Assessment - China Jade Mongolian Barbeque Review
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China Jade Mongolian Barbeque
819 Herndon Avenue
Orlando, Florida, North America 32803

Date: 1630 102/4068
Genre: Chinese Buffet/Mongolian Barbeque
Serving: $9.95 (Dinner)

For those unaware, this thematic genre entitles one to assemble uncooked foods (a variety of meats, vegetables and sauces) before forwarding it to a chef who employs a colossal circular hibachi-style grill where he/she proceeds to cook your mélange. This particular location detracts from this exceptional experience. Vegetable portions (carrots, cucumbers, et cetera) were oversized and an encumbrance to serve into the bowl. Sauce discretions were dreadfully inadequate having only five distinctively different types to choose from rather than a variance of each or supplemental brews. The garlic was particularly insipid. During grilling, the contents are excessively drenched in water and then disappointedly served on a plate rather than in a bowl which disperses the combination of flavors salvoed by the sauces, lessening the meat/vegetable saturation. The buffet is generous in offering the traditional faire in addition to sporadic seafood medleys, brilliantly supplemented with sushi, salads and desserts. One unique attribute was the self-service ice cream bar offering a plethora of exceptional flavors. The atmosphere is that of a cafeteria and the staff caters to little else than of that impression, which is nothing obscure. My recommendation is to consider this establishment as a last resort should there be no other locations privy.

Rating: 2 of 5
Assessment Series
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A noticeable deluge of internet traffic descended upon a restaurant review I lobbied some time ago which has encouraged the advent of a protracted amalgamation of my invulnerable cynicism, analytics and cultivated discriminations into the review series, Assessment. Stay tuned.
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The Best of Vegas Air Hockey Tournament
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At a cost to camaraderie and wealth, two men did siege the pressurized field for over 190 contests in an aging year. It was nearly a decade ago when Tv Miller left Daniel Levitch in a skeptical bereavement. Ever since, an underlying angst disquieted their core.

In less than 50 days, two men will cross the barren desert and become immersed within the commerce of debauchery and entertainment, all to settle a score.

Announcing the first ever 'Best of' air hockey tournament. The premise is new yet composedly simple. This inaugural 'Best of' event will draw these two competitors to Las Vegas, Nevada (North America) where within the confines of a specified region (The Strip/Fremont Street), each contest must be waged at a different facility within the breadth of 24 hours. The participant with the most victories will leave as champion of the 'Best of Vegas' tournament.

Stay tuned for more information including a sneak peak at the ascribed 'Best of Vegas' mock-umentary.

Link: The Best of Vegas Air Hockey Tournament
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