Thoughts - Anya, Therefore and Michael J. Nelson
01:23.59 295-6 OTC
Yesterday I was unexpectedly introduced to a probable conscript of the much fabled "Anya" and I must divulge that I had found a marginal periphery of hating her viscera. It alludes to a highly intriguing new acuity unheralded and perhaps even more alarming, a demonstration of a self-epitomized assessment. I should perhaps examine her more thoroughly he says with a snide iniquitous cynicism.

"According to the United States Mint's report, the approximate cost of producing U.S. coins is as follows: Penny = .81 of a cent; Nickel = 3.13 cents; Dime = 1.88 cents; Quarter = 4.29 cents" -- Therefore, even the justification of the value of mineral to scripture is ambiguous and defiant of mandate. As frequently emphasized here, the validation of value of the exchange of resources versus labor through imaginary numerics in unequivalent and flouts rudimentary socialism via analogous barter of goods and services.

"It is estimated that the average English speaker's active vocabulary ranges between 15,000 and 50,000 words, while the passive vocabulary (the words a speaker understands but doesn't use) can include up to 100,000 words" -- Therefore, it is a recommendation of this observer for those unable to acclimatize to the often diverse congregation of vocabulary featured on to in the least minimally rival moderation.

And finally, bestowing recognition where it is obliged, having recently perused an interview with Michael J. Nelson of RiffTrax, Film Crew Online and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 fame, Nelson aquatinted a hilarious visualization of what often times is something that those of us stomach in anguish...

"And looking at it so closely, you get so angry about it, like, 'Why didn't somebody fix that?!' And that happened so much in the writing room, where suddenly a writer would snap and go running up to the TV and put his middle finger up to the screen and just hold it there and start cursing out the TV. And you'd have to talk him down, like, 'It's okay. It was just a little error, you know, it's a bad acting job, it's nothing to get upset about.'"

One additional note, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett will be performing a live RiffTrax (MST3K) at the San Francisco Sketchfest on D14 and D15 which I would overwhelmingly recommend if you are in the general vicinity. You will discover more information below at the following links...

Link: San Francisco Sketchfest
Link: Rifftrax
Link: The Film Crew Online

Update - Orbital Time
14:58.57 291-6 OTC
The Gregorian to Orbital Time Reference Card (v1.4) in addition to the javascript coding for the Live Orbital Time Clock (v1.6) have been updated.

Updates - Photographs, Doctrine and Top 9
12:2.31 290-6 OTC
Three photographs and their brushed filtrations leftover from the originally conceived Orbital Calendar have appended the Miscellaneous category on the Index Page.

Philosophers and leaders alike are compelled to revealing their dogma in order to suit merit for credence and confidence by the masses deemed contributory. Starting this year, I will begin a series on Brainwashed that will critically define the principles perceived amongst a series of pertinent subject matters currently afflicting civilization today that are intended for inclusion into the maturation of society through the elements of Sphere. Structured into three parts, each passage will designate premise, afford luminous amounts of tangible research and subsequently rationalize vindication for perspective. The first of these canons will be discussed in the coming days.

Top 9 In Development

Current Project Volume: 49

1. Orbital Time Calendar
2. Comic Strip - Politicks
4. Documentary - Nothing Mor
5. Screenplay - Morningside
6. Short Films - Fooled
7. Television Series Dreams
8. Engineering Ergonomic Bed
9. Engineering Refuse Bin Lever

Thought - 100 U.S. Dollars (75 Euros)
05:52.3 289-6 OTC
A brief contrast to the value of a dollar and futility as only lauded here.


Link: ... og_massage

Happy New Year
00:46.43 287-06 OTC
In approximately twenty hours, the Earth will have traveled an estimated 942 million kilometers in orbit around the Sun from 365.26 days ago, therefore returning to a referenced point of origin...and continuing onward.

Does this evident measurement of time and distance facilitate celebration? It is awarded with every merit of tangibility and subsequently allocates myself to bestow upon you the proverb, Happy New Year.

Year 4,567,724,067 (Y67)