Fall Film Medley, Globes Review and '68 Film Variety Hour
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Following an unprecedented personal record viewing of 15 theatrical featured films in under 12 days, the "holiday Hollywood drift" as it were, I can now return to you with a 87% accurate analysis of my Fall Film Medley '67 picks from this past summer, accrued Golden Globes nominations and previews for this less marketable year.

Rehash Fall Film Medley '67 (1-5)
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September Dawn (?)
Abandoned the theatre so quickly, was unable to gesture it with likely timid blandness.

Mr. Bean's Holiday (2)
Let us lay to rest Mr. Bean.

Right At Your Door (?)
Orlando thusly became a notoriously vacant market for abstract films. Awaiting digital release.

War (2)
Flagged as an exception, failed to achieve pity.

Balls of Fury (2)
A far descendent of the now cutting edge classical format.

The Brother's Solomon (?)
The dollar theatre struggles to house this long enough.

Shoot Em' Up (3)
Knowingly a cathartic reinvention of the animated formulaic action venture, a persuasive viewing. To note; Monica Belluci dared not, though my eyes clearly deceived, and thankful.

The Brave One (5)
The occasional vigilante seasoned tale this time told gender neutral, Jodie remains distant which does her well. Cinematography and direction was well fashioned and morally unhasty. Most favored cinema poster to date.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (5)
I stood back in daring, yet came to and consider this one of the finer pictures of this past year. A film maker and audience is once again reminded that motion pictures, not words, imparts the story. An Affleck leaves an impression, my stomach churns.

Lust, Caution (?)
A foreign film abandoned in an uncultured fickle Orlando? Imagine that.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2)
Sorely disappointed with a lack of every nucleus of story telling.

Margot at the Wedding (?)
Still awaiting release apparently.

The Darjeeling Limited (5)
Wes Anderson's long return to his remarkable pedigree and thus became a sage of dexterous film making.

American Gangster (4)
A Scott deserves little else than praise when discarding CGI, Ridley honed an admirable photography though comparably a less grand endeavor.

No Country for Old Men (?)
Surely proving Orlando should never declare itself a cinematic paradisio as one and one half weeks was the extent of theatrical circulation.

I Am Legend (2)
"Castaway" in a CGI dilapidated New York...no qualms there. Virally infected humans with "rabies"-like symptoms 'roaring' and graphed by Manga artists?! Were we behind schedule, I ask?

Juno (5)
You cannot tell me that Reitman is not a descendent of a whet Anderson. Perhaps being an extra in Ghostbusters causes a great influence upon a person. My suggestion to all, let Bateman lead you to quality. Follow the Bateman.

Honorable Mention
Mr. Magorium, decent until she became peculiar, Bateman exemption.
We Own The Night, best car chase cinematography ever.
Black Snake Moan, an underdog revelation.
300 is cinema artistry.
Waitress is hilarious for those who know.
Knocked Up, Superbad and Apatow, a tally.
Live Free or Die Hard reinvents a classic.
Into The Wild, crafted by Penn, difficult to say something nice.
(Further commendations discussed in the Golden Globes segment...)

Dishonorable Mention
Dragon Wars, first walk out in 10 years.
23, a median between cruel and humored abstraction Mr. Carrey.
Blades of Glory, has Heder annoyed everyone yet?
Grindhouse, a joint venture of Spy Kids and From 'Dusk Till Dawn.
The Bourne Ultimatum, is that a threat? Felt like one.
Shia LeBeouf anything! And for that matter, anything Costner as well.

Golden Globes Nominations Notes

Best Picture (Motion Picture)
Atonement revealed that not all stories can be told. Laboring for an hour to an apparently accurate tale, to then be abashed by deceit and a keenly wrapped up ending was a neglectful exploitation. There Will Be Blood proves we do not matter when deciphering quality as there are few who have seen it, as it is unreleased. Winner: No Country For Old Men...a personal reliance on Coen precision.

Best Actress (Motion Picture)
This will seethe clarity in acting as Jolie was the only of the few to endeavor such a task. A Mighty Heart was a well orchestrated caricature.

Best Actor (Motion Picture)
There is a certain pleasure to see McAvoy the least likely candidate, due to a lack of performance in a flawed feature. He spoke fewer words than an Arnold/Terminator role, though within the same level of zeal. Anticipate Day-Lewis since we are ambivalent.

Best Musical or Comedy
Across The Universe was a surprisingly stable and affable film, sorting a varied cast to an appeasing story, abstract within measure. Todd was the bile of the Burton loft. Sacha Cohen should be mitigated from cellophane, though Helena Bonham Carter Burton Esquire was congenial. Wilson's War was shallow for a comedy, and I don't quite recall music. Winner: Juno for it's sharp, sincere and illusory wit. I am aware of the outward contradiction.

Best Actress (Musical or Comedy)
The root system of organics establishes that though Amy Adams is praised, it is unlikely. Her role was not congenial with the opposing textures applied. Sticking to Juno and Page.

