Thoughts - Homosexual Dodgeball, Reconditioning and John Q. Hustle
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It would appear that at the moment I have some elevated margin of dispute with humanity being that I have posted three “Thoughts” in as many days...not withstanding that apparently a lack of harmonious sleep invigorates the synapses. So, let us not waste any more time in applauding my faculties. Oh? Did I fail to mention that I was going to first mention how brilliantly observant I am? Feel free to highlight the selection of Norah Jones tracks on your mp3 player and begin your venture in elucidation...part sixteen thousand and one.

Some time ago I notated that upon examination, homosexuals clearly have some deficiencies in spatial recognition...don’t make me look for the link...anywho, I just perused and scrutinized far too much information regarding the biological makeup of the brain maturation and the subsequent particular neurological differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals. And having waded through the flamboyant and melodramatic characteristics homosexuals have clearly endowed themselves with as means to validation, I arrived upon a conclusion...

I was right.

And the proof is already spoken for by a neuroscientist named Simon LeVay. During the fetus’ development, chromosomes and corresponding chemical compositions define the configuration (conclusively) of the species which specifically initiate the characterizations of gender. During this progression, if there are too few or too many androgen receptors, there can result in physiological and psychological anomalies. Once gender incongruities are provoked, primary development of the INAH-3 (3rd Interstitial Nucleus of the Anterior Hypothalamus) becomes atypical and the ensuing common disparities are in the development of the brain, inner ear and olfactory senses. Sensory perception is diminished as acquired by the smaller mass of the INAH-3 versus a heterosexual male’s. Eat that mother fuckers.

All right, all right. Enough gloating. Seriously though...what a friggin’ joke. Having explored the accompaniment of homosexualized scientific information, I cannot believe the disproportions of variables they entitle themselves in order to alleviate segregation from normality. Here’s the truth nut-shelled. There are two types of homosexuals. Naturally occurring or environmentally factored transmutations of the womb which either defy biological procreation and/or supplement nature’s augmentation to adapt to specieal limitations and impostors who pilfer hormonal amplifications through sensitivity to physical pleasures. I can, with some measure of assurance, specify those who are charlatans simply by divulging the information of their habitual use of narcotics or other stimulants which indulge these susceptible neurological variations.

Just to review...I was right. Again.

I did not perceive it as probable, however, after some self-analysis over the last year, I have come to the conclusion that my brain has reconditioned itself to associate the occurrence of happiness with a stressor, initiating an upsetting or guarded response. God damn it.

Speaking of things that suck...Heroes. What is wrong with you people? I just watched a Publix commercial with more dramatic appeal than that show. Actually the commercial was pretty good...a real tear-jerker. In contrast, I am still not quite sure of the product marketed.

Recently, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela acquired by assembly vote the power to rule by decree for the next 18 months. His transition into dictatorship is sermonized by the desire for a socialist/egalitarian society. Here’s my are not created equal as even emphasized above. Nor do they endeavor, purpose or poise in life uniformly. You cannot impose sect like idealisms that are as intangible as heaven and hell. Socialism should earmark an equivalent accessibility of opportunities to be utilized at one’s discretion while not presuming that all will venture homogeneously which would befall a sacrifice to the entirety, thus defying socialism.

To construct martyrs and to inherently broaden revulsion for the methodology evoked from archaic religious fervor, read this story:

Link: ... age=wilson

To marshal boisterously conceited theoretical physicists’ inaccessibility to feasibly tangible gesticulations, read this story:

Link: ... news_rss20

Belief in a god invalidates your exertions in life. You anguish in toil over free will yet accrue it ethereal accompaniment, nullifying the endeavor and sacrifices exhausted. Where is the dignity and integrity of one who cannot offer appreciation for their labors? And should you accredit yourself, are you not then revoking the meaning of god and invalidating your belief?

Thoughts - Torment
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An acquaintance recently solicited of me the worst experience in my life and I countered with two incomparable events that I will impart with you now.

One of the most catastrophic travesties of my life that incurred without hesitation to acknowledgement was when I stood a mere pane of glass away from the man I should have tortured and killed. A festering wound on humanity, his life should have been seared from this mortal plane as attribute to the endeavor to better civilization and more distinctively, as embodiment of the liberation of an individual confliction...and indeed not my own. It haunts me and persecutes me in my dreams and to this day I am fixated on amending this grave error. And I shall.

The second and seemingly novelty discontent perceived was well after the events had occurred. During the initial pinnacle of my professional wrestling tenure, I was unknowingly scheduled to defeat the current champion and be crowned...yet due to personal reservations of imperative natures or more accurately, the misappropriations of relevance...I called in absent to this event and not only disfigured my integrity but as well the sincerity of the one who decided it was my opportunity to become more.

These two occurrences are unquestionably unparalleled yet they both have a severity that are immeasurable on my psyche for the years past, present and yet to come.

Thoughts - Seated Benevolence, Global Warming and Illimitable Audacity
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The nature of exploitation, and the fatalities who perpetuate futility. Conventional wisdom easily entertains the notion of a pet therapist who analyses conditions, rationalizes conflicts and postulates resolve. Unconventional absurdity segregates a pet ‘whisperer’ who analyses conditions, rationalizes conflicts and postulates resolve.

It is rather loathsome to observe hundreds of paid legislators exhaust several hours within their workplace obliging to nothing but gandering, guffawing and self-congratulating their validity to national affinity. My new idiom to briefly define this is ‘seated benevolence’. My bowels are tightened from this self-imposed and outmoded "right of custom", yet another severe obsolete plague of humanity. Excuse me, I believe I just uttered a vowel and perhaps an adjective in junction, please rise and applause while another three hundred and eleven die of starvation somewhere. Yours truly, blow it our your ass. Republic democracies do not work.

