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Thoughts - 100, A Director Film and Piss Water
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Annually, an average 100 people die from anaphylaxis from peanut consumption.
Annually, an average 100 people die from anorexia.
Annually, an average 100 people die from Acetaminophen consumption.
Annually, an average 100 mothers die during abortion procedures.
Annually, an average 100 people die from forklift accidents.
Annually, an average 100 people are blinded from alcohol poisoning.
Annually, an average 100 people die from lightening strikes.
Annually, an average 100 people die from eating Fugu (blowfish).
Annually, an average 100 people die from choking on ballpoint pens.

These are acceptable losses, stupid and slighted as they are.

Daily, an average 100 people die from ethnic and religious conflict.

This is inexcusable.

Did I miss the discernment behind the dogma that life is a precious commodity? I frequently reap it from several advocates as they shove this virtue down my throat. My suggestion, tell a religious zealot to attest to his devotion and offer him a one way ticket.

Godís done here. Now itís our turn.

Meanwhile, never ask a fat person for directions. There is a simple deduction that there is a reason they are fat...it is very unlikely they get around much. Consider this an authoritative travelers tip.

Speaking of repugnant people, and with some redundancy, Spike Lee is a staggeringly horrendous director...

...and on the subject of directors and their narcissistic incredulity -- and this is validated towards most directors aside from reference...A Spike Lee Joint, credit, credit, credit, Directed by Spike Lee. Is it truly necessary to identify yourself as director twice, aside from the poignant nature that you are one quarter of the creative development. I do believe these stories are written or perhaps my perception of the artistic process was skewed. Writer directors are not excused either. A blah blah blah film...get over it and defend some margin of integrity. Credits that begin and end a film are regardless conceited...the viewerís interests are placed within the medium and your success generates the capacity to give a shit...thus the credits at the end.

And concluding with one more prejudice towards foul nuisances, I am officially fed up with piss water splashing onto my ass...this is an evolutionary failure that will be remedied. Yours truly, Tv.

Thought - Autobiographical or Low Potassium
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I can on longer sleep with any measure of regularity. One hour. Several hours mid-day. None. I have composed several theories to this aberration and attest to either a mineral disparity or a psychosomatic accumulation. The latter more likely having committed no efforts to destabilize my biological norms.

In examination of this, two further diagnoses can find attribution. Environmental factors, the recent facility to query my nature within a more secluded and boundless sanctuary than in the previous ten years and a fundamental dissatisfaction, partaken from the very intrinsic fervor to affect every life on this orb.

An infinite series of sequences, a billion generations of organic materials reallocated, all amounting to our existence...this vexes me. For as long as consciousness has beleaguered me, I have found constraint to live up to this measure and as I sit here before you, failure cleaves every fragment of my mind.

Chemically imbalanced, delusional, an array of atypical conditions that alter a stasis of reality...or something genuinely distinct. My faith is not in something ethereal. It lays within our tangible existence and within every moment, choice and action that I chance.

My faith is mired.

There are protagonists who venture forth stridently and there are equal men who meander. I guiltily subsist as a straggler angsted.

In a few days, I will amend this junction and forget my follies in order to restore my arrogance...my faith, yet I shall return to this place of hysteria again and again until one day when either I ensure a balance of energy in the cosmos or every inhabitant on this sphere entertains my convictions. Yours truly, Tv.

Thought - Breaking Down
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If our lives are inspired by the memories of the lives before us, fictional or not...what inspired the first of us? What intrinsic biological passion lies beneath that palpitates the heart into a fiery rage? Like venom in a corpse, I'm tempted to break up with myself. I don't like who he's become. There are other firsts...in the sea. Yours truly, Tv.

Update - Centered Surround Sound
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The conceptual illustrations and description for the Centered Surround Sound system is now available on the vtyhw.com Index Page. Utilizing contemporary components which makes this design achievable, versions of home theatre surround sound systems can be reconfigured to adjust precisely to the user. Often when viewing your television, your placement is off center which is where the general point of reference for the sound system resides. Imagine with a press of a single button, the sound system realigns point of center to your current position. Out of box, this unit will ask for pre-programming of specific room and speaker layouts which will delineate further algorithms to actuate the adjustments during operation. A single button on the remote control will activate a series of infrared sensors to identify distance and angular trajectory from point of center which will allow the home theatre unit to adjust the fade and balance decibels of each individual speaker, re-referencing point of center to your present location. During operation, as long as the remote control maintains line of sight to the base unit, you can adjust point of center to accommodate any position. Discover more details on the Center Surround System page.

Link: Concept - Centered Surround Sound

Update - Standing Shower Corner Seat
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The Standing Shower Corner Seat is now available on the vtyhw.com Index Page, however, this particular article has been placed into the Incomplete/Inactive category due to a recent engineering perspective of a deficiency in the stanchion angular integrity which may destabilize the unit from suitably fastening to the shower insert wall surface within tolerances. There are equitable modifications of design which would utilize immense extensions to ensure support dependability, however, this would deter from the primary objective of ease of detachability and space economical dimensions. Further contemplation on this product may be applied in the future when resources become available.

Link: Standing Shower Corner Seat