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Elsewhere - The Day Religion Died
Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem

What vaguely persists to define us today are the digressions of three million years of philosophies crafted by madmen thirsting for ascendancy. Enabled by the vacuum of the methods to understanding, they exploited the sustenance that beckons our fears -- uncertainty. From this conscious misinformation, the foundation for humanity’s morality was conceived and hindered within the same breath.

And then, nearly eight hundred years ago, ambiguity began to be replaced. Mankind exhumed from this trepidation thanks to paper, ink and dexterity and began to engineer tangible measures of existence in defiance of the transcripts of ethereal omnipotence. Faith itself became an uncertainty.

Let us first bear in mind that coherent man has existed for 2.6 million years and not within such a diminutive figure as 2000 to 6000 years. We have evolved over an arduous journey of time and given ourselves only what we have concocted as means of conviction within capacity. It was irrefutable evidence that could be corroborated that mankind sought to eradicate this recognized contraption of irrational ingenuity. To embrace the sense of certainty.

The origin of pure secularism can be found through a timetable of specific historic occasions and though surely the birthplace remains in the minds of men long before who were unspoken, we can acquire the prevalent globally endearing moments that ushered forth this pragmatic dissection.

Let us begin not at the first inception of a deity or demon but rather 5000 years ago when ancient Egyptians first conceived heaven and hell. Leadership requires identity and as the hundred thousand year old methodology of ethereal alliances with the unknown began to thin by proxy of volume, the upper echelon began to lose control of their populace. A new mechanism to their faith was employed and therefore life on Earth became much more convoluted. And for the next 4000 years, only notions of insolence to these practices would be spoken, incapable of being verified.

And this escorts us to the timeline of the demise of religion:

Y3263 (1202) The Hindu numeral zero “0” is introduced to the Europeans by Gerbert of Aurillac. It is the first material identity and value of a nonentity exposed to modern civilization.

Y3345 (1284) Al-Quarashi accurately demonstrates the anatomy and function of the heart muscle as a device to pump blood through the circularity system. The once perceived housing of the soul is now mere organic tissue, and the virtues of religion are for the first time in 4000 years having to publicly detour around science. The first tangible resistance in the modern era has taken place.

Y3401 (1340) Father Jean Buridan defies doctrine, becoming a secular cleric and imposing scientific analysis to purported ethereal paradoxes.

Y3578 (1517) Girolamo Francastoro publishes a study declaring that the abundance of fossils are too vast to be product of “Noah’s Flood”.

Y3604 (1543) Nicholas Copernicus’ astronomical research conceives the notion of solar orbits. His theory, though shortly proven, would be denied by the Catholic Church until Y3984 (1922).

Y3678 (1608) Hans Lippershey invents the telescope.

Y3678 (1609) Having heard of Lippershey’s invention, Galileo Galilei constructs his own telescope and commences a journey into obtaining evidence of Copernicus’ theory.

Y3760 (1691) John Ray establishes that fossils are remains of the past not entailed within scriptures.

Y3906 (1836) Charles Darwin provides confirmation of evolution. This moment would stand as the most recent significant scientific achievement in the defiance of religious dogma.

Having produced substantiation for the apprehension of religion by an accurate scientific measure, a series of events occur that begin to emaciate religion and shepherd a turn in balance.

As populations begin to extend further into the west on the North American continent, symbiotic faith begins to diminish, identically to the ancient Egyptians. In resemblance of that reform, in Y3799 (1730) Pastor John Edwards devises a method of preaching that is boisterous and outlandish, a personalized entertainment, subsequently becoming the first modern evangelist.

Following Darwin’s discovery, empathy for science blankets technological advances. Unconstrained motion on earth and in air are captured, precise scrutiny of the past overrides conformist scripture, an industrialization of utility explodes and subsequently religion contrives anti-intellectual movements.

This attempt fails as separatists of every large religion rapidly materialize and the departures from primary doctrines are accommodated. Frustrated by this division, in Y3970 (1910) “The Fundamentals” are published as canon of the fundamentalist intolerance for sects and secularism.

