Updates - Scooter, Refuse Lever, Shower Seat and Thoughts
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Concy Apio (18), former LRA abductee and mother of two, "I wish the peace talks could bear fruit so that we can quit the camps. Life in the camps is terrible; we want to return home! But until I see Kony, Otti and all the LRA rebels back home and resettled in the community, I will continue having doubts about the peace talks."

Torque Scooter
Preliminary sketches for the design and implementation of the Torque Scooter are being laid onto paper and will be available this week -- orbital time week (5 days).

Refuse Bin Lever Relief
As well, preliminary sketches for the design and implementation of a Refuse Bin Lever Relief instillation are being laid onto paper and will be available this week -- orbital time week (5 days). This particularly contraption will include a promotional video that will be marketed to various food service establishments world-wide due to the substantial beneficial properties behind it.

Corner Shower Seat
The shower seat blueprint was to be developed for this update however some initial flaws of design have been distinguished and will compromise the timeline for schematic release. More information on this product will be available soon.

Exaggerations are surrenders of the propensity to lie. In addition, “tells” are found in words knowingly spoken with a degree of dithering, paralleling an overstatement.

"Was the book better than the film?" –- Aside from the fact that a book requires self-imposed visualizations and a film necessitates astute analysis of visualizations for reading comprehension, in a position as either, how could I accurately discern the capacity at which a story was bestowed without the perception of the original intention of the scope of the narrative by the writer who must then determine the volume at which I pursued the accounts.

Another anecdote on the obliviousness of (y)hippies. They often find discretion with golf courses due to land confiscation and general affluent characteristics of golfers. And here is the treat for me, golf courses are nearly 100% green. Vast swaths of grass, trees and water courted by electric carts. Aside from the lawn mowers and trimmers which require petrol for the efforts of maintaining a healthy foliage, the only other attribute that separates a golf course from a national park is the service of alcohol in the lobby. And in this resemblance, I dare you to find litter strewn about a golf course the while it is quite deliberately neglected in national parks...which leads to characteristics. A golfer, often not wealthy demonstrated by the greens fee averaging 25 dollars for the majority of public courses, bestows a sense of responsibility and mores to this particular atmosphere of competition and leisure. Feel free to attempt to instill in me some negative attribute about the individual sport of golfing while I play eighteen with my meager paycheck.

Concern for religious compassion can be illustrated by it’s evolutionary contributions, which now Christianity desires to embrace as a principle effort on God’s part. Allocating empathy for hindered individuals, "allergenic", Down’s Syndrome, HIV positive case, et cetera...and encouraging customary practices of biological propagation is criminal to the evolutionary stratagem of our species...

I just realized as I was about to explore the previous comment more thoroughly and subsequently redundantly, that the foreword in the English translation of Mein Kampf delves eerie resemblances to disposition, not that I have not already taken into account of the significant quantity of comparable attributes. I am not apprehensive, only observant of this.

I have long desired to exclaim my stance on humanity’s bearing on global warming yet I perceive that it would still not engrain true accuracy just yet. I will however notate that Gore is wrong simply by the principle that the perpetual volume of carbon released worldwide through geo-tectonic venting ten folds generations worth of human pollution and consumption. I will not argue against point that development of solar reflective materials such as the large volumes of concrete and asphalt, unremitting combustion, and contamination of coastal bodies of water corresponding to substantial limiting of foliage does not also contribute to atmospheric alterations which as well inhibits salinity measures which define several specific principles behind cooling and warming, I cannot agree that the impact is overwhelming in contrast to an orbital relationship, polar magnetic shift and the naturalistic itinerary of recycling resources. And aside from all of this, how is it that Gore has never once mentioned Centralia, Pennsylvania?

Five day and ten day weather forecasts, do you not realize you have already been utilizing Orbital Time?

There are currently 150 million obese persons in the world at a redline cost of 1.75 billion dollars every year. There are presently 80 million starving persons in the world, dying at no cost. Share a taco fatty.

Sphere - Disclaimer to Missionaries in Eastern and Central Africa
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I am going to go ahead and assert a modest disclaimer to those religious advocates forecasting and presently amusing themselves in Central and Eastern Continental Africa. You have had authority over the last 180 years through missionary exertions to generate resolve and have disastrously failed yet persist to emphasize ethereal sincerity and allegations. In approximately 350 days, Sphere will exceed your clout and with ruthless bigotry, ethereal religion will cease to manipulatively comfort the populace and either your ethics drastically revert to a more sagacious disposition or you will be forcibly extracted from the province. Upon revolution of discipline, you will not be given a warning, timeline or notion of cooperation. Religion will hence forth advert to a synonym of faith in science, technology and humanity.

Update - Sphere
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Update - Sphere and ReNUH Video
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Having justifiably perceiving a majority of the projects presently enacted in Africa as stagnant or tactless religious compost, there are in fact a few relevant stagings worthy of consideration. ReNUH is an organization whose existing sole objective is to redevelop a hospital in Northern Uganda that as you will see in a moment, is quite dilapidated due to the inactivity by the regional government thanks in large part to the still violent exchanges of local militias.

Though the song in this short film emphasizes religious overtones, two additional perspectives must be coerced. The first is to acknowledge that a faith in God has given no amenable means to bettering these people’s lives...ironic in that faith based movements persist to press upon this further as these people continue to die of easily curable disfiguring diseases. The second is to then simply ignore the ethereal tones and offer contemplation only to that the melody accentuates the film and contributes to the corporeal message.

Ignore religion and gestate tangible interactions with the world. Selfless individuality.

I ask of you in good nature to watch this video in full and afterwards contemplate support for Sphere which will interact with programs such as ReNUH as well as many others in the near future.

Rhubarb and Asparagus
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Selfless individuality.

It is our guidance and we will compel amends.

Not one thing will ever be the same.