Elsewhere - Curtains
02:16.53 195-07 OTC
A partiality towards progression has breathlessly uttered it's aspirations. Consequently, a final 'Elsewhere' is beseeched -

Etherealized civility has obliged empathy before the sieving of life. To embrace this dogma, one would place fear before utility and to devour this trepidation would query one's dilution. A frailty for the capacity to take a life as one's integrity should isolate them from the utmost means to experience such an event. Why then, should one who qualms over death, be issued a driver's license?

We will now disengage from this methodology of annotations and soon begin with a new observational format -- a multimedia series entitled, 'Surveillance'.
Update - Habitat Relocation (#13)
14:44.21 191-07 OTC
In five days, there will be a repositioning of occupancy to Clearwater, Florida, North America (Location #13) -- therefore you will experience an undetermined hiatus interval.
Update - FSPW Hell-O-Ween 4
19:0.15 189-07 OTC
Fighting Spirit Professional Wrestling
Hell-O-Ween 4

Day 292 Year 67
(19, October 2007)

Gallery Billards
1925 Northgate Blvd.
Sarasota, Florida, North America
(Google Maps)

FSPW Florida Championship Semi-Finals
Torcher w/ Jelena vs. Mr. VIP Stone Cates

FSPW Florida Championship Semi-Finals
Lou Cypher vs. Ray Beez w/ Benny Bennet

Extreme Rules Match
CIA vs. La Familia Latina

Tag Team Championship
Barney Rumble & Deathrow (c) vs. Pretty Fly & Bobby Wolfert

Mark Zout vs. Myles Long vs. Jerome Hendrix

FSPW Championship
Ricky Romeo (c) vs. Tv

More matches to be announced.
Card is subject to change.

Link: FSPWonline.com
Update - Top 9 In Development
17:28.59 188-07 OTC
1. Sphere - 01.01R (Maya)
2. Novel - Commons
3. Screenplay - Nameless
4. Professional Wrestling
5. Short Films - Fooled
6. Screenplay - Morningside
7. Television Series - Dreams
8. Music Composition
9. Tier Education System

Update - FSPW Charity Event
22:57.8 186-07 OTC
Day 264 Year 67
FSPW Charity Event
1925 Northgate Boulevard
Sarasota, Florida, North America

Tv vs. Michael Patrick vs. Hendrix
Hendrix pinned Michael Patrick

Battle Royal
Tv is eliminated by Myles Long and El Jugador