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Elsewhere - Fall Film Medley
Once again, we have arrived upon the time of year when those of us who attempt to annually garner some measure of reverence for the film medium, venture a disposition upon the confederation of releases and schedule appropriately. Here, you will ascertain my individual preferences, which are typically more sound than yours.

This directory is arranged by order of release.

September Dawn (Passion of the --)
Inquisition of the Mormons, a uncontaminated gratification regardless of quality.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=18552

Mr. Bean's Holiday
Rowan Atkinson, hardly more is required.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=14582

Right At Your Door
Realism imposed, crushing dynamics, though perhaps less voluminous.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=12797

War (Exception)
Assured of a lack of potency, one must still poise ones-self for the occasional iniquity.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=13201

Balls of Fury (Exception)
See War.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=14474

The Brothers Solomon
Bob Odenkirk has sharply redefined irreverent humor and with earnest faculty as Arnet and Forte, a classical sonata assuredly disregarded.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=14477

Shoot Em' Up (Broken Yellow)
Characteristics are at hand however, the theatrical trailer is threadbare therefore assigning unease.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=13867

The Brave One
Jodie Foster. I will not elucidate any further.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=13865

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (Exception)
See Balls of Fury seeing War.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=11130

Lust, Caution (Broken Yellow)
With distain for broken backs of mountains, it is difficult to poise confidence in the highly unstable Ang Lee. It is only when he ventures to his native medium when it becomes apparent of his aptitude.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=15214

Elizabeth: The Golden Age
The preceding film was coarse and Rush/Blanchett performed impeccably.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=15203

Margot at the Wedding (Uncertainty)
Kidman, Black, Leigh under the thumb of Baumbach, thinned acrylics upon a questionable canvas.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=13041

The Darjeeling Limited (Accolades)
Anderson, Schwartzman and Brody. Glimpsing onward, this quite possibly could be the Year 67 flic pick.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=18099

American Gangster
A modestly known secret about Scotts (Ridley/Tony) is that when exceeding the limitations of principle filming, quality goes horribly astray. When reserved within this boundary, a Scott can accomplish remarkable cinema.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=16504

No Country For Old Men
The Coen Brothers once again return to their most favorable genre of dehydrated homicide.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=20334

I Am Legend (Exception)
See The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford witnessing Balls of Fury considering War speculating hallucinations.
Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=11189

Elsewhere (Abridged) - Endurance, Culpability and Acquiesce
Regardless that 'Commons' is in development and presently consuming a majority of my contemplations, there are several anomalies that permeate through the cracks that have no residence within this novella. Expunging these conflictions from public contention would be insubordinate of my disposition...therefore, in order to not fashion the usual chore, I shall tender this an Elsewhere Abridged.

Life is the administration of suffering. Triumph can be measured by minimalism.

Requip is a "medicinal" product for the resolution of "restless leg syndrome". The side effects include hallucinations and -- "...tell your doctor if you experience new or increased gambling, sexual or other intense urges..." Restlessness displaced, in tablet form.

The '2008' United States of America's 55th Poet Elections. Sixty-three candidates and thrice as many authors.

Allstate accident forgiveness..."even if it's your fault". American unaccountability to coalesce, conditions may apply.

Further still, Allstate's methodology of sales is patent pending. It appears that every Wal*Mart employee might find themselves within litigation. This irrationality is a definitive illustration of why I do not employ United States patents.

Why visit FAO Schwartz when novelty bobble-heads can be found in every row of the Benny Hinn ministries. Let us stand back and watch:

Benny Hinn: "Deliver is his word. The surrendering to the will of God. My will had to be surrendered. You cannot enter into the presence of God until you surrender your will."

Row 11, Seat 42: *Nodding*

Products now obtainable through religious networks seem to have become far more complex and much more devious on sales strategies. "The Privileged Planet" DVD 'proves' life is of an intelligent design, though only comprehensible after surrendering your checking account. I can not quite understand the call for thousand dollar software with such an alleged simplistic singularity as a living decree.

Bebe Neuwirth.

A Chinese couple is venturing to name their child @, which has opened my eyes to the possibility of naming my pending child ∴ -- three points in a triangular contour -- unicode for 'therefore'. (If the image of a square appears, your browser and corresponding font library are inadequate.) "You will go to your room and you will think about what you have done, Therefore."

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Therefore_sign

CBS is the only network where a drunken Scot could attempt to demonstrate the 'professional' competition of stacking cups. CBS free, 29.5 years and counting.

