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Assessment Series
A noticeable deluge of internet traffic descended upon a restaurant review I lobbied some time ago which has encouraged the advent of a protracted amalgamation of my invulnerable cynicism, analytics and cultivated discriminations into the review series, Assessment. Stay tuned.
The Best of Vegas Air Hockey Tournament
At a cost to camaraderie and wealth, two men did siege the pressurized field for over 190 contests in an aging year. It was nearly a decade ago when Tv Miller left Daniel Levitch in a skeptical bereavement. Ever since, an underlying angst disquieted their core.

In less than 50 days, two men will cross the barren desert and become immersed within the commerce of debauchery and entertainment, all to settle a score.

Announcing the first ever 'Best of' air hockey tournament. The premise is new yet composedly simple. This inaugural 'Best of' event will draw these two competitors to Las Vegas, Nevada (North America) where within the confines of a specified region (The Strip/Fremont Street), each contest must be waged at a different facility within the breadth of 24 hours. The participant with the most victories will leave as champion of the 'Best of Vegas' tournament.

Stay tuned for more information including a sneak peak at the ascribed 'Best of Vegas' mock-umentary.

Link: The Best of Vegas Air Hockey Tournament
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Elsewhere - Revisiting Contradiction
After a grueling hiatus of vocally weathering the tragic sedation of civility and rationale, we return again with our customary skewed linguistic virtues (though with a slight alteration to format) to enlighten as a plea.

The pacing of 'uniting nations' by the namesaked organization holds certain abstractions one might find contrary. The body of international elite implore you to isolate yourself if you are suited to the needs of religious/ethnic segregation (Kosovo) the while cognizant of certain indignation should you decline their immediate intervention in your activities (Burma/Myanmar).

An The Waste Goes To...
Shiva, Gabriel, Zues, God, Balki, Dr. Cox and Harry Potter. Humanity has crafted a tremendous ethereal population on a consciousness parallel (abiding to a sense of para-reality that these characters exist) and perceptively, would quadruple the world population. True in more aspects than readily perceived. Consider this...each of these individual fictional characters consumes a volume of resources through various conduits and purports discourse for their actions. By proxy of production methodology, whether film, television, novella, musical, theatrical or even short stories scribbled by a 10 year old, time and resources will have been consumed for this fictional progeny. A television production facility will utilize several employees and resources to generate an authentic environment for a faux existence. Real electricity, actual water, genuine food and the relevant consumption of time for a fictional entity, therefore this ethereal individual participates in the symmetrics of the human existence without recompense. Fictional characters are the foremost degenerates.

Both A and B
Enabling the populace with sincerity during 'immense' natural disasters is quite embroidered when abstinence is hardly conventional within destitute cultures. Burma, China, New Orleans -- high concentrations of overindulgent lineages versus Kansas, California, Spain -- educated, nuclear families. The yardstick of anguish defined by self-immoderation.

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Megan's options:
1. Block user
2. Hang self

Link: http://abcnews.go.com/TheLaw/story?id=4 ... amp;page=1

Woodstock Footage
I always like to find time in my day to retort a hippie with exposing their frequent irrational dissents with clever un-thought-of ambiguities. It's my thing. Anywho, here's another: If a hippie drinks a soda, inform them that they are contributing to the sequestration, distribution and effervescence of greenhouse gas annihilating carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. And those Mentos/Diet Coke students...planet killers -- purportedly.

Obligatory Tax
Florida is littered with highways impassable without an intermittent levy and these intrusive impasses breach humane civility and sincere vilification. Immersed upon a roadway of high velocity, you are suddenly required to cease and confront a booth where you then dispense your hard earned quarters. Often times you are obliged to break a paper denomination with an attendant who you greet with a sub-jovial smirk and depart with a gratitude. It is in this moment, courteousness becomes disconsolate.

Ethical IED
Domestic civilians during international war time engage information from the entertainment and news medium as apparatuses for personalized perspectives. These resources subsequently define the popularized slant. What can be then told is the metamorphosis from globalized patriotism to a domestic selfishness. Films, television and news through the '40's' and '60's' entailed the hardships and applauded the accomplishments of the solider submerge in the atmosphere of war. During the '70's' and well into today, the narratives distorted into home front adversities of families and protestors. These stories of angst by home bound brethren covetously skews the pertinent exertion of global relations and individual achievements.

Separation of Church and State of Mind
A diamond studded cross pendant. It appears that I often neglect to bear in mind that Jesus hailed opulence during his tenure as savior.

Jesus II: Hang'em High
The second coming is every so often flouted by zealots when remarking on the penury of humanity. Having surpassed the previous earmarked rendezvous eight years ago, one must ask, where is he/she? I can answer with why would, he/she? The first 'arrival' of the biblical version of Jesus Christ was during a time of religious turmoil, when Christianity was null and it's previous incarnation as Judaism was mired. Today, Islam, Christianity, Catholicism and it's Jesusian offspring flourish in numbers around the world regardless of context or reasoning. If a 'second coming' were to be practical, one might imagine the utility of it would be to reincarnate a belief in a Christian god, which is hardly a scarcity in civilization today.

On that note, a recent discourse by Albert Einstein, an amateur theoretical (and constantly misstated and refuted) mathematician, was auctioned in London this past week. In the letter to a philosopher, Einstein stated several perspectives on religious convictions that has restored some modicum of reverence for the man.

Link: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id ... _article=1

Adoration: Sold
Though not an authority on the subject, as a perception-ist and evident experimenter, I am quite capable of enlightening the fervent listener to the disparities of love in order to truly define your present or pending environmental condition. Ownership versus ally. You will find two variants that will delineate the posture of your relationship. As in a business arrangement, the ownership clause exhibits one seeking a reciprocal consequence, perhaps materialistic or psychological, often both. This requires a more grounded pair of individuals. An allied relationship presents one seeking parallels or competitiveness, often both. Such a condition obliges the nomadic and applies this as a means to supplementing the milieu rather than in an ownership condition which seeks to occupy a vacancy.

Foot in Mouth Disease
It is likely inevitable to soon see a preemptive warning sign indicating a wet floor sign is in use 'This facility utilizes wet floor signs following the cleaning of footing surfaces. Please use caution.' Quote me!

Having not exhumed my angst in some time, there is a remarkable quantity of disgust I have loitering my notes, so rest assured you will find your fill over the next several weeks (OT Week/5 Days)...check back often.

You are now abandoned, to recompense the world a with a moment of logic pompositering; If an insect retains sensorial memory, strategic meditation is applied. Subsequently analytics denotes intellect.
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