Thoughts - Keyboards and 51
02:36.27 227-06 OTC
First a pithy plug...if you havenít viewed the Fooled coming soon place holder, feel free to dampen yourself over it on the Index Page under the Entertainment category.

And now a cursory glance at the future...keyboards will always rely on the coil elasticity. Consider the amount of time you rest your fingers upon the keys...strokes will always require more recognition than simplistic light pressure so fare-thee-well Trek-minded minions. Consider it an evolutionary zenith.

As yet another day elapses in my latest environment, I find myself already immersed by a greater measure of communal negligence. Religion having a profound mechanism for solace inhibits a directive in people to disengage from civilization and subsequently misalign consequence and societal prosperity. There seems to have been an echelon of collective anxiety that has veered into a self-pugnacious crusade merely deviated by sentiment. One must ponder why here and now so many are resolute to answer uncertainty with an extraordinary declaration of not caring or genuine disconcern. Has ease pacified temperament? Has indulgence coupled with modern religionís boundless methods of modus operandi and the inherent disposition from previously compulsory traditionalists piloted the content to find gratification? I find it even more distressing that a consensus of these reassured find absurdity in global unification due to these psychological assets despite embracing moralities that encourage such speculations. In fact...having recently proposed my eventual assertion upon humanity, it was guffawed as it frequently has been before though this particular moment ushered a proposal of a 51 per cent complicity in a non-ethereal behavior within the next 30 years. If someone will put 30 on the clock...and go.

Update - Fooled
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Added a link under the Entertainment category on the Index Page to a brief irrelevant coming soon flash animation for the pending short film series currently in pre-production.

Was Tv Right...Again?
21:14.55 220-06 OTC
I have frequently posted links to news articles that are later observances of annotations I had previously distinguished -- with an implication that science ultimately pursues my pragmatic distinctions. This most recent chronicle took me into the shallows so irreverently that I felt compelled to query the source of inspiration for the research.


If you have been a disciplined reader of over the last four years, you will immediately recognize the identical supposition proposed in this article to observations I had made several years prior.

Why Tv? - Sphere, Part II
22:16.26 219-06 OTC
In yet another elucidation of ideology -- the impression suspected by many is that Sphere is my masochistic expulsion of self apparatus of intrinsic abhorrence. With candor, the initial capricious decadence is mere tact to persuade inherent faith. Sphere is far from is in fact about removing the illusory rudiments of specieal enormity and discovering substantial achievements through forfeited burdens. To answer the query, why Tv...Sphere is not an apparatus of death and destruction without foreseeable consequential accomplishments.

Update - Multimedia Player
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The Multimedia Player is presently being upgraded. The enhanced version will amplify the viewer window dimensions and provide more information through a more sophisticated interactive player menu.

While the multimedia player is scripted, the previous version will still be accessible through the pop-up link located on the Index Page. Ensure your Internet Explorer and various internet security software accommodate pop-up windows.