Was Tv Right...Again?
21:14.55 220-06 OTC
I have frequently posted links to news articles that are later observances of annotations I had previously distinguished -- with an implication that science ultimately pursues my pragmatic distinctions. This most recent chronicle took me into the shallows so irreverently that I felt compelled to query the source of inspiration for the research.

Link: http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/10/25/D8KVR6401.html

If you have been a disciplined reader of vtyhw.com over the last four years, you will immediately recognize the identical supposition proposed in this article to observations I had made several years prior.

Why Tv? - Sphere, Part II
22:16.26 219-06 OTC
In yet another elucidation of ideology -- the impression suspected by many is that Sphere is my masochistic expulsion of self odium...an apparatus of intrinsic abhorrence. With candor, the initial capricious decadence is mere tact to persuade inherent faith. Sphere is far from pitiless...it is in fact about removing the illusory rudiments of specieal enormity and discovering substantial achievements through forfeited burdens. To answer the query, why Tv...Sphere is not an apparatus of death and destruction without foreseeable consequential accomplishments.

Update - Multimedia Player
18:32.16 216-06 OTC
The vtyhw.com Multimedia Player is presently being upgraded. The enhanced version will amplify the viewer window dimensions and provide more information through a more sophisticated interactive player menu.

While the multimedia player is scripted, the previous version will still be accessible through the pop-up link located on the Index Page. Ensure your Internet Explorer and various internet security software accommodate pop-up windows.

Updates - Multimedia
04:30.54 216-06 OTC
Multimedia Embedding
Viewers can now embed several videos already available here on vtyhw.com as well as find exclusive behind the scenes footage of pending projects by visiting the Video link found at myspace.com/vtyhw.

Link: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea ... =118950043

Professional Wrestling
Several of the existing professional wrestling videos available on vtyhw.com are without sound. This will finally begin being remedied and resolved by year’s end. Special thanks to Kyle J. Maki of Matchcut:Films.

Update - Top Nine In Development List
17:1.25 213-06 OTC
All right...so it has been brought to my attention that nothing new has been updated on or produced for vtyhw.com for quite some time other than the accustomed diatribe found in Brainwashings. To now contend with this discernment, I will commence posting a Top Nine In Development List to furnish an enhanced behind the scenes look at Tv.

1. Documentary - Nothing Mor
2. Screenplay - Morningside
3. Matchcut:Films Website
4. Orbital Time Calendar
5. Short Films - Fooled
6. Short Film - Dreams "Sub-Pilot"
7. Short Film - Chance
8. Comic Book Series - Progeny
9. Refuse Lever Design