Shortly there after, the most prominent modern sign of decay and the shift in equilibrium emerges. Sixty years ago, a split occurred among Fundamentalists and by doing so, demonstrated that religion could partition no further. The word “cult”, which originates from the Latin “cultus” meaning care or adoration, deviates from definition and develops a pejorative idiom. Weakened to a margin unable to register with traditional religious pluralism, new divisions of tenets are considered coercive and malicious and subsequently are persecuted. Under greater scrutiny, derogatory stereotypes –- identical to those of preceding religions -- are endowed to all new age faiths. This intolerance for unorthodox modern dogmas alienates new religions to the capacity to commit virulent acts as means to facilitate validity.

With perception no longer permitting diversity and with existing religions no longer able to accommodate facets of a changing world without concessions, religion stands only to be victimized until the very end when it becomes more popular to biologically individualize humanity.

Today, an average fifty per cent of parishioners fall away from their current article of faith in search of more accommodating doctrines. As the quantity of modernized compliant religions becomes inadequate, many begin to abandon religion for a more personalized interpretation. As this technique further indulges necessities, a neglect of discernible cues emphasizes the out of sight, out of mind logic and therefore dematerializes religion from existence. In this era, it is only religious texts and the references there of in hand that make religion palpable. Without these, the alignment of the consortium is stressed.

I am fortune enough to announce that the beginning and the end, the first and the last, the alpha and the omega has already come and gone. Welcome to the new age of reason.

Elsewhere - Mood, Beauty and Reason
With apologies, another lengthy Elsewhere which I will attempt to abridge.

FOX35 news just exhibited the most humiliating and incompetent two minutes of coverage I have ever witnessed. “Fox 35 is on your side as we find out if all this smoke if bad for your health,” followed by interviewing a random women who is apparently “allergic” to smoke. I was not aware that you could be impervious to smoke. I would imagine that would be a target consumer for R. J. Reynolds.

Invention proposal: An office styled chair that alters elevation and/or angle in relationship to your mood. Based on my principle that environment dictates, the chair can positively alter perception and or disposition by adjusting to pre-designated postures.

While on the subject of inventions...the list of projects completed and in development continues to expand beyond my capacity and I have begun searching for angel investors or venture capitalists to endow means to ascertain monetary rewards for these endeavors. With that said, I implore you as a loyal viewer to assist me in this venture by applying this website to your knowledge of persons within your atmosphere. Your aid will be greatly rewarded.

I find it hard once again to even consider bigotry from obese persons. To assign judgment from a person incapable of conscientiousness disqualifies justification. I plead to everyone to campaign against these resource sapping individuals by candidly ignoring their opinions and reasoning at all times. Even supplement it with a blunt observation about their abnormal, unhealthy and discourteous girth.

As well, there are no exceptions for persons over 30 years old replacing ‘er’s with ‘a’s. I do not mind the spelling as much as the deviation in word composure being assigned by someone who must have communed with at least one person who spoke with sagacity.

I find myself despising this notion yet after further analysis and compounding evidence, the only means to sustaining the variety of exotic animal species is through domestication on variant levels. The adaptation of the wolf and subsequent success of the species demonstrates this avenue of evolutionary methodology. It is Darwinistic ethics as an apparatus to aiding in the survival of the baseline species. Encroaching on the world as a dominant species alienates other species unless there is some measure of amalgamation.

Society is fearful of itself due to a biological conditioning we all supplement...narcissism. One discretion of what others charge against you and by means of suppression, fractions of everything you are becomes mired. And from that encumbrance, all honesty is lost.

Gliese 581c demonstrates the need for deliberation on fanatical experiments in space propulsion, not leisurely non-substantive solar planetary exploration. Plunging a million dollar sensor into the atmosphere of Venus or Jupiter are hardly applicable to the advancement of the foundation for space exploration.

If someone wouldn’t mind running a finger of rum across my lips so that I may rest soundly tonight, I would be greatly appreciative. If by chance you are of a feminine entity and clad in only a breeze, all the better.

While on the theme of splendor to which I rarely articulate, I have found a new very material fascination with the actress Kerry Condon. Quite lovely I must say. It is likely the provincial Irish façade that augments my disposition.

Beauty is found in a variety of mannerisms, as it was in the sheer torture that I took from the film Shopgirl. Claire has always had the devilish cambers of an intelligent woman I yield to...and when applying sensuality to her form, agony and a loathing of cellulose triacetate ensues.

