Have to start seriously contemplating size issues for #Miter. 100K file is not tragic but it is also inefficient. 500K file...that is tragic. Thinking file size creates new file. Requires numerous adaptive parameters in every code. I hate code! 22:21:46 363 017 Miter
Elsewhere - Make, Making and Made
With a degree of earnestness, my concerted labors to veer away from 'Elsewheres' and focus my attention on pontificating the evolution of civilization by means of the pending novella 'Commons', has muddled. With that said, another barrage liberated:

Firstly, a note on the composition implied through Sphere. Civil law is a static membrane the while ecologically influenced edicts are provincially variable.

Savannah Walters is accurate in endeavor yet imprudent in principle. Her efforts, as well as all others, should be defined by competent efficiencies and not unsubstantiated artificial interpretations. We must necessitate exertion only upon the fundamentals of scientific methodology in order to employ the most successful governing compensation --

-- all of progression is initiated within five measures. Observation. Hypothesis. Research. Experiment. Conclusion. This is our resolve.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_method

It is always startling when a shirt goes down as an alternative to up on the occasional Girl's Gone Wild commercial.

Lindsey Lohan's loss of bank-ability in Hollywood should facilitate the means to approach lower budgeted productions which would allow for her aptitude as a performer to incalculably improve. Therefore, this is a formal invitation to Lindsey Lohan to appear in an assortment of productions underway within my own and colleague's organizations as an indispensable reprieve.

Once again, we meander towards the incomprehensible theatrics of religion as an entertaining distraction and wadding for compliance to preserve the devotee. Did you know that bowling was created in Germany as an apparatus to cleanse oneself of sin? To achieve the mark of colliding one ball to one standing dowel would signify the rewards of heaven for forgiveness. How...convenient.

It is time again to holiday at our media bar. Here, we inventory the compilation of the irrational and absurd television and radio media conduits in order to efficiently define who we overlook.

Our latest member is radio station WHTQ in Orlando, Florida for their highly irrational precarious honking horn sound byte signaling their traffic report. How logical is it to have a customer who utilizes this signal as a contrivance to forewarning deceived -- subsequently reacting to an ethereal hazard therefore becoming an authentic hazard.

Marsha was just awarded the Oxygen Channel's Miss F.A.T. 2000 and 7. Congratulations...not to this woman but rather to the American culture that would inanely embrace this detrimental abnormality and to Oxygen Channel for enrolling in this elite prohibition.

Particular films have moments of calm that are situated for dramatic application. Suddenly, a loud outburst and a flash of light...but not from the film but rather from the corner dialogue box to inform me of some completely irrelevant programming and/or station identification that thusly ruptures the fifth wall and depreciates the film or television program. Various networked stations have exceeded this intrusion to the point of breaching a cable owner's contract and therefore our newest television broadcasters to be included in exclusion are TNT and FX. Though 20th Century Fox owns FX, I will not impinge the entire compilation of FOX broadcasting outlets until they have warranted such encroachments.

According to Glenn Beck, "big business is wrong". I offer an undemanding quip; Where exactly then, do small businesses advance?

Let us not veer too far from this jackass as he has exhumed a plethora of ignorance. According to Glenn Beck, (a seemingly palpable title for virtually everything irrationalized) there is a sense of curiosity to when the presidential election turned into a reality show, having emphasized the point following the "YouTube Debates". First, I was unaware that the presidential election was not real, and having had the presidential election televised for nearly fifty years, I would have assumed that any genuine televised presentation was in fact, reality programming. Surely, I took him to task on the literacy of the variants of term, however he was inflicting this gesture towards non-journalists having the accessibility to question their peers therefore, not a predisposed game-show environment as commonly characterized by the term.

-- and then the most nauseating moment in television broadcasting history occurred. An event that exceeded in vulgarity the murder of leaders, disfigurations, disembowelments and Ugly Betty. As tremors of illness swept over the land, they would have likely emanated from the studio where Nancy Grace interviewed Glenn Beck. Pure bile.

