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Update - Medical Analysis
South Seminole Hospital
Longwood, F.L., N.A.
Day 227 Year 67

Miller, Tv
D62 Y38
Los Angeles, C.A., N.A.

180.24 cm
64.8 kg
O Pos

Sodium (Serum) 139 meq/L
Potassium (Serum) 4.1 meq/L
Chloride (Serum) 103 meq/L
CO2 Content 29 meq/L
Nitrogen (Blood Urea) 16 MG/DL
Creatinine (Serum) 1.3 mg/dL
Nitrogen/Creatinine Ratio (Blood Urea) 12.3
Glucose (Serum) 96 mg/dL
Anion Gap 7 mmol/L
Calcium (Serum) 9.3 mg/dL
Osmolality 287 mOs/kg

Chest X-Ray
Frontal and lateral radiographs show mild hyperexpansion.
No acute infiltrate.

CT Scan
Ventricular size and configuration are within normal limits. There is no evidence of midline shift, herniation, hemorrhage, encephalomalacia or acute space occupying process.
No acute intracranial abnormality.

Update - Assymphony
The latest addition to tvmiller.com is a novelty gadget for those musical at heart...er, fart. Assymphony is a piezo electric multi-channeled audible underwear. Capable of synthetic variations when utilizing the USB 2.0 (1.1) connectivity to a PDA or personal computer, the tailored speaker interwoven for comfort allows for amplification and deformation into a musical resonance.

(1) Product contains:
Assymphony Underwear -- Menís (S,M,L,XL) Womenís (S,M,L,XL)
Assymphony Composer Software CD
Assymphony Composer Software Guide
USB 2.0 (1.1) 2 Meter (m.) Cable

Link: Assymphony

Update - Waste Receptacle Face Replacement
Hundreds of thousands of food service environments around the world employ the flat faced waste receptacle for consumer use. This flat surface design requires the consumer to utilize his/her hand to operate complete access to the waste bin to accommodate the mass of the product dispensed. In this act, food borne bacteria is commonly transferred from the consumer to and from the face of the flat surface that abundantly is treated with post consumer waste contact. Understanding the need to alter the design while maintaining cost and use of previously installed units globally, this new contoured designed face allows for a hands-free or hand-to-surface food contact diversion while easily reapplied to existing waste receptacles. With application of the new face, food borne illness and bacterial transmission would dramatically decrease and subsequently result in a decrease in medical expenditures for the consumer and tax payers and an increase in previously errant confidence in the establishment by measure of food poisoning. The Waste Receptacle Face Replacement page is now available on the Index Page and through the link available below.

Link: Waste Receptacle Face Replacement

Update - Physical Examination
Date: Day 93 Year 67
Name: Miller, Tv
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Height: 180.34 centimeters
Weight: 70.31 kilograms
Pulse: 66 b/m
Temperature: 37 Celsius
Blood Type: O Positive
Blood Pressure: 128 Systolic 78 Diastolic
Hematocrit: 50%
Hemoglobin: >12.5 G.dl
Cholesterol: 119 mg/dl

Update - Office Building Architecture Preview
Here is an exclusive first glance at an architectural project currently in development. Several more detailed images will become available upon production/update of the website page already identified on the Index Page.