Have to start seriously contemplating size issues for #Miter. 100K file is not tragic but it is also inefficient. 500K file...that is tragic. Thinking file size creates new file. Requires numerous adaptive parameters in every code. I hate code! 22:21:46 363 017 Miter
Elsewhere - Curtains
A partiality towards progression has breathlessly uttered it's aspirations. Consequently, a final 'Elsewhere' is beseeched -

Etherealized civility has obliged empathy before the sieving of life. To embrace this dogma, one would place fear before utility and to devour this trepidation would query one's dilution. A frailty for the capacity to take a life as one's integrity should isolate them from the utmost means to experience such an event. Why then, should one who qualms over death, be issued a driver's license?

We will now disengage from this methodology of annotations and soon begin with a new observational format -- a multimedia series entitled, 'Surveillance'.
Update - FSPW Hell-O-Ween 4
Fighting Spirit Professional Wrestling
Hell-O-Ween 4

Day 292 Year 67
(19, October 2007)

Gallery Billards
1925 Northgate Blvd.
Sarasota, Florida, North America
(Google Maps)

FSPW Florida Championship Semi-Finals
Torcher w/ Jelena vs. Mr. VIP Stone Cates

FSPW Florida Championship Semi-Finals
Lou Cypher vs. Ray Beez w/ Benny Bennet

Extreme Rules Match
CIA vs. La Familia Latina

Tag Team Championship
Barney Rumble & Deathrow (c) vs. Pretty Fly & Bobby Wolfert

Mark Zout vs. Myles Long vs. Jerome Hendrix

FSPW Championship
Ricky Romeo (c) vs. Tv

More matches to be announced.
Card is subject to change.

Link: FSPWonline.com
Update - Top 9 In Development
1. Sphere - 01.01R (Maya)
2. Novel - Commons
3. Screenplay - Nameless
4. Professional Wrestling
5. Short Films - Fooled
6. Screenplay - Morningside
7. Television Series - Dreams
8. Music Composition
9. Tier Education System

Update - FSPW Charity Event
Day 264 Year 67
FSPW Charity Event
1925 Northgate Boulevard
Sarasota, Florida, North America

Tv vs. Michael Patrick vs. Hendrix
Hendrix pinned Michael Patrick

Battle Royal
Tv is eliminated by Myles Long and El Jugador

Elsewhere - Circulation, Cultivation and Condemnation
To what offset measure does a pure divinity manifest? The 'western wall' of the Temple Mount is considered the most holiest of sites due to it's alleged 'close proximity' to the most sacred location on the Temple Mount. A temple that has twice been razed. In illustrating the non-singular variance, a fabricated distanced presumption personifies a faith.

If a physicist utilizes a pre-existing equation for a solution, does this not simply make them merely a mathematician?

Further evidence of the misconstruing of global warming's human inception; religious leaders have harmonized over their spiritual concerns for the planet and have gathered in unison near an ice sheet in Greenland for prayer.

The while, a more pragmatic census cultivated --

Link: http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show ... 6495.shtml

The condemned man shudders as he is strapped into the wooden chair, "Will this hurt?" The warden replies, "No, no. Not at all. We don't have any intention of hurting you. Now, do you have any final words."

Mrs. Walker, when refuting others' perceptions that a person born with a handicap will suffer from a societal deficiency and then to suffix this assertion with accounts of your own children's suffering is commonly called a contradiction. Additionally, validating your biological existence by perpetuating your genetic abnormality is in fact an egocentric act.

A rather interesting yardstick for character validation --

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/6988155.stm

Ultrasonic welding -- the under appreciated line sprayer of the welding world. I should probably point out that this was in fact a baseball analogy.

Million dollar marketing campaigns for flavored water the while millions struggle to grasp the untainted variety.

Based on my viewing of Hispanic television, I question whether or not they even sell pantalones femeninos en Mexico.

The events surrounding Michael Nicholson is yet another departing catalyst.