Best Actor (Musical or Comedy)
We return to the title of this category as acting. There are two that exceeded this margin of the five. John C. Riley who exceeded this by contributing to more than just imagery and stretched capability regardless of premise, and the winner Ryan Gosling who broke distinctiveness of moderation that Hanks or Hoffman endowed and generated a genuinely gratifying film in Lars and the Real Girl.

Supporting Actress
Amy Ryan in...bear with me...a rather unexpected distinctively authoritarian cinematic venture entitled Gone Baby Gone. If I were to remove the title and alter all Affleck names to something irresponsive, I would have uttered the word "bravura". Yet, I cannot.

Supporting Actor
Again, my thoughts are perverted from normalcy as I breach my contract with heaven and hell by saying that Affleck was the far superior performer in the Jesse James film. Javier needled one position the while Affleck had to muster a duality.

Animated Feature
A vote of no confidence.

Foreign Language
Guess: The Diving Bell and The Butterfly

Best Director
Due to my menial selections, I narrow it to the fine cinematic texture of American Gangster or No Country. Winner: Coen's...again by faithful perception paired by contrast.

Best Screenplay
As an admirer of Aaron Sorkin, I'd say Coen's again with my ethereal prayers towards Cody.

Best Original Score
I can not even recall the bile that likely rattles from Atonement, therefore having some recollection of Into The Wild as being distinctive, there you go.

Best Original Song
I beckon you to not guffaw: Walk Hard, as I have advised others in person, conducted a literally amazing lyrical score. It exceeded expectations and is deserving of recognition. Clint will likely get the pass.

Television. To where we now venture and my incensed inner rage towards a certain benign collective saddled by a lack of idiosyncratic buoyancy leads to:

Best Drama (Television)
House. Yet, I don't really care.

Best Actress (Drama)
The list is embarrassing in and of itself.

Best Actor (Drama)
Hugh Laurie, I am certain he is the only that is performing.

Best Musical or Comedy (Television)
If one has not absorbed a single astounding, unapproachable and bewilderingly inimitable episode of Pushing Daises, then you are far less of a sincere parishioner of television anecdotes.

Best Actress (Musical or Comedy)
Tina Fey. Aside from the gender opposing Baldwin, she is the keystone behind it's success.

Best Actor (Musical or Comedy)
If one were to ever see the broad range that Lee Pace facilitates with or without this television vehicle, then you would agree.

The rest could be buried chest deep in the sands of the Sahara and I would not care...this time around.

Tv's '68 Film Variety Hour (Pre-Text)


Indiana Jones (Spielberg)
Hancock (Follow the Bateman!)
Fool's Gold
The Pineapple Express (Rogen and Apatow)
Revolutionary Road (Dicaprio, don't screw this up.)

Rambo (Rocky was decent.)
21 (Sturgess, Bosworth and Spacey)
Space Chimps (Andy Samburg is reason enough.)
The List (One exemption so far.)
Starship Dave (Screenplay by Bill Corbett)
City of Ember
The Great Buck Howard

In the Name of the King
10,000 B.C. (Independence Day is not street cred.)
Charlie Barlett (Bueller Sequel?)
The Day The Earth Stood Still (Crime! Keanu?! Capital offense!)
Ace Ventura Jr.
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Happy New Years (Seasonal Adaptation)
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Ah, the New Year's season. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire and Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Yuletide carols being sung by a choir, and folks dressed up like Eskimos. (Applicable only in Northern Hemispheres.) And so I'm offering this simple phrase, to kids from one to ninety-two. Although it's been said many times, many ways, Happy New Years to you.

The vestige of unwrapped New Year's presents, ribbons and bows, lay strewn about the floor under the brightly lit and garnished New Year's tree. Stockings, now emptied, hang from the mantle with care, below New Year's holiday cards from loved ones. Outside, since the turn of the hour hand, the merriment of the celebration and rewards of a passing year fulfilled are heard from children's and adult's voices alike. For 4,567,724,068 years, we again celebrate the most eldest notable event on Earth.

Happy New Years.
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Fall Film Medley Review
Not to recklessly tantalize your senses with my annual scrutiny of the holiday bazaar of films and having now viewed 8 films in a third as many days...following the first of the year, I will return with a inclusive appraisal of my previous selections and assessments of the Golden Globe nominees. Be forewarned, "Atonement" infuriated me the while my preceding cyclic pick, "Juno" was dead on.

Happy New Year
Joviality is not among my ornaments upon this new apex. The unblemished secret to subsisting in life is the variant forms of competitiveness found within the company that you keep. I have now lived 426 days without this periphery within my life and it tears my fortitude asunder.

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For this, I am sorry.

My resolution comes as resolution to my own loss of conviction. To indulge in the rivalry that encourages my dilution.

The world is asking for me.

Happy New Year.