MTV dubs the word 'suicidal' from a rap video? The very same channel that glorifies sexuality and antagonistic ethics? The American compassionate culture incongruently supersedes rationality. The 'Meanderers'.

Why do map books such as Thomas Guide have the index in the back? The objectivity of these books are to find the location of an address by referencing a series of codes correlated to the pages and grids of the map itself. What is your first task? The answer is: to render the code. Why is this then placed last?

The highway onramp is a sacred residence. To do anything other than impart your full attention to merging successfully into a precarious environment would be an act of societal incongruity. Standards are formulated based upon the available components and environment. The anticipation of this uniformity apportions efficiency.

What do you call a giant black/white person? Ore n' tall.

The commercial advertisement states that high blood pressure and diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction. The solution implied? A medicinal product labeled Levetra to resolve your missing stiffy. Clearly your priorities are rationally systematic where as life subsequent is more vital than life acquainted.

According to financial experts on several television media outlets, 'saving' and 'spending' are two distinctively different mediums. I find this bearing in mind; at task, what exactly is the consequence of saving? Spending.

Batman must dissipate several minutes in donning his uniform and in travel time which leads me to wonder how many lives have been lost by his flamboyancy.

According to Eugene Linden, "...scientists are now more willing to say that animals are intelligent." How generous of these scientists to surmise that aptitude is only proportional to human intellect and only now percentage a fairer serving.

The wealthier one is, the greater quantity of pillows one has.

If I have not so precisely exclaimed such a perception, allow a highly accredited doctor to accentuate this;

Link: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-2340...

Make love. Making love. Made love. According to this particular frail vernacular, the existence of love resides only within intercourse disposing of pre and post coitus psychological sustenance.

The previous Elsewhere took a volatile leap on the divergences of black and white intellect. There is yet another departure defined by regional environments that can amend this perception. Species of primates native to the African continent have not greatly evolved in hundreds of thousands of years. One particular strain of primates evolved into a sapient creature. As this creature expanded from it's acclimated environment, evolution required greater propensities the while native species did not necessitate further deviations beyond means. Evolution is environmentally influenced and having acclimatized to a moderately efficient adaptation, function requires no supplementary advancements; therefore native inhabitants of the African continent and it's dynasty obligated far less progression, as illustrated by the static dispositions of ancestral primates.

"Nepal's only industry...carrying." - Stephen Colbert

**** Elsewhere will now endure a considerable hiatus while attention to 'Commons' is pursued. ****

Elsewhere - Tammy, Harry and William
Regardless that my concentration is now honed to lambasting society via my new in-production novel "Commons" (plug noted and counted) -- the volume at which civilization is plagued disembodies mere cynicism abridged onto folded sheets of parchment...for example:

Breatharians. It is precisely as dreadful as it sounds. There is a collection of individuals who are quite certain that you can adequately survive purely obtaining nutrients from sunlight and air. Two recorded cases have led to...surely enough...death. Good riddance when you consider that the only veritable means to absolve this idiocy is to have these depreciations depart.

To quote a journalist, as reference of the irrelevance of certain postures of government and religious legislation, "...suicide is an unpunishable crime."

A recent study demonstrated that female neurological compositions increase in volume and neuron density when inhibited by male pheromones. Quintessentially, masculinity cultivates intellect and offers some periphery of curiosity towards this maturation as an apparatus of human evolution.

Yesterday I installed a bathtub fixture in a multi-million dollar home that held a greater dollar value than the automobile that I drove there with. How can one define excessiveness? Having operated both the fixture I own at home with a 13 dollar value and the luxurious version, I can attest that my own accomplishes the task simpler, quicker and more efficiently...the hallmarks of success. From this, I can also understand how the common underpaid laborer can feel the desire to exploit this disproportion to an amenable advantage. And one additional side note, this multi-million dollar home is now autographed by one Tv Miller. How fortunate for them that when they shower outside after enjoying the lake, they will spark curiosity to the name carved in mortar.