Successful marketing is the exploitation of practicality. A bayou blues band assembled in a diner pickin' 'Viva Viagra' is a little dubious. It is challenging to imagine Tim McGraw billboarding a limp track.

It is somewhat disparaging and then again not, when seeing Mike Rowe performing the job I currently possess. Amid recognition, I am employed in, a dirty job.

Here is a legal anomaly I ponder. It is illegal to not have a rear view mirror in your automobile. It is legal to have a digital video player screen folded down for view centered amongst the interior blocking your rear view mirror.

It is necessity to take this opportunity to toot various horns affixed to my corpus for once again accurately assessing the methodology of existence:

Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/main.j ... eed116.xml
Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/connected/ma ... ysw124.xml
Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jh ... waa117.xml

Meanwhile...Tv returns to his novella. Hiatus reinstated.

Update - Medical Analysis
South Seminole Hospital
Longwood, F.L., N.A.
Day 227 Year 67

Miller, Tv
D62 Y38
Los Angeles, C.A., N.A.

180.24 cm
64.8 kg
O Pos

Sodium (Serum) 139 meq/L
Potassium (Serum) 4.1 meq/L
Chloride (Serum) 103 meq/L
CO2 Content 29 meq/L
Nitrogen (Blood Urea) 16 MG/DL
Creatinine (Serum) 1.3 mg/dL
Nitrogen/Creatinine Ratio (Blood Urea) 12.3
Glucose (Serum) 96 mg/dL
Anion Gap 7 mmol/L
Calcium (Serum) 9.3 mg/dL
Osmolality 287 mOs/kg

Chest X-Ray
Frontal and lateral radiographs show mild hyperexpansion.
No acute infiltrate.

CT Scan
Ventricular size and configuration are within normal limits. There is no evidence of midline shift, herniation, hemorrhage, encephalomalacia or acute space occupying process.
No acute intracranial abnormality.

Update - Assymphony
The latest addition to tvmiller.com is a novelty gadget for those musical at heart...er, fart. Assymphony is a piezo electric multi-channeled audible underwear. Capable of synthetic variations when utilizing the USB 2.0 (1.1) connectivity to a PDA or personal computer, the tailored speaker interwoven for comfort allows for amplification and deformation into a musical resonance.

(1) Product contains:
Assymphony Underwear -- Men’s (S,M,L,XL) Women’s (S,M,L,XL)
Assymphony Composer Software CD
Assymphony Composer Software Guide
USB 2.0 (1.1) 2 Meter (m.) Cable

Link: Assymphony

Elsewhere - Make, Making and Made
With a degree of earnestness, my concerted labors to veer away from 'Elsewheres' and focus my attention on pontificating the evolution of civilization by means of the pending novella 'Commons', has muddled. With that said, another barrage liberated:

Firstly, a note on the composition implied through Sphere. Civil law is a static membrane the while ecologically influenced edicts are provincially variable.

Savannah Walters is accurate in endeavor yet imprudent in principle. Her efforts, as well as all others, should be defined by competent efficiencies and not unsubstantiated artificial interpretations. We must necessitate exertion only upon the fundamentals of scientific methodology in order to employ the most successful governing compensation --

-- all of progression is initiated within five measures. Observation. Hypothesis. Research. Experiment. Conclusion. This is our resolve.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_method

It is always startling when a shirt goes down as an alternative to up on the occasional Girl's Gone Wild commercial.

Lindsey Lohan's loss of bank-ability in Hollywood should facilitate the means to approach lower budgeted productions which would allow for her aptitude as a performer to incalculably improve. Therefore, this is a formal invitation to Lindsey Lohan to appear in an assortment of productions underway within my own and colleague's organizations as an indispensable reprieve.

Once again, we meander towards the incomprehensible theatrics of religion as an entertaining distraction and wadding for compliance to preserve the devotee. Did you know that bowling was created in Germany as an apparatus to cleanse oneself of sin? To achieve the mark of colliding one ball to one standing dowel would signify the rewards of heaven for forgiveness. How...convenient.

It is time again to holiday at our media bar. Here, we inventory the compilation of the irrational and absurd television and radio media conduits in order to efficiently define who we overlook.

Our latest member is radio station WHTQ in Orlando, Florida for their highly irrational precarious honking horn sound byte signaling their traffic report. How logical is it to have a customer who utilizes this signal as a contrivance to forewarning deceived -- subsequently reacting to an ethereal hazard therefore becoming an authentic hazard.

