Thoughts - Frigerator, Value and Perpetual Bigotry
20:59.12 229-06 OTC
It has been some time since I have rattled on about an assortment of disjointed rhetoric so there is much to attend to...let us begin.

Upon the very initial moment of turning on a refrigerator, is it just a frigerator?

Bipedal or gas pedal?

The principle behind consuming alcohol is to become slightly or even obnoxiously inebriated whether it is in the company of others or not -- so why is it derogatory to be a "light weight" when less required consumption facilitates value?

Cancel Studio 60 and consider yourself warned...warned that Sorkin is accurate in poising that his application of the medium is far too intellectual for the common American viewer. Several million of us get it...Sorkin, play a trump card.

For some time now I have been attempting to better refine the Orbital Time perception for efficiency and recently one noteworthy element has developed from it. Housed by inevitability of perception from a five day week, no tenable rudimentary weekends could be justified by the economic infrastructure, subsequently allowing for the moderation of overlap of operation and henceforth, government and commerce would remain open every day of the week imparting a more proficient and accessible civil composition.

Muslims were taught preaching’s passed down by Jesus of Nazareth through Mohammad which also served as methodology to branch Christianity and Catholicism. Now you see, Jesus of Nazareth advocated spoken word from the Torah which therefore designates you as Jewish...which would certainly be odd for you to embrace regardless having Jesus referred to as King of the Jews. Just thought you should know and if by chance that does not work for you, we can look further back than that, but I am aware of your ineptitude to look beyond the past 2500 years or converted into the ethereally defined beyond the past 6010 years which was expertly deciphered by an Archbishop of Armagh and Dr. John Lightfoot of Cambridge 1600 years after the inception of the very idea itself in that the world was created on a Sunday, at 9 in the morning, on October 23. So I wonder why Jesus chose 62 days later to be born and another 90 some odd days to croak? I suppose symmetry isn’t an issue when your days are perceived like dog years.

An active duty soldier who commits suicide is abandoning their post which is a volunteered obligated position as protectorate of company and populace and consequently this individual should not receive military honors.

Why are fat girls habitually and boisterously advising us of their repugnance for ignorant people. Does it by chance have anything to do with the likely perpetual berated bigotry that they receive? Yes it does...because you’re fat and that is not healthy, wealthy nor wise.

Mitchell...sorry...thanks graciously to those lonely hearts out there who spend a gregarious amount of time editing and uploading video to You Tube for our pleasures, I have been able to recently behold a landmark moment on the Satellite of Love...fond memories ensued.

I was considering lastly tackling the global warming versus humanity’s inheritance debate yet I feel it would devour this melancholy selection of thoughts so I will waver, and until again the moment when my boxer-briefs have uncomfortably notated the anguish between nature and nurture, I will return once more. Now venture forth young miscellaneous and boil the water with a teaspoon of salt and consider those supplementary eviscerated parts compacted into a reedy membrane, delicious efficiency.

Home Built - Silk Screen Press (Inactive)
02:28.59 229-06 OTC
These are photographs from a now retired condensed silk screen press I erected for under $37.00 utilizing aluminum, particle board and a generous amount of my friend, Mr. J. B. Weld. The short stature of the base was designed to be secured by clamp or fastened with pre-drilled guides into a workbench requiring less depth to a work station for fabric printing. The only additional components that were to be added was a “kick-stand” or a more refined locking mechanism for frame retention while operating on the palette surface. I will likely develop and assemble a more matured adaptation and quite possibly a rotary unit for multiple passes in the near future upon requisite.

Update - Fooled
01:52.2 228-06 OTC
Remarkably inelegantly I aim to deliver a final word in that the coming soon place holder for Fooled has to a large extent been completed and now well worth a supplementary screening. I avow this the definitive announcement for Fooled until further exclusive annotations concerning actual production.

Thoughts - Keyboards and 51
02:36.27 227-06 OTC
First a pithy plug...if you haven’t viewed the Fooled coming soon place holder, feel free to dampen yourself over it on the Index Page under the Entertainment category.

And now a cursory glance at the future...keyboards will always rely on the coil elasticity. Consider the amount of time you rest your fingers upon the keys...strokes will always require more recognition than simplistic light pressure so fare-thee-well Trek-minded minions. Consider it an evolutionary zenith.

As yet another day elapses in my latest environment, I find myself already immersed by a greater measure of communal negligence. Religion having a profound mechanism for solace inhibits a directive in people to disengage from civilization and subsequently misalign consequence and societal prosperity. There seems to have been an echelon of collective anxiety that has veered into a self-pugnacious crusade merely deviated by sentiment. One must ponder why here and now so many are resolute to answer uncertainty with an extraordinary declaration of not caring or genuine disconcern. Has ease pacified temperament? Has indulgence coupled with modern religion’s boundless methods of modus operandi and the inherent disposition from previously compulsory traditionalists piloted the content to find gratification? I find it even more distressing that a consensus of these reassured find absurdity in global unification due to these psychological assets despite embracing moralities that encourage such speculations. In fact...having recently proposed my eventual assertion upon humanity, it was guffawed as it frequently has been before though this particular moment ushered a proposal of a 51 per cent complicity in a non-ethereal behavior within the next 30 years. If someone will put 30 on the clock...and go.

Update - Fooled
02:14.16 224-06 OTC
Added a link under the Entertainment category on the Index Page to a brief irrelevant coming soon flash animation for the pending short film series currently in pre-production.