And of this talk of malleable beauty and it’s counterpart, I amble back to quite possibly the most beautiful thing anyone had ever said to me. I am afraid it was not from one of the two persons I endeared with genuine sensory love, but from one individual who took only what she had become acquainted to within a fleeting gesture. It was here she saw me more clearly than anyone before her, such that it was of a rare occasion that she had validated me. Often times I recall chronicles of my life with a plea for refinement. This was as well a rare occasion when I look back and desire for that moment to never end. I do believe that is when my loneliness truly embarked. Okay...being true of character, I possessed deficiencies I wish I could have resolved then. I could never honestly find myself in the thralls of flawlessness. I suppose rather the moment itself was closer to perfection and that is as well the beauty I recall aside the expression itself.

And with that, I am certainly quite over and done with allure. Moving on.

I am starting to think that Michael Bay may have had psychological traumas with the wind or fans as a child.

Having attempted to avoid the inevitable, finally and unfortunately, here is my review of Peter Jackson’s King Kong. I plead for you Mr. Jackson, to proceed to the producers only booth or face grueling penalties exacerbated by my agony. Trademark unrealistic, extensive, repetitive and indirect long shots accumulated with your hand actually touching paper should be considered criminal. I actually wondered if there wasn’t a condition of epilepsy shared by the director, d.p. and editor. And again, as in Lord of the Rings, the sfx continuity was lost and damn it, Jack Black? I enjoy his performances...in comedies. I do however, have a positive comment. If the film were edited to the moment Kong breaks free of the shackles to just before Jack Black’s final line of dialogue, I would grant Naomi Watts with high accreditation. However, the two and a half hours prior essentially sours her performance to that of an extra on the television series Electric Blue.

Greg Daniels and Jeff Lynch were masters of the Simpsons platform and I commend them. “Homer Badman” is a classic in television excellence.

In what rationale does anyone, including the key participant, suppose that prosthetic limbs should be allowed in the Olympic games? It is a competition of mutuality and you are defiant of that margin. And to reason that your false limb does not increase performance is a deception. The very item is crafted of carbon fibers into a flexible angled spring...my arches aren’t even that pliable.

A healthy illustration. I signed up for an online sweepstakes coherent of the consequences and have begun suffering from them. I countered with a new electronic mailing address which was prepared for such an occasion. How so many do not perceive this dodge and then find themselves unaware of origin is beyond me. 13 years on and you would think we would find accountability.

This Elsewhere has become quite rotund, so I will have to preclude my wiles regarding the proof and date of the demise of religion in addition to make-believe victimologies. That is until the following Elsewhere, which I beseech you to return for.

As a transient novelty, listen to George Carlin’s discourse on flame throwers.

“Selling is legal. Fucking is legal. Why isn’t selling fucking legal? Why should it be illegal to sell something that is perfectly legal to give away.” – George Carlin

Update - Waste Receptacle Face Replacement
Hundreds of thousands of food service environments around the world employ the flat faced waste receptacle for consumer use. This flat surface design requires the consumer to utilize his/her hand to operate complete access to the waste bin to accommodate the mass of the product dispensed. In this act, food borne bacteria is commonly transferred from the consumer to and from the face of the flat surface that abundantly is treated with post consumer waste contact. Understanding the need to alter the design while maintaining cost and use of previously installed units globally, this new contoured designed face allows for a hands-free or hand-to-surface food contact diversion while easily reapplied to existing waste receptacles. With application of the new face, food borne illness and bacterial transmission would dramatically decrease and subsequently result in a decrease in medical expenditures for the consumer and tax payers and an increase in previously errant confidence in the establishment by measure of food poisoning. The Waste Receptacle Face Replacement page is now available on the Index Page and through the link available below.

Link: Waste Receptacle Face Replacement

Elsewhere - A Depravity Scene, Retch and Cohesive Discourse
It would appear that I must contend once again with the theme of entertainment to begin my tirade, having a certain passion for it. My contention; Heroes is an appallingly dreadful television series. Cinematic, print and performance are akin to having a large needle nestled slowly into my ocular nerve...to then have it jostled for forty two minutes. Why does this errant show vex me? It is because, after having ridiculed NBC for it’s inadequacies, I was willing to ease my discomfort in appreciation for airing the final episodes of The Black Donnellys online (accessible at nbc.com –- not a request)...only to discover more perceptibly that their indispensable programming is so repugnant. I guess, in actuality, nothing has changed, nor will it. Continuing onward...