My disassociation inventory broadens -- Mel Gibson, Dean Semler and John Wright. The perpetrators behind Apocolptya.

Though previously stated in several humorous and stolid remarks over the last five years, once again science ultimately resonates --

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6982184.stm

An illustration of the elapsing of particular languages; Two hundred years ago, the Latin word 'omnibus' defined a horse drawn carriage both in English and in several other languages. One hundred years ago, the adaptation of combustion evolved this means of transportation into an 'automated bus' or 'autobus'. One hundred years on, the English language evolved the 'automated bus' into 'bus' the while the majority of Europeans and South Americans perpetuated 'autobus'.

Why is there absolutely no validated criterion for the theory that all matter was once restrained into a space no larger than a pencil eraser? This reasoning that though all matter harbors mass (Higgs Boson), it was adept at such confines, is irrational. Sporadic reciprocal vortices reaching critical non-emaciated thermal mass is my response. Quote it bitches.

What exactly does the Sanford Police Department require with a PT Cruiser?

Recurrences innumerable. Florida drivers commonly elevate their left leg away from the floor-board. Without question, this contributes to their gross ineptitude.

Prepare yourself...for this shall be my most optimistic moment of the year. Though an 87 per cent incompetence quotient, I am confident of an assured 100 per cent utility?

Pulling a rat trap like ploy on a midget and having it backfire -- I do not even know who you are anymore WWE.

Is Jack Reed a Muppet?

The heavens defied by inspirational ingenuity --

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/6993373.stm

The psychological premise of a 'cage match' is to thwart the opponent from leaving or from additional competitors entering, but apparently TNA unearths obscurity in authenticity.

Phil Mickelson is, "...tired from the season for this new playoff format." Hundreds of thousands of dollars, exotic locations and the bilateral vacillation of a frail graphite shaft? Pussy.

Photographs of yourself with or without other inhabitants of your dwelling, therefore displayed in a non-public domain, is an extracted deplorable egotism and purely nauseating...for those unknowning.

Climatologists are prognostic, therefore instantaneously invalidating by proxy of estimation.

Rescue workers commence their tasks upon a hypothetical concaved plane to which is why there are few as formidable.

Cancer is an incurable affliction. The corrupted cellular composition can be reconstructed yet not without a gross deviation to the nominal biology of the specimen. There will not ever be a vaccine nor cure, merely amendments.

Halo 3, Halo Wars, Starcraft II. The world will likely suffer an attention interval.

Elderly ladies adore pocket doors and laud credit fraud.

The red bike. The bike is red. The bike, red. You just experienced a conceptual analysis of linguistic progression.

Thank you Garth Brooks for reminding all that, "...one of God's greatest gifts, are unanswered prayers." How apt. Though he is a zealot, we shall award him a punch card regardless.

The father herds his children to the large glass visage. "Look at the fish! Look at the fish!" An unreasonable redundancy at an aquarium. Be specific.

Einstein imposed that no craft could ever travel at the velocity of light due to the burgeoning storage of the corresponding propulsionary mass. Who ever stated that the accelerant was domestic?

Praise is bestowed upon author Lisa Miller for an inquisitive article regarding Mormon polygamy. Within their fundamentals, upon marriage, you are 'sealed' in life and beyond. If you are then widowed, you are permitted to marry -- to become sealed again, therefore a duality in afterlife defying an anti-polygamial posture.

A duel staged meagerness -- "$149 Divorces". First regards fee concept. The perception that reducing the numeral by one from a rounded figure as deceptive, infuses irrationality. The second considers the bargainized severances of an obliged affinity, marketed as such. Soon there will be weekend shopper adverts in the Thursday paper.

Over your minutes? Take advantage of our new unlimited minutes plan and receive a complimentary CAT scan.

Tis be true that there be no finer lasses than that found on the isles of Ireland and Scotland as recent experiences held.

An addition to the Fall Film Medley --

Harboring cast members from Arrested Development in the midst of Jason Reitman's Aaron Sorkin-est witty impetuosity.

Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=22959