Why are John Cena, Bobby Lashley and Batista headliners? Not one of these individuals has once demonstrated the attributes that surpass the common in-ring performer. To award these curtain jerkers the perceptive qualities of Austin, Rock, Flair, Hogan, Michaels and more would tarnish the chronicles that bestowed legacies to exceptionality. Best sign ever...ECW One Night Stand -- "If Cena Wins, We Riot".

Did you ever distinguish that proper rear view mirror placement aides in a healthy posture?

Religion is not a manipulative contrivance to those susceptible you say? "Congratulations, you poor! God's domain belongs to you." - Gospel of Luke. How convenient for them and how rewarding for me because I have earned yet another free Dippin' Dots. Perhaps thirty punch requirements per card is hardly enough when quarrelling with such a theme.

We are all inhospitable to each other. This comes as recognition to those who sincerely empathize individualism and evolve from insincere empathy for everyone.

If one is portraying the role of a male (the "dyke") and the other is depicting the female, does this still identify them as lesbians or must we generalize this category to simply gay-homosexuals? Is a gay homosexual a straight person? Perhaps a gay homosexual is a gender who portrays another gender while existing as another. In this scheme, could we make allowances for a third gender? Is a hermaphrodite a third gender or just two halves of a gender? Does a hermaphrodite put MF or circle both when the question is propositioned? What does it say on a hermaphrodite's identification card? Technically, doesn't the word 'female' already have an internalized masculine title? Therefore, shouldn't we perceive females as fe-males? Thus, why the requirement for shemales as a connotation?

Are you aware, according to several pastors, that there are diverse elevations of faith in God that one can achieve? Unconditionality is not exactly reflective of the singularity asserted.

I would like to offer a bode of thanks to wrestling journalist Alan Wojcik for befriending and administering myself with a VIP-ish eminence into the NWA-TNA pay-per-view cabaret. As a supplementary review, the unmistakable breath of WCW's flamboyancy was potent and aside from the errant configuration of gimmick-less performances intermingled with the occasional, the degree of entertainment barely exceeded the traditional independent house show yet therefore did manage to impart some modicum of contentment.

Michael Vick has been criminally charged for operating a dog fighting competition. Most, intrinsically detest the idealization of "man's best friend" being trained and competing in a brutal forum of human entertainment. The contradiction lies in that human beings do in fact perform the same excruciating act against others for leisure that is more widely acceptable. Where is the divergence from dog fighting and ultimate fighting? Choice? They are in fact now an insignificant species we have elevated to a psychological prominence. We dress them, we spoil them and we impassion these creatures as kin when in fact they are simply canine, a lesser divergent species.

Nigger. It would appear that the NAACP's lurid burial recital failed because I am still, regardless of color, implored to utilize the word, nigger. I would like to idealize a different approach. From this moment forward, the word nigger is no longer a derogatory term yet simply alternatively identifies a person of darker skin color, a hallmark of someone who might have originated from the region of Niger. To aide in this transition, take a moment now to say the word nigger seventy-eight times. You will begin to notice the irrelevance of words invariably adopting deprecating characteristics. Further still, go outside to a public area such as a shopping mall and now perform this exercise.

Taking a drag on that cigarette that instigates you to slow your pace crossing before my vehicle should implore me to fender fuck you to the asphalt.

Anderson Cooper 360 has once again simply overwhelmed me with their measures of conversational competence. Yet another segment entitled, "Planet in Peril" was headlined by a story of the revival of the Grey Wolf from the brink of extinction in the Yellowstone National Park. Perhaps my liberalization comprehension cannot understand the perilous-ness of restoration.

I recently discovered a hearty list of condemned localities that necessitate demolition for the benefits of reestablishing accommodating inhabitable environments:

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Na ... s_by_state

-- and should you come upon a religious dwelling and graciously demolish it, please place a sign at the gate aside the contractor's name stating how everyone will continue to subsist regardless.

What exactly is this 'image' that Americans romanticize that we have devalued world-wide due to the conflict in the Middle-East? When I recollect the perceptions of others world-wide prior to the war in Iraq, the Orient still deplored us, the Russians held angst for more than 60 years, the Germans, English and French guffawed at our culture and the Middle-East subsisted in abhorrence. If anything, we have assuredly solidified this 'image'.