Marsha was just awarded the Oxygen Channel's Miss F.A.T. 2000 and 7. Congratulations...not to this woman but rather to the American culture that would inanely embrace this detrimental abnormality and to Oxygen Channel for enrolling in this elite prohibition.

Particular films have moments of calm that are situated for dramatic application. Suddenly, a loud outburst and a flash of light...but not from the film but rather from the corner dialogue box to inform me of some completely irrelevant programming and/or station identification that thusly ruptures the fifth wall and depreciates the film or television program. Various networked stations have exceeded this intrusion to the point of breaching a cable owner's contract and therefore our newest television broadcasters to be included in exclusion are TNT and FX. Though 20th Century Fox owns FX, I will not impinge the entire compilation of FOX broadcasting outlets until they have warranted such encroachments.

According to Glenn Beck, "big business is wrong". I offer an undemanding quip; Where exactly then, do small businesses advance?

Let us not veer too far from this jackass as he has exhumed a plethora of ignorance. According to Glenn Beck, (a seemingly palpable title for virtually everything irrationalized) there is a sense of curiosity to when the presidential election turned into a reality show, having emphasized the point following the "YouTube Debates". First, I was unaware that the presidential election was not real, and having had the presidential election televised for nearly fifty years, I would have assumed that any genuine televised presentation was in fact, reality programming. Surely, I took him to task on the literacy of the variants of term, however he was inflicting this gesture towards non-journalists having the accessibility to question their peers therefore, not a predisposed game-show environment as commonly characterized by the term.

-- and then the most nauseating moment in television broadcasting history occurred. An event that exceeded in vulgarity the murder of leaders, disfigurations, disembowelments and Ugly Betty. As tremors of illness swept over the land, they would have likely emanated from the studio where Nancy Grace interviewed Glenn Beck. Pure bile.

MTV dubs the word 'suicidal' from a rap video? The very same channel that glorifies sexuality and antagonistic ethics? The American compassionate culture incongruently supersedes rationality. The 'Meanderers'.

Why do map books such as Thomas Guide have the index in the back? The objectivity of these books are to find the location of an address by referencing a series of codes correlated to the pages and grids of the map itself. What is your first task? The answer is: to render the code. Why is this then placed last?

The highway onramp is a sacred residence. To do anything other than impart your full attention to merging successfully into a precarious environment would be an act of societal incongruity. Standards are formulated based upon the available components and environment. The anticipation of this uniformity apportions efficiency.

What do you call a giant black/white person? Ore n' tall.

The commercial advertisement states that high blood pressure and diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction. The solution implied? A medicinal product labeled Levetra to resolve your missing stiffy. Clearly your priorities are rationally systematic where as life subsequent is more vital than life acquainted.

According to financial experts on several television media outlets, 'saving' and 'spending' are two distinctively different mediums. I find this bearing in mind; at task, what exactly is the consequence of saving? Spending.

Batman must dissipate several minutes in donning his uniform and in travel time which leads me to wonder how many lives have been lost by his flamboyancy.

According to Eugene Linden, "...scientists are now more willing to say that animals are intelligent." How generous of these scientists to surmise that aptitude is only proportional to human intellect and only now percentage a fairer serving.

The wealthier one is, the greater quantity of pillows one has.

If I have not so precisely exclaimed such a perception, allow a highly accredited doctor to accentuate this;

Link: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-2340...

Make love. Making love. Made love. According to this particular frail vernacular, the existence of love resides only within intercourse disposing of pre and post coitus psychological sustenance.

The previous Elsewhere took a volatile leap on the divergences of black and white intellect. There is yet another departure defined by regional environments that can amend this perception. Species of primates native to the African continent have not greatly evolved in hundreds of thousands of years. One particular strain of primates evolved into a sapient creature. As this creature expanded from it's acclimated environment, evolution required greater propensities the while native species did not necessitate further deviations beyond means. Evolution is environmentally influenced and having acclimatized to a moderately efficient adaptation, function requires no supplementary advancements; therefore native inhabitants of the African continent and it's dynasty obligated far less progression, as illustrated by the static dispositions of ancestral primates.

"Nepal's only industry...carrying." - Stephen Colbert

**** Elsewhere will now endure a considerable hiatus while attention to 'Commons' is pursued. ****