Gillian Anderson on the other hand, is a superior Shakespearian-esk performer and well deserving of substantial accreditation for her seemingly insignificant roles that with honesty, are severe.

It is also my obligation to enlighten you to probabilities of satisfaction. The follow-up piece to Elizabeth entitled “The Golden Age” starring Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush should be worthy of our dime. Fox Searchlight has also peaked interest as of late with such an array of films as “Once”, “Day Watch” and “Sunshine”. The fore mentioned already a highly rewarded Irish film which you may likely have some degree of trouble finding in a theatre near you.

Is it odd that religious comedy is reminiscent of the debauchery of vaudeville? Is slap stick pie gags with Keystone Cops ritualistically agonizing another less fortunate individual a true methodology of instilling faith or even a practical technique to acquire corrupt funding? It’s a stones-throw away from being Yee Haw with Jesus as MC.

I am offended by function, not words. And it is the dysfunction of the reporter using words as, “...that’s a lot of rice and beans” that puzzles my appreciation for journalists. A lot of rice and beans? Inert ingenuity. The WFTV 9 correspondent was a bean bandit himself which made it that much more crude and rudimentary. Once again, special thanks to The Racial Slur Database (rsdb.org) for it’s contribution to my vocabulary.

How do I know that you are incapable of cooking a fine meal without having ventured a taste? No cuisine should ever emit such a thick odor that it penetrates a cornered hallway, closed door, closed air ducts and an open window. Waft not saturate. My gag reflex was eager.

The previous Elsewhere lambasted the apparent inactivity of the victims and today I was granted verification of my analysis. "Many of the victims had defensive wounds, indicating they tried to shield themselves from Cho's fire, but there was no evidence in the autopsies that Cho struggled with any of the people he killed." – AP. Therefore, a lack of utility is fatalistic. The second, fourth and subsequent victims are accountable.

On the global front, the brilliance of the United Nations seeps through once again as recently the legislative body of the United Nations led by the United States began threatening the nation of Sudan with sanctions if they do not permit further assistance in Darfur. If my analysis is correct, this would essentially threaten more sophisticated anguish if current suffering is not combated. Paradoxical benign bullying, an apparatus of the feared compassionates...which is another irony by the by.

First, can you categorize running a computer spreadsheet with data already provided a study? Second, and allow me to be brief in this analysis of this sponsored complex eight year ‘study’ by saying...really?! I am completely traumatized and beleaguered by these noticeably unforeseen results:

Link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070424/ap_ ... sity_costs

In life we encounter individuals who stimulate examination of particular methodologies of existence...or at least I do. This product of observation I can award to having known Katherine...with an admitted defiance; As long as the line of reasoning is distinctively made, it does not matter how it was oratated. A globalized language necessitates a uniformity of expression, not orthography. We must be willing to eliminate unnecessary territorial linguistic tactics placed into vernaculars irregardless of function. Refinement of standards following purposeful objectives, a symmetry of communication for example, requires a definitive article as foundation and executed with efficiency and utility as stratagem.

I crave to hear the word ‘sire’ spoken, though I never will because it is not what I believe. Integrity is often a diminished state.

I hate to admit it, but I do believe that I should be living in a metropolitan atmosphere at this moment. I find it odd that in locations where pollution is diminished and weather is accommodating, walking as a means of transportation is limited while vise versa in congested, polluted and/or bitter environments.

"In agony, learn wisdom." – Aeschylus

Elsewhere - Hollowcaust, Magazines and Impropriety
Finally, after having mentioned it’s absence some time ago...congratulations to the Probe B satellite that two years ago gathered further evidence of frame (space) drag while damaging the reputation of current prominent gravitational theories. I now call this the Einstein lean...where less is more.

As a notation to the consumer; based on the principles of the oil industry, when you pump one gallon of gasoline into your mode of transportation, idealistically you are paying for a static commodity. From initiation, the product had been placed prior to purchase, thus a static entity for a set value. In actuality, and reflective in price deviations, you are paying an unequivalent sum for a future indistinct investment of one gallon of gasoline. Price fluctuations are reflective of cost of production, yet the static product already available to you will not reflect the actual sum accorded but rather the anticipated cost of further production. You wonder why oil companies earn multi-billion dollar profit margins? It is because you are paying for ethereal outlays and compensating with a tax atop of the static commodity currently discharging into your vehicle.

