Tv Radio Show versus Elsewhere
13:0.47 51-08 OTC
For the last several weeks (OT Week/5 days), I have performed numerous dry runs of the Tv Radio Show and have repeatedly failed to unearth a modicum of comfort for the method of the delivery of information. As the content has become more bountiful, deviation from 'TRS' becomes more amenable. The flaw in design lays with the singularity of the project. The application of the oral dissertation format was to disseminate with more clarity though without aides of exchange, I found myself more muted.

Due to this suspension of this format of content delivery, I have decided to reinstate the Elsewhere annotations until the configuration of the vocalized alternative is amended and applied.
New Illustration Added - Jennifer Lynn Collins Tattoo
12:1.37 49-08 OTC
A short time ago I was requisitioned by Jennifer Lynn Collins to illustrate a tattoo of two birds to be placed on her upper-rear-right shoulder. This project has since been terminated. The incomplete first draft of this illustration is now available under the Illustrations link (Miscellaneous).

Link: Illustrations
Tv Radio Show Premiere
19:6.56 48-08 OTC
Privateer, tyrant or savior? Find out this week (orbital time week = 5 days) on the podcast premiere of the Tv Radio Show.

Link: Tv Radio Show
Relocation Warning (LOTC-Widget, Images, Links)
13:22.50 43-08 OTC
As we bid farewell to Globat (Los Angeles) and greet our new host iWeb (Montreal), we will be undergoing a series of address scripting alterations and refinements within our infrastructure which you may immediately notice if you have placed images, links or files upon your website. Within the next few days, we will amend as many of these misdirections as possible and encourage you to update any of these mirrors (LOTC-Widget, et cetera) with our new scripting.
New Feature: Text Resize
08:19.11 41-08 OTC
Several individuals over the past few years have grumbled about the diminutive size of the text featured on this website. Having some degree of understanding for those visually impaired, I have added a feature available on the access bar to the right that will automatically resize the majority of text on each individual page integrated with this website.