The Dominus Iesus Doctrine (Y60, 2000) as decreed by the Vatican Pope states that all other denominations of Catholicism, including Christianity, are false. Therefore, according to the uppermost ranking religious individual on planet Earth, aside ethereals, has affirmed that a majority of the population are deluded. I could not agree more.

Tammy Faye (Baker) visually frightens me and I find it rather hilarious for such an advocate to suffer to this degree.

"Blinded by the light. Wake up like a doucher and a roamer in the night." That in addition to a version of chopsticks mystifies me.

To Kyle James Maki; I am an excellent fudge packer but dreadful at caulk.

25 US Dollars on a 2 US Dollar ticket...eat it Madaline.

Are the elderly naturally less moisturized or lacking synaptic communications between thought and speech because smacking lips ranks somewhere near whistling on my list and often times I am begging for them to finish their thought or spat the chaw.

I should really purchase fewer constricting undergarments. They are not as dynamically calculated as preferred. Do I therefore envision a Tv Miller clothing line? Style, glamour and proper packaging of your genitalia?

75 per cent within the next 7 years and still quite unwaveringly conceited:

Link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19845784/

I am now declaring Agnostics the most incompetent persons on planet Earth. Sustaining a philosophy of the omnipotence of the unknown is an evasion. Curiosity is satisfied by resolve and accepting intangible variables as remedy exhibits instability.

Evanna Lynch and Mary-Kate Grosso effectively substantiates a long standing hypothesis that for myself personally, there is nothing more intoxicating than an Irish or Scottish female depiction.

-- and yet I cannot veer from the recollection of a tragedy baptized as Wynter. Psychosomatic maturation as an inconsiderate interlude averted cordial musings.

-- though within this moment, what I truly desire is to perch myself under the canopy of a diminutive restaurant veranda upon these shores aside a well-spoken and witty maiden who caters to my senses as collaboratively as I confer to her.

-- solitude...an inducement to upheaval. Reward heeded as distress.

I do have a slight appeal to amend to the previous requisites inventoried in prior Elsewhere's. I would be partial to a woman who feels imposing when following a path of motion sensored lights activating. As well, she must be oh but simply aware of the existence of the vaudeville troupe of Abbott and Costello. Further incentive if her knowledge exceeds 'Who's On First'.

Tammy Faye (Baker) has become deceased within the 340 words from the previous comment and I find myself greatly dissatisfied by my perspicacity. I certainly should be more critical of the living while they are...alive. Apart from; good riddance...my lesson is learned.

**** Beware: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Spoilers ****

A great deal of things occur with a complexity of names, places and things that I could hardly illustrate to you...and then it concludes. Fascinating.

Conditioning elevates natural characteristics. When an alleged alteration occurs in an applicable high per-centaged volume in a particular species, one must question the true errancy of this discernment. To what capacity does a disorder alleviate itself from confliction to habitualism. When you engage a conditioning relevant to regional characteristics, when does the whole per-centage diminish from the entirety of the Homo sapient species?

Good lord, my absentmindedness; Harry survives and marries Ginny Weasly which idealizes for myself the now affirmed bachelorette status of one Luna Lovegood.

I recently read a rather interesting article in a scientific journal that poised the question, what is the difference between conscious free will and conditional environmental response. When you are employed in a biological mortality, you function on the basis of particular fundamentals that are assigned to your species. A conscious state declares to you the accessibility to deviate from this morality, inclining a sense of free will though by adhering to this survivalistic disposition idealistically is infringing upon this autonomy. Abiding to a successful cultivation pursues a designated course of action, therefore a confiscation of the application of free will.

Glen Beck, you have been added to the most intolerable and insufferable jackasses in the media concourse and therefore banned for life.

A possible dream scenario? --

Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=21975

This is by far the most appropriate demonstration of a class action law-suit --

Link: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id ... _article=1

9,500 Macaque monkeys are transported to the United States every year for scientific research. It would appear that not one of these research projects is Macaque reproduction. Harvesting regularly exploits regional adaptation.

