Have to start seriously contemplating size issues for #Miter. 100K file is not tragic but it is also inefficient. 500K file...that is tragic. Thinking file size creates new file. Requires numerous adaptive parameters in every code. I hate code! 22:21:46 363 017 Miter
Elsewhere - One Night Only
Self-elation turns to scorn as "Surveillance" recants by days. Having the bane of wisdom bearing girth and time a meager adversary, Elsewhere provisionally returns.

The literal definition of "seasons greetings" equates to "fill in the blank". How comfortable we have become to our terse abstractions and evasions that our own interactions are willingly deceived. Many find "seasons greetings" the nontoxic act of compliance, yet when you objectify the expression itself, it fails even a diminutive dialogue. Examine the phrase. It is imploring you to fashion a response for you to distinguish. "Seasons" – you thusly labor to define your particular affiliation. "Greetings" – a cache of responses rolodex through your mind. It is a disassociatived passive labored discourse.

A fundamental vehicular/societal etiquette lesson: Whilst traveling down a single lane, if you are proceeding under the posted speed limit, the rear vehicle has moral allowance to crowd you. If the limit is achieved, the rear vehicle should safely fall back in the midst of acknowledgement. If they fail to do so, as lead vehicle, your obligation is to slow to a snail’s pace infuriating the rear driver into performing irrational acts of melodious cursing and hand gesturing, only to shortly gallop to the posted speed limit, deceiving the rear driver into believing he has charged forward, only to be limited once again. Discipline and punishment will thusly be regurgitated as you again decelerate.

Longer films equate less revenue accounting for fewer screenings. Subsequently, outlay increases to accommodate larger budgets for longer films. The movie going experience hindrances.

I have uncovered the flaw in the developmental dispensation of the black culture. Internal monologue. An internalized monologue apportions precognitive analysis preceding tendering a consequence. Several habituated characteristics negate this action, as exampled by a survey of disposition and dissonant vocalizations. (The pending "Surveillance" media series will explore this further.)

I am partaking in a prohibition of all Japanese and Indian film makers for their ostensibly requisite analogous configuration.

Geniuside (jeen·yes·cyd) v. – 1. Diversionary self-beguiled confliction.

Get your punch cards out, I have found another fundamental blemish in the religious argument. Faith is the preeminent indicator for one’s precepts, yet for one to boast faith, one much affix this to a primary article. Solicit your religion opponent for this singularity –- "What is one thing that makes you believe?" Here is the twist, when they objectify a response, it will almost certainly be of an ethereal sentiment. At this time, you will imply that your question itself was what singularity coerces this faith. You cannot believe in faith. The moment they covet a truly recognizable response, go get yourself a free Dippin’ Dots.

You now have the opportunity to ask Tv to decipher anything? No subject is indifferent, no query preposterous -- until I declare it of course. Using the form to your right, enter your electronic mailing address and question and if your issue is commendable enough, you may see a response posted here on Brainwashed and tvmiller.com.
Morningside and Batman: Greed
A page and extension for the screenplays 'Morningside' and 'Batman: Greed' are now available under the Entertainment menu.
FSPW 313/67 Sarasota, F.L., N.A. Results
FSPW Charity Event
Day 313 Year 67
FSPW Arena (Gallery Billards)
Sarasota, Florida, North America
Tv vs. The Hardcore Conquistador
Tv was pinned by The Hardcore Conquistador
(Video Pending)

Note: Multimedia from FSPW appearances on 264, 292 and 313 will become available soon after obtaining the video from the in-house photographers.
Ask Tv - Why do we need time zones?
casey.mapp@gmail.com asks Tv the question: Why do we need time zones?

Coincidently, this has been a plaguing interest of mine since the inception of the live orbital time clock a few years back. To resolve whether or not this is simply a romanticism of indistinct symmetry, we must look upon the origin of format as we have within the utilization of the orbital time clock.

Time is a measurement of a sequence of instances. Existence itself experiences segmented frames, as if upon a roll of film, each frame is a snap shot of time/existence. To calculate any measure of time, we must have a set point (frame) in time as a defined origin. From this, we can observe the set position of any object in a static environment. At the static time frame of 19:47:32:04... we can observe all elements of existence prefaced to the next.

When we utilize this invariable depiction, we determine point A (Earth’s first conventional planetary structural subsistence) as the initiation of the measure of orbital time (hours, minutes, days, years and et cetera). At this moment, we subsequently take into perspective relative position to the Sun as geographic origin and determine that the following segmentations of the surface of the Earth to the parallel trajectory of the Sun as a contemporary measure of time. 00:00:00:00 at longitude 1 degree is parallel to the Sun the while longitude 0 degrees has reached an origin measure of 00:00:00:01.

This is inaccurate to the static origin of planetary structural subsistence. To allocate the preface for planetary orbital time, our fixed epoch must contain a completed element. Upon this accomplished origin as definition of a planetary body, a 360 degree surface area obliges simultaneous zero origins. Therefore, the static image of longitude 1 at 00:00:00:00 is concurrently zeroed out at longitude 0.

Therefore casey.mapp@gmail.com, time zones are an ethereal discernment. Understandably, a desire for communal symmetry based on the variants of relative solar positioning would be favored, however, this is based on perfunctory conditioning of the correlation of time to day. At the moment, it would be difficult to subjugate one’s self to believing that though it is presently 1300 hours (01:00pm) where you reside, astronomically it is the middle of the night...it would in fact merely necessitate classical conditioning to alter this observation. Prolifically, the measure of time would be globally inert, therefore ensuring precision, clarity and classification relative to geographic position.

Thank you casey.mapp@gmail.com for asking Tv to resolve this quandary and now solicit the rest of you to Ask Tv anything and quite possibly have your rejoinder published here on tvmiller.com.
FSPW 1930/313/67 Sarasota, Florida, North America
FSPW Wrestling Live!
Time 1930 Day 313 Year 67
(9 November 2007 7:30pm)
Gallery Billards
1925 Northgate Blvd.
Sarasota, Florida, N.A.
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