 017 Miter
Thoughts - The Edge of the Universe Contest
Being that astrophysics has become a competition of ethereal conjecture...here’s a wiz bang shoot’em up challenge for all those theorists out there...

A = Universal point of origin (“Big Bang”)
B = Star at the furthest point from origin A
B2 = Photon emitted from Star B unabated by conditions
B3 = Photon emitted from Star B deviated by C
C = Proposed extent of a universal bubble

For the universal bubble theory -- a device to which all “big bang” and subsequent “big crunch” theorists must embrace -- to find relevance, then the proposed barrier would create a deviation of photons thus creating a defiance in accurate measurement of space or if there is no basis for a barrier, B2 would continue to travel unabated thus extending the distance of the universe many times the speed of light you square. Anyone? There might be a shiny nickel in it for ya.

Essentially the question poised is this: Where are the photons facing away from point of origin going or is it that as matter (B) expands and deforms the fabric of an external substance of space from point of origin, photons are unable to defy these boundaries from lack of subtenant mass subsequently deadening or generating a volatile state? I’ve got more irrelevant bullshit to entail on the edge of the universe but I am happy to hear your perceptions while I accept my grants and deferences.

Updates - Hiatus, Progeny, Sphere and Francesca / Zen
The hiatus as been expunged sixteen days ahead of schedule due to accomplishments in various discourses necessitating resolution. However, note that following Day 274 there will be an underdetermined length of down time due to reassignment to a newer base of operations now entitled “Chateau”. A beneficial consequence provided by this vacant palette, the chateau will serve as a breeding ground for numerous devices in the coming year.

I had recently obliged myself as illustrator for the comic book series...however, thanks to the accidental exchange with another individual, I will likely soon announce a new lead illustrator for the Progeny series. The anticipated deadline for the announcement is Day 290 Year 66.

The Index Page calendar section will communicate an alteration to the initial regional insurgence of Sphere following an analysis of rapid economic insertion and extraction potential coinciding with the substantiation of the influential exploitation measure.

Francesca / Zen
This is a personal vendettaed rejoinder from a nearly two year old dialogue that I had failed to resolve upon the discussion.

Francesca you unbelievably breath-taking viral creature...Zen is an abstracted practice of Mahayana Buddhism which delineates absolution from opposing merits of defined resolution about existence. The dharma or higher truths are revealed only upon discarding the means to covet perception. That alone is incongruous to a biological specimen disseminating it as ethereal nostalgia. As a principle to Buddhism, four fundamentals characterize the root objective with one particular notating salvation into a celestial realm. Another merit of ethereality. Zen meditation allows for the combining of the body and mind to attain bodhi or enlightenment to achieve a stasis of universality. These alone perpetrate the ethereality of Zen regardless of the irrational nativity of Buddha himself.

Updates - Depictions and Apologies
For over three years I have orated several thousand fragments of rhetoric in hindsight of precarious events. This evening and hence forth, I will commence to ebb these engraved compositions and thus accordingly tender definition by course of labor.

Recent events have instigated a measure of self reflection -- how can I substantiate the theoretical acuities for tomorrow when within this presence, I cannot even simply grant the welfare of those around me?

Words are mere specters to the girth of toil.

Hereafter, updates and particulars of ventures and commodities will be posted on this internet site with the sporadic exemption of the allusion to extracurricular events. In addendum, I will also respond to commentary or queries poised upon the message board or Brainwashed with perspicacity.

A figurehead or a leader can yield distinction by their enactment. A figurehead is fabled by sermons. A leader defines the purpose for those words to be spoken. I will not leave behind an inheritance of oral fixations.

My sincerest apologizes to those who I have failed...

Updates - Orbital Time and Cross Platform Browsers
Orbital Time
Now available from vtyhw.com is the Gregorian To Orbital Time Reference Card. This card is available for downloading and printing preferably onto a thick card stock so that you can place it into your wallet, purse or even your pocket to better ease your transition from the absurdity of the Gregorian Calendar to the tangible Orbital Time Calendar. This reference card is sized similar to that of a business card and can easily be trimmed to size using the registration marks provided on the PDF file document. Visit the Orbital Time page to download the Gregorian To Orbital Time Reference Card and check back soon for additional Orbital Time merchandise including the Y67 Orbital Time Wall Calendar and Orbital Time Apparel.

Link: Orbital Time

Mozilla Firefox
On a side note, you may or may not notice irregularities when viewing this internet site through Mozilla Firefox. I have recently ceased in cross platform scripting to alternative browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer which I implore you to use for it’s superior operation.

Updates - Progeny, Chance, Orbital Time Pocket Reference Guide and More
After much deliberation, I have decided that Progeny will be penciled and inked by myself. I have since modified the style of artwork that I will be applying to this series and will begin penciling the first series of pages in the coming days. Exclusive behind the scenes images will be displayed on this website throughout the production of the first issue. A new website introduction is under fabrication right now and should be available in the coming days. Projected first issue completion deadline: Day 100 Year 67

The silk screen printing press is nearly complete and awaiting final trial testing before going into full production. A series of Tv branded shirts will be available soon as well as various other merchandise by the year’s end. Projected initial production deadline: Day 365 Year 66

This now several years old short film production may once again be underway. A fourth script has recently been completed with a higher degree of probability of production with the boundaries of localized efforts. A segment of the script as well behind the scenes multimedia will available online by year’s end. Projected pre-production deadline: Day 300 Year 66

Torque Scooter
More supplies have been acquired for the completion of this novelty invention. As final drafted welding begins, I will provide photographs and multimedia demonstrations. Projected completion deadline: Day 300 Year 66

The mock-commercial series entitled Fooled is currently in holding until further notice pending information regarding the Dreams “Pilot” and Chance pre-production. Projected pre-production deadline: N/A

Orbital Time
I will be soon providing a pocket reference guide for Orbital Time. You will be able to download and print out this easy to reference guide on transitioning from the Gregorian Calendar to Orbital Time. Projected completion deadline: Day 242 Year 66