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'.. if it were medicine .. they would call it medicine,' was some thing similar to what George Carlin had said.
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Assessment - China Jade Mongolian Barbeque Review
China Jade Mongolian Barbeque
819 Herndon Avenue
Orlando, Florida, North America 32803

Date: 1630 102/4068
Genre: Chinese Buffet/Mongolian Barbeque
Serving: $9.95 (Dinner)

For those unaware, this thematic genre entitles one to assemble uncooked foods (a variety of meats, vegetables and sauces) before forwarding it to a chef who employs a colossal circular hibachi-style grill where he/she proceeds to cook your mélange. This particular location detracts from this exceptional experience. Vegetable portions (carrots, cucumbers, et cetera) were oversized and an encumbrance to serve into the bowl. Sauce discretions were dreadfully inadequate having only five distinctively different types to choose from rather than a variance of each or supplemental brews. The garlic was particularly insipid. During grilling, the contents are excessively drenched in water and then disappointedly served on a plate rather than in a bowl which disperses the combination of flavors salvoed by the sauces, lessening the meat/vegetable saturation. The buffet is generous in offering the traditional faire in addition to sporadic seafood medleys, brilliantly supplemented with sushi, salads and desserts. One unique attribute was the self-service ice cream bar offering a plethora of exceptional flavors. The atmosphere is that of a cafeteria and the staff caters to little else than of that impression, which is nothing obscure. My recommendation is to consider this establishment as a last resort should there be no other locations privy.

Rating: 2 of 5
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The Reckless Driver Database
With over 700 million automobiles currently operating worldwide, it is inevitable that the growing lack of applicable consciousness will generate recklessness. Something as seemingly benign as a turn signal is now habitually avoided, regardless of the criminality and endangering of lives it's absence instigates.

Coherence is our strategy. As you cautiously campaign on the world's infrastructure, you will most certainly be inconvenienced, menaced or imperiled by a reckless driver. Impart your civic duty of protecting others by recording that irresponsible and careless driver's automobile license code and posting it here on our elite reckless driver database.

Unlike the excessively complex or ungainly socialized alternatives, this database is undemanding and generalized. Your actions contribute to a definition of character and a single offense purports the concern for further transgressions.

No membership, registration or fees required!

Link: Reckless Driver Database
FSPW 102/4068 Show Delayed (Press Release)
From: FSPW
Date: 97/4068 (6-April-08)
Re: FSPW 102/4068 Show Venue

Gallery Billiards regrets to inform you that our new venue located on 17th Street in Sarasota, FL is still waiting on approval from the city, and will not be open in time for our upcoming show with the FSPW. If you need more information on this situation, please call (941) 364-3863. FSPW would like to apologize to all its fans and talent for any inconvenience this may cause, as it is something beyond our control. FSPW will still be holding this special event in the future, with the date TBD upon Gallery Billiards opening.
FSPW 1900 102/4068 (Updated)
FSPW Florida Championship Match
Bonez the Cutthroat (c) vs. Tv
1900 102/4068 (7:00pm 12-April-2008)
The New Gallery Billards (New Location)
2425 17th Street, Sarasota, FL, NA
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