Thanks to the trepidations that business consortiums have inured, the consumer has certainly become much more disingenuously antagonistic. It is the responsibility of industry to construct boundaries to defy exploitation and civil insolence. My admiration for Sprint, not only as a consumer but now as an inhabitant, has elevated --

Link: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/In ... ?GT1=10221

3,000 African children die every day from mosquito transmitted human-pathogenic Plasmodium or more widely known as Malaria. Survivors universally suffer from an array of cellular brain loss. Due to the several thousand millennial years longevity of Malaria, it is said that every indigenous African has suffered from this parasite, guaranteeing a generational uniformity which implores myself to surmise that idealistically, upon the predisposition of time, as reflective by conditional hereditary genetic evolution by reciprocation through procreation and collaboratively to several thousand year old Malarial control measures in northern regions including naturally occurring inequitable climates; tropically derived black people are genetically less prone to higher functioning brains than white northern Europeans...thus exhibited by the industrialized discrepancies from tropical to subartic climates.

Have you noticed that more and more American actions films have lost the symmetry of cinematography in place of choreographical complexity? I have decided to call it the 'imbalance of the American/Chinese action equilibrium' whereas cinematic pacing was once prevalent until Americanized gluttony conquered.

Sigh. I have unfortunately made a ghastly error. I have now viewed 1.8 Harry Potter films and intrinsic curiosity has overcome. It is not as if they are poorly made. As well, the sheer sophistication of the story, though far from novel for myself, is voluminous and subsequently any interest implied crook particular ethics. Worse yet, I am hardly sure of the placement or order of the films I have viewed...tempting the proclivity to begin, at the beginning.

Congratulation, you have endured this robust bout. My recompense to you is fair warning that this shall occur yet again.

"William H. Bonney. You, are not, a god." "Why don't you pull that trigger and find out." - Young Guns II

Updates - Top 9 In Development
1. Sphere (1.01R)
2. Novel - Commons
3. Pen to Paper Campaign
4. Screenplay - Morningside
5. Miscellaneous Sketches and Photographs
6. Television Series - Shale
7. Television Series - Dreams
8. Cartoon Strip - Politicks
9. Professional Wrestling

The newest adjunct to the Top 9 that should heed notice is the pioneering observational transcription –- or novel, entitled "Commons" which will encapsulate the ingenuous candor you have become accustomed to in the multitude of genres of commentary throughout this internet site -- upon the entirety of the Homo sapient existence. In strict contrast to existing liberal manuscripts that besiege angst upon the current status quo, "Commons" will enchant the reader to pragmatic alternatives that are likely to be employed in the course of the application of Sphere. Stay tuned for more information including an exclusive first draft sneak peak at the introduction chapter.

Elsewhere - Contradiction Punch Cards and Allegiances
Based on the notes I have sketched over these past six days, it is quite clear that the majority of contempt I have will be squarely placed upon all of humanity. Let's begin.

Here's a duce pinched from Anderson Cooper on CNN: "...a new species discovered on a planet in peril." Is it merely my misinterpretation or is not a vaster quantity of life on Earth divisive to peril? I would imagine that the abundances of indefinites should affirm assertions of a natural endurance. -- And the corn: "NBC offers one million dollars for the first Paris Hilton interview. The parents deny shopping around, but what if they did?" News reporting with a dash of refuted speculation.

And what could possibly cursor the most remarkable world events to scrutinize on broadcast news? War? Genocide? Spice Girls' reunion tour? Paris Hitlon's jail stay? According to profusion, Paris Hilton prevails. Shame really...I am looking forward to venerating Tangent Spice. Apparently moderation is no longer interesting...especially that of macheted disembowelings.

And with all sincerity, the more the media lambastes Paris Hilton and afterwards profess bewilderment to her notoriety, the more I sickly admire her -- of course this certainly could be a conditional fragility from being exhumed for more than 365 days. I would like to now take time out to blame the media ethos for this...damn it.