The decline of civil liberties leads to a rejection of civility. The European Union is considering passing legislation to equate the denial of the Jewish “holocaust” to a sentence of three years in prison. I have clearly stated my rejection of this concept in a previous Brainwashed article (linked below), and will further it with this statement to the European Union and to the Jewish community world-wide. I with sincere candor and integrity, refute the existence of the Jewish “holocaust”. Come get me.

Link: http://www.tvmiller.com/blog/index.php? ... 208-214852

32 innocents and 1 murderer dead, 15 injured. I am preparing you for derisive remarks so start bunching panties. Culturally, liberal universities are filled with passive individuals. Those who are unacquainted to preservational instincts and unfortunately dormant responders. Cho Seung-Hui traveled several meters down a hallway, into, through and out of several rooms with the process of opening doors and reloaded his pistols on numerous occasions. The most prominent stories proclaimed are those of persons who hid or played dead as means to preservation. The actual verbiage of this performance by the victims is perpetuation. The act of allowance in life or death situations anoints yourself as a contributor. You are always the first responder to hostilities in presence and you are accountable for your actions. Playing dead and being shot twice more is not a noble act...it is cowardice and contributory. Integrity was no where to be found among this collection of adults and deserving no more than what they were capable of giving themselves...no chance. They might as well have been just reading magazines -- that is a pun.

Meanwhile we turn to the sightless outbursts leveled by the media and general populace. The term ‘senseless violence’ has been heaved as usual and I retort, it made sense to the perpetrator...thus an invalidated outburst. Were these murders a dignified action? Not in this situation, yet regardless, a sense of objective and purpose was clear and enacted.

Then we turn to the decline of civilization and a lucid perspective into the demise of American culture. The headline reads; Compassion: Students Forgive Virginia Tech Killer. Students Say He's A Human First, A Murderer Second. The while another article expounds the external motivations which oh so highly indulges the preceding headline; "As soon as he started reading, the whole class started laughing and pointing and saying, `Go back to China,'" Davids said.

At least there are some who understand: The Mirror (UK) reports, “The grandfather of Cho Seung-Hui said yesterday, “Son of a bitch. It serves him right to die with his victims.”

And now, days later as human compassion further turns to acceptance and aggression and since this now seemingly parallels ignorance and inconsistency; compassionates are claiming that it was inappropriate for news broadcasts to air the manifesto left by the Cho Seung-Hui because it tolerates validation for his actions...the while they seek answers for how such a despicable act could have occurred.

Sons of Abraham. Radicals, fundamentalists, modernists and seculars. Clerics, imams, priests, cardinals, popes, deacons, elders, sanghas, pastors, ministers, bishops, ayatollahs and rabbis. Hundreds of monotheistic sacred texts. For such a divine singularity, why the wealth of dissection and accommodation? Laws in nature are distinctive by scrutinized irrevocable singularities. I urge you to measure religion and god to that degree of inquiry.

Speaking of a segmentation of this segregation...let us review: American Liberals desire the allowance for the death of a fetus while compelling everything else to live. American Conservatives covet the life of a fetus with allowances to kill everything else.

The current census conveys that the more educated you are, the less sexual activity you experience. That explains so much...and such is this burden I must bear.

Emphasis of the narcissism and disqualification for justification of the role of a republic leader; 248US dollar salon service for a male whilst campaigning for a seat in the executive branch.

The average volume of semen ejaculated during orgasm is 2 to 6 mL (0.41 to 1.22 US teaspoons). The average male ejaculates 15 times per 30 days within the accumulation of an average 84 to 63 sexual encounters per year. Now suppose, you are acquainted with your partner for one year. Males will subsequently deposit 1.52 pints (0.72 liters/0.2 US gallons) of semen in or around their partner per year. Can I proudly exclaim the results of this research without some measure of censorship or disdain across the board of spectators? Unlikely...to which if this discussion is abhorrent to moral decency, then evidently people should cease having sexual encounters as well as evacuating their bowels and the numerous other betrothed acts embedded to naturally occur more frequently than plagiarism. As to plagiarism...you know who you are. Your day will come.

Recommendation: Richard Perle’s The Case For War: In Defense of Freedom

I will depart this Elsewhere with a quotation of beautifully spoken words from an equivalently captivating woman: "...tolerating offense is the price for living in a diverse world." -- Irshad Manji