Have to start seriously contemplating size issues for #Miter. 100K file is not tragic but it is also inefficient. 500K file...that is tragic. Thinking file size creates new file. Requires numerous adaptive parameters in every code. I hate code! 22:21:46 363 017 Miter
Elsewhere - Fuser
Che Guevara saw the people of the continents of Central and South America as one. Forty years on, his vision continues to escape so many.

I know where I shall be when I die -- and I would have it no other way.

Elsewhere - Prohibition, Deprecation and Coercion
Nearly sixty days ago I enacted a lifetime ban on the television network NBC as consequence for the mid-season cancellation of a flawlessly crafted television series entitled Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. This timeslot was unsuspectingly filled by an extraordinary vehicle titled The Black Donnellys which as of this (orbital) week, was as well cancelled mid-season. NBC has now chosen to fill this particular time slot with...dare I say it as my central nervous system may rupture...a reality show. If you are unable to grasp the infuriation brewing inside over this condescension to any attempt at quality programming then allow me to articulate in brief...fuck you, because it is you, the viewer, who are solely responsible for this catalyst of ignorance. Surely your lack of integrity can wane from watching diabetic behemoths simply picking numbers to win thousands of dollars long enough to recall what the television programming experience used to feel like when the very legacy of intelligent comedic or dramatic television was scribed? If I were to even proposition to you the remembrance of an exceptional television show within this generation, I am willing wager that it was not a damn reality show. NBC has stolen from me the very few pleasures I have found in life these days and subsequent of this (orbital) week, they have again raped me of my passages of disconnection from exasperations. As consequence for their actions, any future exchanges whether absolute or now indirect shall be discarded. In fact, I am considering viewing a selection of primetime programming on NBC the while taking notation of the various product affiliations so that I may purchase rival goods, you fucking pieces of shit. I implore one day for an NBC contracted employee to even gesture some means of communication to myself or Sphere because I assure you a properly articulated burial.

While we are on the subject of banning mediums of entertainment...The Academy. The Departed? Really?!? What a fucking joke you have all become. I finally saw this film and had to laugh more times than not just from having to endure the shit bag of cinematic transitions and soiled douche of acting. Baldwin? Who knew he was a better comedian. I have been boycotting this corrupt awards organization since the Shakespeare/Ryan incident ten years ago and this is not helping you get into anyone’s better graces. Subsequently, and though of little change, you are buried and out of sight to me. Listen Monahan. It was not that bad. I did enjoy the film, but it is not something I am going to brag about to anyone. Not even to suggest it as a good read and...what? This story was raped from a Hong Kong film made four years prior? You douche bags. Alan Mak and Felix Chong, I will go ahead and mention you both being that you penned the original script...yet I pledge no more than that.

According to a recent study, intellectuals commonly appreciate such implicit plights as Adolf Hitler and Marxism. I am flattered...thank you for your reverence in the form of documented analysis of characteristics...but I already knew.

As I sit here at 1547 on the 96th day of the year enjoying the peaceful melody of orchestrations emanating from my oval shaped clock radio, I come to further digest the realization that nature did not generously apportion myself the aptitude for psychological sexuality. Unfortunately, we do not live in an impassive condition so therefore someone such as myself, who ably functions on merit and not discourse, fails to acquire. It is simply not a methodology that I burgeon...even to a cognizant attendance during such convergences. And upon that, I have developed, or perhaps furthered a short-coming. For more than a click, I bought into the sell and pondered...all because she -- or the robotic likeness -- said she was interested. I have entered a whole new realm of isolation I find loathsome and despicable...and it is the mirror I must contend with. Not that I have not by now voluntarily degraded myself further than I already have in this last year.

Commonly you will hear the parable of the classifications of humanity’s psychological typeset. Here is my skewed attempt. Three types...instructors, laborers and victims. In every chasm of human nature we can find this as applicable. In science, there are teachers, researchers and patients. Politics can be regarded as legislators, analysts and constituents. The question poised is your place in this scheme. Are you persuading further generations, manufacturing the means or are you the ones we dwell upon?

Employment #87, #88 and #89 have been acquired. An updated employment listing is now available with #89 open ended.

Link: Previous Employments

Liberties taken by the press to be over-glorified authors has consequently saturated perfectly forthright information and therefore distances readers. An ill I am all too familiar with. Imagine if you will, a ‘clif notes’ rendering of a news story...and as an example, the simplicity of conveyance of a profuse piece.

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6532573.stm
Word Count: 346

Darfur, Sudan
Sudanese Government Soldiers Accused of Rape and Kidnapping.
UN reports several cases of sexual assaults on women including underage girls and pregnant women. 15 reported cases in Deribat in December. 19 men were kidnapped last September suspected of supporting rebels. 8 dead, 3 returned alive. Ongoing UN investigation into compliances of international conventions. At least 200,000 killed, 2m displaced in the four year conflict in the region.
Word Count: 69

A difference of 80 per cent, retaining all relevant information while disregarding redundancies and dramatis’ opinions. Ease of elucidation coerces attentiveness.

Pure democracy coerces elucidation by proxy of accountability.

Sphere insight: Falklands Islands

Forever is presently forever.

Update - Physical Examination
Date: Day 93 Year 67
Name: Miller, Tv
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Height: 180.34 centimeters
Weight: 70.31 kilograms
Pulse: 66 b/m
Temperature: 37 Celsius
Blood Type: O Positive
Blood Pressure: 128 Systolic 78 Diastolic
Hematocrit: 50%
Hemoglobin: >12.5 G.dl
Cholesterol: 119 mg/dl

Update - Office Building Architecture Preview
Here is an exclusive first glance at an architectural project currently in development. Several more detailed images will become available upon production/update of the website page already identified on the Index Page.

Elsewhere - Run For The Border Challenge / Sphere Objective
Hoboken, New Hampshire?
Geography has always been a point of dispute orientated between the aptitude of education and attentiveness. To meter this very conceptual entanglement of intellect, I openly challenge each and everyone of you to the first ever Tv’s Run For The Border Challenge.

Humanity often imposes conjured ideals as methodology to supremacy, a fundamental biological ambition. To demonstrate this ethereal inference, below is a composite of authentic satellite photographs of the surface of the Earth.

Are you ready to play?

1. Illustrate the exact geographic placement of the border of Zambia.
2. Now the border of Pakistan.
3. Here’s an easy one; France.
4. Just one more...Mexico.

Are the words, "...about here", being expressed? If this continued onward, the only ones you could remotely offer accuracy to would be countries inhabiting entire islands. Would Greenland be difficult for you?

Humanity has defined several of the most uncompromising unearthly constraints as insubordination of an analogous species. Geographic anomalies do in fact delineate alterations in the biological structure of Homo sapiens -- ethereal entities defining ethnicity does not. Borders have been manufactured by the ethics of conquerors.

Here is a levelheaded actuality. Europeans settled the Central American territory around the same era that Europeans populated the North American terrain. A generation later; two individual ethnicities, two individual cultures and two individual governances over the fringes of the same yield of earth.

Sphere’s objective: Provinces, Continents, World -- the only civilized partition is an unhindered margin defined by geographic deviations for the register of provincial ecological affairs.