Fall Film Medley Review, Mutations and Happy New Year
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Fall Film Medley Review
Not to recklessly tantalize your senses with my annual scrutiny of the holiday bazaar of films and having now viewed 8 films in a third as many days...following the first of the year, I will return with a inclusive appraisal of my previous selections and assessments of the Golden Globe nominees. Be forewarned, "Atonement" infuriated me the while my preceding cyclic pick, "Juno" was dead on.

Happy New Year
Joviality is not among my ornaments upon this new apex. The unblemished secret to subsisting in life is the variant forms of competitiveness found within the company that you keep. I have now lived 426 days without this periphery within my life and it tears my fortitude asunder.

Emulated from this, my greatest of failures, though plentiful, is my inability to give back to those from whom I took. Who now are no longer there...for reasons understood.

For this, I am sorry.

My resolution comes as resolution to my own loss of conviction. To indulge in the rivalry that encourages my dilution.

The world is asking for me.

Happy New Year.
In Development (356/67)
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1. Sphere
Maya, Day One Doctrine, Global Order Doctrine

2. Toilet Design
Splash-less contours

3. Surveillance (Irresolute Title)
Pre-production (Ep. 1x1, 1x2)

4. Screenplay Morningside
Rewrite, 3rd Draft

5. Screenplay Batman: Greed
Rewrite, 2nd Draft

6. Comic Strip Politicks
Two new strips currently being illustrated.

7. Short Film Foreseen
Pre-production (Location Scouting)

8. Professional Wrestling
FSPW 11/68 (11 Jan 2007)

9. Electric Tambourine

10. Anti-Gravity
Recent successful research in scaled modeling has
led to tremendous advancements.

11. Walkway Design
Eclectic styled walking path design

12. Merchandise
Apparel, novelty gifts, attuned holiday greetings and more.
FSPW 1930 11/68 Sarasota, Florida, North America
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FSPW Wrestling Live!
Time 1930 Day 11 Year 68
(7:30pm 11 January 2008)
Gallery Billards
1925 Northgate Blvd.
Sarasota, Florida, N.A.
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New Message Board
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Sphere - Coup d'Etat Flyer (1st Draft)
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Preview the first draft of the circular to rouse the notions of a revolution, substantiated by the contemporary global order doctrine drafted by Tv Miller and Sphere.

Coup d'Etat Flyer (1st Draft)