Thoughts - Vestiges
00:20.23 334-6 OTC
In a manner of harmony with the preceding nauseating yet edifying day; due to an impromptu several days deviation without electricity, hot water and internet access -- almost a preparatory course in elementary accommodations I am certain to inhabit in another 300 days -- this evening I can now report a return to (above)normal operating services rendered to humanity...with even further lucidity. A major announcement prone with regards.

The unappetizing irony divisive of “malicious ethereals” was having a cold shower for the morning of “Valentine’s Day”. Very funny “you” bloody bastard.

Thoughts - Clarified Distinction
21:6.52 330-6 OTC
Yesterday, in it’s entirety, was the umpteenth worst day of my life and thank “god” for that, because these are the rare occasions when everything makes sense. Once again, ailed and alone, I convalesce with resolve.

No more mistakes will be tolerated.

Now, please pardon me. I must return to my rendezvous with the Kohler organization.

Thoughts - Ted Potato, Decorum Percentage and Innate Cyclical Sequence
21:48.52 326-6 OTC
Let us begin at the most prevalent story currently splashed across the media this evening. Reports currently allege the likelihood that ‘Anna Nicole Smith’ died of overdosing of either legal or illegal narcotics. Good and good-riddance to an inapplicable exploitation of our ineptitude.

And speaking of the over-glorification of the human species. A common Russet Potato has two more chromosomes than an average Homo sapien, subsequently a potato has more defining characteristics than a human being. Come back down to earth now.

The ethically challenged religious vendors assert that a human being in the womb is an individual life and consequently, abortion is an act of murder. In an effort to validate this rationality, why does age begin at zero in correlation to exhumation from the womb? Let’s try to stay consistent you zealots.

The criminal justice field is anticipated to expand by 29 per cent in the next three years. Soak that in the for a moment and idealize that common human decorum is flawed as even exampled in growth in this educational medium. Does Sphere have the answers? We’ll tell you right after this commercial break.

Tonight on South Park, Stan discovers the penalty of not voting when campaigns for a new school mascot are for either a douche or a turd. With sincerity, if you have not witnessed this episode, I plead with you to do so.


Record cold snaps on the North American continent. Record high temperatures in Eastern Asia. How satirical that not more than a few moments following a U.N. report attesting to a 90 per cent likelihood of human cause for global warming that humans suffer in a multifaceted disparity to the report. Once again, it is called transitional natural convalescence, a innate cyclical sequence. Read my previous dialogues on this habitual methodology and see the predominant congruencies.

Still don’t believe me? Read it somewhere else...

Link: ... 020507.htm

And while on the subject, many venerations about desertification by particular scientists fail to publicly acknowledge that these ubiquitous deserts have subsisted for more than a million years. The Sahara itself is nearly 2.5 million years old. Human cause? Were hominids from the Stone Age over indulgent on twigs and berries that we are now suffering the consequences?

In a recent ‘Thoughts’, I argued with the Venezuelan’s President regarding socialism. I figure now why not tackle the abhorrent annotations of another of the much heralded “axis’s of evil’s”, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The President of Iran proclaims in his common Islamic theatrics that the Jewish “Holocaust” did not in fact exist throughout World War II. I decided to be grammatically fastidious and scrutinize the word holocaust. “The word holocaust derives from Middle English, meaning a burnt offering and from Old French holocauste or the Latin holocaustum and Greek holokauston, meaning burnt whole. Holo-, holo- + kaustos, burnt (from kaiein, to burn). 1. A great or complete devastation or destruction, esp. by fire. 2. A sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering. Subsequently, following the war, holocaust has taken on a variety of figurative meanings, summarizing the effects of war, rioting, storms, epidemic diseases, and even economic failures. The application of the word in parallel to the intended extermination of the Jews occurred as early as 1942, but the phrase the Holocaust did not become established until the late 1950s.” -- Credit -- Thus, the root of the word defies the actuality of the events in a multitude of perspectives. The most predominant dynamic is that the Jewish culture was in fact not completely terminated by the events that transpired nor was the method of butchery primarily combustion. Did the “holocaust” occur? No. Was there in fact a grand scale herding and genocide of a particular culture of people? Yes. Accordingly, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is correct for the most part...grammatically that is.

The United Nations recently released an updated watch list concerning regions with elevated occupancies of child soldiers. Am I sympathetic? No. They are defiant by proxy of environmental dictation and consequently adversarial competitors. There is no bleeding heart choir means of resolve. By sheer retrospective of the past and present, it necessitates a coarse methodology to resolution which also requires one to accurately distinguish humanity as a specieal component and not an ethereal divinity.

1. Burundi
2. Democratic Republic of Congo
3. Ivory Coast
4. Somalia
5. Sudan
6. Nepal
7. Sri Lanka

It is not like I cannot see how some would turn to faith when weathered so viscously as this, yet here I sit within this similar composure and I can attest that faith will offer no tangible resolve...only the delusion there of. Truthfully, I am tired of this slight of hand my mind has beleaguered itself with.

Update - Sphere
15:23.58 324-6 OTC
At 1824 today, the second of five arrears in as many (orbital) weeks was absolved. This once again allocates reassurance for the pending incursion of Sphere.

Update - Top 9+ In Development w/ Notations
21:54.46 322-6 OTC
1. Orbital Time Calendar
Though already several days into the new year, the exhaustive crafting of this seemingly insignificant looking calendar will allot the means of repetitive use, which eases transition and increases functionality. The anticipated release date of this calendar will not be available for another 20 days.

2. Sphere - Doctrine
While the voting process continues, several dialogues are soon to appear on this website regarding the particulars of topics already engaged.

3. Short Films - Fooled
The recent acquisition of a video camera and accelerated mode of transportation has hastened pre-production on several of the less byzantine shorts.

4. Multimedia
Currently, a colleague of mine is reproducing several digital copies of multimedia that will be redrafted on this website in the coming weeks (Orbital Time Week = 5 Days)

5. Documentary - Nothing Mor
Pre-production, no further updates.

6. Screenplay - Morningside
Draft 8.

7. Short Film - Dreams “Sub-Pilot”
Pre-production, no further updates.

8. The Pillow II Teaser Trailer
A relatively minor novelty project, the teaser encompasses insignificant requirements and subsequently can be produced with little effort.

9. Music
Torn between genres, current efforts are being applied to several earnest tracks such as “Follow” while also pre-empting the creation of a comedic rap doppelganger entitled Poppa Cap of a group branded as Whyte Noyz with our first track titled, “White Slavery”.

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Refuse Bin Lever
Professional Wrestling (Major News Pending)
Toilet Design
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