Update - Sphere and Thoughts
15:46.56 281-06 OTC
I may now never fully reattribute the misfortunes of others squandered for my well being as time becomes a greater sincerity for interaction than lapse. A conciliation of anxiety, anguish and despondency has turned the tides on significance and now facilitating perspective of previous apathy as a hierarchy of measure beckons when weighed against the alternatives. Patience to implement is no longer an option. In reflection of Sun Tzu, objectives obligated must be acquired without haste.

Sphere < 290 days.

This particular brief of thoughts are simply embodied by deciphering the following news stories in collaboration with previous discourses presented on this website:

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061225/ap_ ... _allergies

http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn1 ... r-all.html

http://www.internal-displacement.org/id ... enDocument


Thoughts - Affection Relieved of Duty
22:57.36 280-06 OTC
I can find no greater of a personally demoralizing encounter than that of which I experienced this past evening because it has become a cognizant decision.

Having bred myself into a crusade, I have guaranteed the abolition of particular diversions that esteem contentment. Today, I ventured to draw nearer to a woman of beauty to my senses...and owing to this, I blinded my wits to my securities and effectively compromised my defenses. I swiftly readjusted my posture and fled with minimal harm done however, the assurance of this premise I immediately acknowledged to my dismay...moreover rather disheartening. When attempting to gauge the merit of coveting another with concessions, itís hard to find an even footing.

I sit here now pondering my next gesture consciously aware that in 290 days I should board a flight destined for Kampala, assuring my fate and that of any affairs I should beckon with another. Assuring that it affirms derision to what would have been compassion. Yet, imagine deliberately incapacitating your means of psychological and physical adoration. With consideration for myself and others, it is my obligation to defy my emotions and corporal yearnings and to do that is to defy an intrinsic biological aptitude...a truly demoralizing endeavor.

Fate is derisive of the choices we make and the consequences there of. Last night I discovered with assurance that my providence these days is to forcibly amble in isolation. Perhaps now as this becomes prevalently clear, an even more concerted effort will be applied to ridding myself of these shackles that bind and freeing the world aside freeing myself.

This really sucks, because she was very, very...

Update - Top Nine In Development
23:39.55 276-06 OTC
1. Sphere OP (294 Days)
2. Orbital Time Wall Calendar (10 Days)
3. Nothing Mor
4. matchcutfilms.com (10 Days)
5. asailorsdream.com (30 Days)
6. Refuse Bin Lever
7. Politicks (30 Days)
8. Fooled
9. Morningside

Happy Winter Solstice
22:14.46 276-06 OTC
I wish to bestow upon you the prosperity in celebration as today befalls the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere...the only tangible holiday to commemorate this time of year. Perhaps one day we can amend our logic and objectify this day as a day to observe an empathetic exchange.

Happy Winter Solstice.

Thought - The Past Nevertheless
18:5.26 276-06 OTC
Something tangibly miraculous occurred today. Never ceded before, today I was honored with a second chance. If genuine, a sense of immortality will reciprocate to humanity. We now descend into the next eleven days with trepidation before assurance of our reckoning.