Perhaps a veer of bearing as I extol the potentiality of a newer actress named Sarah Roemer who recently performed in the dreadfully nauseating vehicle for Shia LaBeouf entitled Disturbia. What stood apparent, though likely drawn aside, was a certain element of sincerity I know was scarcely coerced by the director or writer. I am "calling her" for accreditation for a brilliant future in film and television under one condition: it is now her paramount responsibility to set aside these young adult cultured mary jane horror flicks and peruse well drafted low budgeted action/dramatic pulsed screenplays to what may appear as a sacrifice to prosperity.

Link: Sarah Roemer (Imdb.com)

Envision a bottle cap affixed to the golf ball. I shall heed this guidance and share it.

This little bugger I am finding difficultly in placing sheer confidence within however, I was recently overwhelmed by a particular elemental quantity which endeavors me to extract contemplation: Across The Universe, directed by the well known theatrical director of Broadway's "The Lion King" Julie Taymor, is a very poetic and artistic original film that appears to paint quite a tapestry of a span of life and content of a struggling counter-cultured young adult in the American 60's aside, this film may exceed the message through cinematography which is the only capacity this film can regard for me. Therefore, on a visual medium so observed, I am anxious to explore this film further.

Link: Across The Universe (Comingsoon.net)

Do you suppose that Mary had morning sickness? Retching up stew mid-morning while Joseph held her hair or even broader of a thought -- while in labor, the idea of her bowels ejecting nefarious fluids appears to be absent from scripture.

Politics compensates racism. Recently the Democratic presidential candidates attended a forum at a historically black Howard University and regarded the majority of retorts to colored slants. Hillary Clinton noted that if AIDS afflicted a majority of caucasians, there would be a more distinctive attention to the concern. This is a pleasant 'what if' despite that the majority who impair responsibility are in fact black as symbolized by the statistics world-wide. Hillary Clinton implied that regardless of accountability of the black culture, caucasian cultures should be held accountable...therefore insulating bigotry.

"Jesus Is Real". "Jesus Saves". It is odd that such an acclaimed ubiquitous constituent requires such strident exclamation. It doesn't exactly persuade omnipotence when it necessitates the unkempt displaying psychedelic colored signs on street corners.

David Whitely is a front page sports editorialist at the Orlando Sentinel and recently commentated on the professional wrestling industry by overstating the quantity of deaths -- though noted as inconsistent to the argument of steroid abuse -- and prefixing with admittance to not even watching professional wrestling. Quite an exquisite investigative commentary when you disregard source and motive. Subsequent of this ignorance and the particularly selective quoting of a ring veteran, consider anyone and everyone affiliated with the Orlando Sentinel as banned for life.

Do you suppose it is possible for someone to enjoy the Bible without entertaining the idea of a god? Recently I was told by a die-hard devotee that I should not believe everything I read. I promptly suggested the Bible to which the rejoinder was...with the exception of this one. I am considering developing a contradiction punch-card. Perhaps making it redeemable for one free small Dippin' Dots...of course Dippin' Dots might release tremendously high fourth quarter numbers if we afforded that.

Congratulations and best regards to Stephen Spielberg for discarding computer aided graphics for the fourth installment of Indiana Jones.

Flying pirates?! Daniel Levitch must be pissed with the new film Stardust.

Lines appear long regardless of the unification of task.

While upon the motivation of considering...I am considering creating a production company entitled: "If you are talking, you are not listening Productions". As the opening credits roll and the film initiates, the message will be evident.

Stupid people are more likely inclined to conceited paranoid delusions therefore more antagonistic to civility. Have you ever sat with someone who honestly thought they were being followed without any reasonable validation, and all you could conceive is that this person is fucking stupid? They have carelessly created an adverse environment which hinders civilization...because they are stupid.

New word: Inheritical (in-her~it ti cul) v. 1. A condition of inheritance.

I have no real interest in investigating this quandary so I will leave upon my audience to scrutinize. Is there a direct linear path of travel that can be plotted upon the circumference of the Earth than could be circumnavigated by boat following the melting of the polar ice caps? This should materialize as an optimism to the warming of the Earth by natural causes.