This rather intriguing morsel of information was listed on’s This Day:
Ma Yu Ching's Bucket Chicken House in Kaifeng, China, is considered the world's longest-running restaurant; it is believed to have opened for business in Y..3213 (1153 AD) during the Sung Dynasty.

In brief, the entertainment-news story implied that a Mexican native fat guy who has tipped the scales to an unearthly 544 kg. (1200 lbs.) has lost in weight the equivalent of a small grizzly bear within the last year. If you would like to define how nature and modern human nurturing are conflicted, impose the principle that a man was able to immovably subsist and yet garner the quotient of several friggin’ grizzly bears.

Apparently the means to media are now more relevant to cause of confliction than the very confliction exhibited onto the circuitry itself. Parents are firstly lobbying to control displays of violent aggressions presented by children on mobile media outlets before they are consenting to disciplining the characteristics in society that perpetuate such aggressive dispositions to occur at all. Far easier for the culpability of others of stature than self-reflection of unexploitable non-aggrandizable derelictions.

How habitually have I articulated this perspective over the several prior years?

Recently a selection of psychologists came to the conclusion that there is a substantial relationship between higher environmental temperatures and the tendency to kill one’s self. Having the current popular culpability entrée, the psychologists then preceded to further their inclination to fault “global warming” as suspect to this amplification of suicides. Firstly, I as well as numerous others imposing a propensity to common sense can tell you from general experience that when it’s really hot, biological stressors are augmented in the body and for those unable to acclimate, the intolerance and helplessness to alter the condition for a more pleasurable state can lead to derogatory postures. Yet, this is not the eight ball that is bugging me on this particular narrative and it is finally time to proclaim my validated perspective on “global warming”...

Bear in mind that I am a tree hugging hippie vegan without actually being a douche bag or vegetarian so I am often inclined to favor faults on humanity before natural circumstances however I will not stand in defiance of the truth...

Magnetic polar shifts due to orbital rotation and core physics alter the placement density of weather patterns which in turn alter current geographical conditions. Subsequent glacial shift alters ocean salinity which consequently perturbs ocean currents which sequentially revises weather patterns even further. As exampled on numerous occasions throughout the four billion years of existence of the Earth, this shift is recyclable and rebalanced through countermeasures by contour methodology thanks to the spherical domain that it encompasses. The one degree of warming of the Earth is due to the reduction of glacial mass, ocean current relief and a contribution of several other irresolute conflictions such as space/gravity mass, solar mass increase and instability, dissipation of lunar orbit and unknown inner core mechanics.

The real question is of humanity’s contribution to this. Firstly, a brief debunk...the volume of carbon exhaust from industrial commodities for the last three hundred years is insignificant to the natural emissions from fissures and volcanic activity occurring on a daily basis for the last four billion years. And...believe it or not, but the cooperation of carbon and ultraviolet light were apparatuses for the initiation of life itself.

Condemnation can be placed upon humanity in a particular series of elements not grossly liable for global warming...only seemingly contributory. Reduction in foliage -- though often considerably replaced in several mannerisms by nature and human false empathy -- reflective structural components, excessive carbon emissions (see above) and water contamination prove volatile and compromisable to us a species yet all scarcely to a degree that influences the natural sequences of a recyclable ecological system.

Why are paper towels pretty? Why does a can of Coca-Cola have less print than a bag of peanuts? Why is there a disclaimer on reams of paper? Why dear friggin’ god does commercial manufacturing waste so much ink? A single day’s fabrication of cereal boxes wastes more ink than the same day’s voluminous newspaper production.

Speaking of which, Troy Aikman on my Cheez-Its box makes me assume it has past it’s expiration date. Just kidding Aikman...but all in all...Dallas sucks.

Belief-O-Matic so simply emphasizes my point that you...are all morons. Accommodating variety equates discrepancy. Have no clue what I am speaking of...Yahoo! it. Fuck Google.

Stop it...fat people are NOT courageous. They arrived at corpulence through irrefutable defiance of every measure of cognitive discernment.

As you can probably tell by now, I am pissed off. Yes, imagine that, Tv with his panties in a bunch. What an oddity. Perhaps we should attempt to break my tension with a pun. To Einstein...don’t you need space for time?

At this point in time I will admit that I am somewhat sidetracked and have reverted this into a digestion which infringes on my legitimacy to carp. All my life and more specifically in the last four years I have spoken up about everything of a physical and psychological element within humanity but perhaps never the things that end up mattering most to me in presence. I burden myself with some imaginary Mason-Dixon line and create this counterfeit and misleading delusion and fear that precludes me from venturing into the most trivial of rooms. It’s rather ridiculous when you later recognize that you were stranded wasting time doing nothing of relevance when in fact you could have. Illimitable audacity. Zealous coherence a handicap. Blah, blah blah, blah blah. I wish nothing more than to devote to the allegory, ‘at least I went down swinging’, yet my anxiety from lack of preparation and immediate incoherence of consequences facilitates my intrinsic risk management to be vigilant and would one venture to be successful in every aspect of competition without following the very merits of the art of war?

I just desperately wish I knew the stats of the player on the mound.

Update - Tv's West of Texas Tacos (Twotts) Recipe
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Following more than 16 years of precision, the Tv’s West of Texas Tacos (also known as “Twotts”) recipe, a highly coveted delicacy I assure you, has been added to the Index Page.

Link: Recipe - Tv's West of Texas Tacos "Twotts"

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