Thoughts - Pass
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I'm out.

Updates - Top 9 In Development and Backstage
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Top 9 In Development

1. Sphere – Doctrine/Pamphlet
2. Screenplay – Morningside
3. Orbital Time Calendar
4. Multimedia Player Updates/Upgrades
5. Documentary – Nothing Mor
6. Untitled Professional Wrestling Event
7. Short Films – Fooled
8. Television Series – Dreams “Sub-Pilot”
9. Teaser - The Pillow II


Comic Strip – Politicks
Web Design –
Web Design –
Refuse Bin Lever
Toilet Design
Comic Book – Progeny
Paranormal Research – Post Mortal Waste

Thoughts - Internments, Predictions and Convictions
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Having self-raped my sanity while laid bare upon this graveled facade, my wisdom now meanders amid pomposity and incoherence, so please endure this chaotic prattle of thoughts.

Idealistically, the less oxygen in our atmosphere should be affixed by a higher nitrogen variance inhaled by all species, which subsequently should decipher the unruliness of humanity...or not. I offer this as means to augment the current global catastrophe bid poised by the “most likely”.

As reflection of the perplexingly idiotic empathys society has come to accost, there is an organization composing dialogue on the means to preserve historic satellites in orbit around Earth while discarding the very elemental knowledge of debris’ confliction with the potentiality of space exploration. History’s captivity.

The less we touch, the healthier we are. Why is this muse so convoluted for so many? Defiant tangibility founded by the ethereal conjecture of humanity’s superiority.

Chip Bok recently made a hilarious observation by stating that we are letting weathermen tell us there is a per cent chance of global warming. How often do we find confidence in a weatherman’s per cent predictions?

I felt so heartbroken for this man I witnessed earlier this afternoon. Having to tread across a parking lot following a brief rainstorm, his white tennis shoes were speckled with mud. It was a tragic moment in human history for those shoes to be violated so appallingly. I am not sure how one can wake another morning knowing a scuff stains his sole.

Speaking of douche bags...I would like to note that the conglomerate of globally “vexed” individuals are often the same ones seated in their running vehicles ordering a cup of water with ground up beans each morning. Should it dawn on anyone that your awaiting cup of coffee’s expenditure has increased in several dollars by dispensing several liters of fuel, you may beg for forgiveness. Please pull around to the abattoir. A cappa-mocha-what the fuck is wrong with you all?

Do not under any circumstance purchase anything from Regard this as ably experienced consultation.

Mike Tenay’s commentary is like listening to Jimmy from South Park.

Having consistently derailed existing ethics, let us not forget better times such as from 70 years to as recent as 30 years ago when North American’s serving criminal sentences for rape or mental distability were sterilized. I see no foul in this performance of evolutionary self-sophistication.

Thus far, the Britney Spears’ debacle is quite emblematic of American culture, thus the punctually diminished fan fare. Perhaps replacing the ‘stars and stripes’ with pills and plastic would more appropriate.

Parishioners of Ted Haggart offer the rationalization that even pastors are capable of imperfections and are held to the same accord as the parishioners themselves. What?! Devises or messengers of ‘god’ are fallible, which is peculiar in that these congregates decide to ease their convictions to their pastors.

Lame teleplay writing is demonstrated when crafting a story arc where the titled character faces a mortality situation. That’s right Grey’s suck.

And while on the subject of entertainment gone astray, I am announcing here and now my boycotting of NBC for crimes committed against the production of Studio 60. Having cancelled the series mid-season, I will not, from hence forth, ever in the span of my lifetime, through all obliging successes, confer an interview or any other surrogate means of reward for NBC. It’s called building an audience...Aaron Sorkin should have you all lobotomized.

I recently made a purchase that has exhilarated and incensed in parallel. For those who have not beheld Millennium (Season Two) on DVD, I urge you to do so. It is the finest craftsmanship of a one hour television drama, still unequaled. The irritation stems from reminiscing about the means at which I sincerely jeopardized my life for the benefit of another, only to be habitually disregarded and left uninformed. It is a betrayal that continues to hinder my acuity.

For a brief moment of celebrated arrogance...numerous multi-crunch multi-verse theories are beginning to appear within the science community. I will stand bluntly on the forefront of this culmination of eased astuteness.

I should also take time to applaud a comedic virtuoso. Phil Hendrie presently resides on a podcast available through his website ( and as of late, he has been providing a commentary while he plays Madden football on some video game console and I find myself entranced and consistently euphoric. Pure endowment. Thanks Phil.

We now return to our current programming already in progress.

Thoughts - Anonymous Proclivity
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She is destroying me.

Update - Perpetual Motion Rough Draft 2 (V.2)
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