Fat people walk as if they are delicate when in truth, they are struggling to motion their limbs. However, as they consistently inform me, "...they are happy with life". Perpetual unnecessary over-exertion is always comforting to existence.

God's Friday To Do List:
1. Maim farmer
2. Torture kidnapping victim
3. Rape a baby
4. Microwave a cat
5. Drive Jesus to soccer practice
6. Conceive an autistic fetus
7. Pickup dry cleaning

I pledge no allegiance to any flag on this day or any other. My allegiance is to humanity, civility, efficiency and competence and requires no ethereal symbolism.

Andrew Speaker deserve absolutely no apology from the CDC for a misdiagnosis. Regardless that was found to be suffering from a less severe form of tuberculosis, he failed to actively respond to advisements that he could endanger others with this highly contagious disease. The media would have you believe that the CDC is responsible for creating an unnecessary panic while I would persist that Andrew Speaker is an attempted mass murderer and should be appropriately charged in an international court with a criminal violation.

Google Inc. officially inaugurates the Tv's "Puss List". Google Inc. recently filed suit against Microsoft for alleged antitrust violations when it was discovered that Google's desktop search engine in addition to other third party engines were not given computer processing priority in contrast to Microsoft's search engine on the newly released Microsoft Windows Vista. If you are so mesmerized with having others accommodate you, feel free to forge your own operating system but until then, Microsoft has created a dominate species and should rightly conduct itself as such. Capitalism is a buyers market.

Congratulations to Lyric Wallwork Winik for stating in an article the alternatives to the spending of the likely one billion dollars accumulated and dispersed by candidates in the pending presidential election.

A semi-truck driver was recently found not criminally responsible for the deaths of eight in an accident where he failed to stop for congested traffic due to averting his eyes from the roadway to charge his cellular phone. If not attending to the fundamental precedence of driving is not criminal...from this day forward, everyone who rear ends someone should counter with, "I was not paying attention...sorry" and therefore you are unequivocally free from liability.

A brief note to the imaginary female character to be indulged in my life; I ask of you a few particular prerequisites. The Princess Bride is hardly a good film and deserves absolutely convoluted attention to it. Do not place your bare feet upon the dashboard while the vehicle is in motion. It is unhygienic and reprehensibly treacherous. And finally, I ask of you the patience for me to adjust to the ways you will mess up my methods for doing things. It will be an arduous battle I assure you.

Tv's "Futile Holiday" Movie-Hopping Review:
Live Free or Die Hard - Stout, stylish and effective.
1408 - Curious, intriguing and exceptionally nauseating acting.
Evan Almighty - Wanda Sykes was funny, I think.
Fantastic Four - Où est la salle de bains?
Ocean's 13 - Dry, shallow and Act One-less.

At 1904 on the 184th day of the year, I once again riled in the angst I hold towards NBC and it's rancid existence for canceling Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The series finale is now available online and I highly recommend perusing this series in it's entirety to fully empathize with my grief.

If this war in Iraq by the United States and allies is more beguiled by oil, then it is just as well. Examine the contempt the populace currently has for high gasoline prices and thusly imagine if this pipeline was abruptly revoked. Our nature to thrive on this product is apparent in every facet of occupation and should anyone threaten this apparatus, all means of preservation should be utilized. A lack of suitable function is an equivalent weapon of mass destruction.

If heebie gb's believe that God is required to frequently wipe out humanity as it is dictated by the rapture, would this not imply that the Devil is staunchly triumphant? The floods, plagues and ascension of Jesus were conspicuous events notating a cleansing of sin from the Earth therefore annotating that the Devil was succeeding. Now the heebie gb's await the seven seals and I can not help but pontificate that this is resultant of the enormity of sin consuming the population...implicating that the Devil is once again -- winning. Here is my punch-card. Two more and I'm getting bubble gum flavour.

