Thoughts - Volatility, Insubordination and Owen Wilson
05:22.28 207-06 OTC
In defiance of symmetry -- one must define the moment of equilibrium to incite.

According to sympathetic supporters of notably illegitimate female Catholic clergy, religious disobedience can spawn discernment for the accommodating perceptions of the Vatican. So if I am to understand this correctly...ethics exclusively defined upon the inception of heaven and hell and subsequently obligatory to parishioners can afterwards oblige suffrage or even menially evolve -- or should I perceive that the clarity of the covenant is polluted and accordingly invalidated?

Intelligence acuity based on desired aural or optic stimulation -- a comparative study. Characterizations of individual parties...aural stimuli favored persons prefer by example, music before television...with reader comprehension that creative imagery is not stimulus but rather corollary of environmental stimuli the while vise versa for an individual who covets optic stimulation. Biologically, the visual cortex encompasses the general volume of the occipital lobe which is considered the smallest of four lobes however the auditory cortex dwells within the temporal lobe at a far more miniscule volume of this point in time I came to the realization that I could easily continue upon a dissertation several pages long so concisely, visual acuity requires more expenditure and examination by the mammalian brain than auditory acuteness, subsequently those who desire aural stimulation over visual stimuli have developed or are developing at a differentiated aptitude. That and quite frankly Owen Wilson should really consider confining his application of talents to one...writing.

If you are a registered voter in any of the countries currently observing electoral republics, please vote liberal this year and the next in order to better eradicate international affairs and subsequently permit the more resolute pending application of Sphere. Particular regard to citizens of the United States of America to cast a ballot for Democratic Party members in the approaching election. The evolution of the civilization graciously appreciates your contribution...and the while bearing in mind of neither supporting liberal or a democratic parties...rather simply supporting the potentiality of Sphere.

Update - Message Board Remnants
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You are now capable accessing the remnants of the recently terminated message board under the Editorial category on the Index Page or by clicking on the link below:

Link: Message Board Remnants

Update - Message Board
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Due to the extraneous sum of management and updating of the message board, I have concluded it’s existence.

Updates - Fooled and Thoughts
00:30.27 201-06 OTC
Keeping all apprised of production stati, here are the latest classifications for the current -- and now retallied -- eighteen scribed episodes.

Green Light
Light, Telekinesis, Coast to Coast AM, Secret Passages, Words, Saggers, Luxury, Hippies, Cultures, Inverted Telekinesis

Yellow Light
Genesis, Suicide Hotline, Mathematicians

Red Light
Evangelists, Statistics, Deities, Apple, Life

As of this year, in the United States of America there is a birth every 8 seconds and a death every 13 seconds. Subsequently this provincial region acquires a residue of 4,154 human consumption devices per twenty four hour cycle. How does a society riddled with averse perceptions on the virtues of civilization -- both exclusively and superficially -- not acquiesce in volume that religious ethics establishes the decline in the stability of an infrastructure based on moral requisitions. What is shameless is that the irresponsible conduct of humanity is from the virtue of biological ascendancy, a rendering of a biological vanity, yet has long been displaced by ethereal adovcations in perceiving that nature does not exist and accordingly psychologically invalidate rapport between species and sphere.

Updates - Nothing Mor, Fooled, Morningside, Dreams and Matchcut:Films
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Nothing Mor: Two Backyard Tragedies DVD
The final scripting and pre-production have begun again with persuasive thanks in part to the recent 70 per cent average bookmarking from a world wide audience on the Nothing Mor web page. A tentative early Spring Y67 has been earmarked for the first print run of the DVD volume.

Having now established a more rudimentary atmosphere, Fooled has began pre-production on several of the presently 22 episodes written. Film equipment and performers are being corralled and an estimated Day 320 should see the first marker dropped.

Having explored this screenplay for nearly eight years, a completed first draft should be posted online by year’s end.

The sub-pilot episode of Dreams has returned to the top shelf and will begin pre-production in the coming days.

Kyle J. Maki has recently edited together a teaser from the short film he wrote and directed entitled “The True Empty” which I implore you to peruse. Also visit where I have recently posted a coming soon banner for the website which will host the completed short film sometime early next year.

Link: The True Empty Teaser (Matchcut:Films)