Elsewhere - Run For The Border Challenge / Sphere Objective
17:34.22 10-07 OTC
Hoboken, New Hampshire?
Geography has always been a point of dispute orientated between the aptitude of education and attentiveness. To meter this very conceptual entanglement of intellect, I openly challenge each and everyone of you to the first ever Tv’s Run For The Border Challenge.

Humanity often imposes conjured ideals as methodology to supremacy, a fundamental biological ambition. To demonstrate this ethereal inference, below is a composite of authentic satellite photographs of the surface of the Earth.

Are you ready to play?

1. Illustrate the exact geographic placement of the border of Zambia.
2. Now the border of Pakistan.
3. Here’s an easy one; France.
4. Just one more...Mexico.

Are the words, "...about here", being expressed? If this continued onward, the only ones you could remotely offer accuracy to would be countries inhabiting entire islands. Would Greenland be difficult for you?

Humanity has defined several of the most uncompromising unearthly constraints as insubordination of an analogous species. Geographic anomalies do in fact delineate alterations in the biological structure of Homo sapiens -- ethereal entities defining ethnicity does not. Borders have been manufactured by the ethics of conquerors.

Here is a levelheaded actuality. Europeans settled the Central American territory around the same era that Europeans populated the North American terrain. A generation later; two individual ethnicities, two individual cultures and two individual governances over the fringes of the same yield of earth.

Sphere’s objective: Provinces, Continents, World -- the only civilized partition is an unhindered margin defined by geographic deviations for the register of provincial ecological affairs.

Updates - Google Map, Sphere, Elsewhere and Top 9
10:53.13 9-07 OTC
I had my say and things will stay the same. Guile crafted from poise, it is a matter of victorious conduct before accord.

Google Map API
The Index Page now features an interactive world map utilizing GoogleMapsAPI platforms. Over the next several (orbital) weeks, modifications in coding will allow for a diversity of information to be made available specifically through the map.

Provided by the BBC, here is a commendable brief on the conflict in the Darfur region which Sphere will be encountering in the coming year.

Link: BBC Darfur Q&A

Thoughts - Title Amendment
Having placed Elsewhere above as novelty topic designation, I find it quite distinguished and have decided to alter the title of Thoughts to Elsewhere as citation of, what once was entitled Observations.

Top 9 In Development
1. Sphere – Doctrine/Incursion
2. Screenplay - Morningside
3. Orbital Time Calendar
4. Home Depot “Suicide” Series
5. Teaser – The Pillow II
6. Comic Strip - Politicks
7. Music Composition
8. Refuse Bin Lever
9. Professional Wrestling Appearances

Thought - Humbled
21:53.36 5-07 OTC
We begin to culture innocent decisions only after we have reached a point in our lives when we can go no further without them. This inescapable honesty to one’s self is integrity’s primacy. I just wish this self-destructive behavior and subsequent loneliness had purpose.

Au revoir Katherine. I linger humbled.

And a hardy goodbye to text messaging as well -– only more ardently I assure you. My ability to communicate is already intrinsically hindered enough as is, I hardly need to encumber it further with expressionless deadpan limited gasps of abbreviated prattle. Vocalized oscillations will never cease to truthfully preserve me.

Dreadfully moving on...

Updates - Multimedia
06:44.34 5-07 OTC
The following video selections have been updated with improved visual quality and sound:

UIWA (Y60) Tv vs. Furious George (I)
UIWA (Y60) Tv challenges Johnny Hemp
UIWA (Y60) Tv vs. Mace
UIWA (Y60) Tv and XTC vs. Furious George and Cha Chi Sanchez
UIWA (Y60) Tv vs. Johnny Hemp
UIWA (Y60) Tv vs. B-Boy vs. Foob Dog vs. D.C.
UIWA (Y60) Ballroom Blitz (Clips)
UIWA (Y59) Tv vs. BTK vs. Jason Allgood vs. Mace
UIWA (Y60) Tv vs. Furious George (II)

Update - Sphere Destination
18:35.57 4-07 OTC
Recent successes in the peace process in Uganda in contrast to the degrading conditions in the Sudan/Chad/Central African Republic conflict have led to a geographic alteration in the destination currently recognized by Sphere. The deadline for departure continues unabated.

Wikipedia: Central African Republic
CIA Factbook: Central African Republic