Vigilante justice has always been a perversion of mine and what better of an erotic symbolism than watching Jodie Foster perform this task in the new film that I highly recommend:

Link: The Brave One (Comingsoon.net)

"Ronnie is thinking of organizing his various body parts into a cohesive, motivated unit" - Jerry Van Amerongen

Elsewhere - Foreign, Disqualified and Chris Benoit
Idealistically you can define a region of geography and culture by the objectified tourism. As culture of destination surmounts motivation, I find it rather interesting that European and Asian nations holiday in the United States for novelty the while citizens of North America voyage overseas for extraordinarily exotic beauty and wonder. Statistically speaking, Europe is an exquisite glass of Pinot Noir while America is an un-netted trampoline.

Why do I motion like a robot when I sneeze? Self-obliged nonfunctional conditioning becomes more consuming when objectives are proliferated.

Companionship is a requisite to perform atypical errands. Quelling biological earmarks allots the liberty to distend from rudiments.

"Sicko" is a documentary detailing the perverse composition of the government aided health care industry. The contradiction of element is that this documentary was written and directed by a bloated, obese and unhealthy whore of a man which disqualifies substantiation relative to successful human nature. This documentary is a fat man indulging in his own short-comings to rely on others for medical care for afflictions that he imposed upon himself by discretional ignorance. Far from a sound character to define contemporary living.

Accommodating these irregularities, as this film aspires to, begrudges labored validations:

Link: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=070...

I recently had the opportunity to view several minutes of the highly acclaimed Bollywood production; "Sivaji: The Boss". My commentary is quite simplistic: What in the name of hell was that? Please do not denigrate my theatrical environment ever again with such aromatic bile. The theory that Bollywood was a competitive force in the industry today is now completely annulled.

I am much obliged to psychiatrist and author Dorothy Rowe who recently penned a book entitled "Beyond Fear" exclaiming what I have beleaguered in the past in that conditions such as "attention deficit disorder" is not a derogatory condition resultant of misaligned chemical instabilities but more consequential of external conditionings inadequately defined by celebratory seeking psychiatric specialists. In her book, parental interactions can equate elemental conditionings that purpose apparent dysfunction to which I concur in addition to the conceivable elements that due to a growing quantity of diversions and abstractions, the fundamentally curious developing brain will oblige larger volumes of information from a multitude of directions at a indiscriminate pacing therefore diverting concentration. Therapeutic methodologies as forced discrimination can subdue this complimentary condition.

How can one validate a Dateline NBC reporter as an armchair general competent enough to remark on the rights and wrongs of combat tactics? Success in combat is often a series of failures as means to sophistication of stratagem. This is an anticipated adjunct of any campaign due to the assured unpredictably of foe and competency of staff. Perfection is impossible and pure successes are just as rare.

Desire a particularly novel discussion? Find a heebie gb and ask him/her to define the parameters of life relative to a carnivorous plant. Allude to these bullet points: A carnivorous plant absorbs and excretes gas, water and proteins to the same per centage biomass volume as a human. When they arrive at the inevitable "consciousness" argument, derive from them the ideal that communication and language is a requisite for proof of consciousness. When they agree, merely quip, "What about the dumb?". When they back step to realign parameters of communication/consciousness, advise them of the similar gesticulated mannerisms that plants and humans utilize to communicate. When a flower blossoms to the Sun, is this a conscious act? Break them down into a confused state of ignorance about the subject for which they argue for and against.

Though "The Crippler" Chris Benoit preceded to slaughter his wife, child and himself -- I wish to bestow a debt of gratitude for his contributions to the professional wrestling industry. I have been greatly influenced by his performances for nearly 14 years and will indeed grieve for further exhibitions of his labors.

On a lighter note; finally my anguish over an unfinished volume of entertainment will recede. The final extraction of a much storied legacy is coming to an end. I am certainly not talking of the four-eyed wizard for which I can only hope the rumors of his demise are true but of the epic trilogy of battle amongst the stars and couches. In some 90 days, Master Chief will once again grace our stroke inhibited presence to do battle with the hordes of mankind's woes. I know, it is a video game and I will admit to this folly yet nevertheless this narration has somehow managed to vex me...which is why this finale will come as absolution.

"For once in my life, I have someone who needs me. Someone I've needed so long." - Stevie Wonder or preferably Frank Sinatra