Assessment - Transcend Online Review
13:36.33 90-08 OTC
Transcend Information Incorporated
Los Angeles, California, North America

Date: 150/4068
Product(s): 4GB JetFlash T3 (TS4GJFT3K)
Cost(s): $22.90 US (+5.00 s&h)

Ease of use no longer seems to apply to the evolution of electronics...miniaturization does. Flash memory drives have revolutionized the methods we store data and leading the way is Transcend Information Inc. Years ago when 'flash keys' were appearing on the market, I was eager to acquire with assured perspective for their application and have again found an even more germane next-generation product. JetFlash T3ís are immensely sophisticated and convenient and as they augment in capacity, they will become more widely recognized as the standardization for transferable data storage, free of blinking LEDs and ineffectual crystal displays. Transcend Online maneuvers fluidly as a typical online storefront and pricing is remarkably low for a manufacturer. A single hang up came during my first purchase by way of the shipping methods. UPS was defined as the proprietor however is was in fact a USPS/UPS Mail Innovations route which created a deviation. A manager at the facility was attentively supportive and resolved this issue to the best of his ability and proceeded to aide in any future purchases which I have since completed. The products arrived promptly and have functioned with superior characteristics and without the now evident market/spam additions 'flash keys' are commonly embedded with.

Link: ... =TS4GJFT3K

Rating: 5 of 5
Latin American Wrestling Update
22:14.6 84-08 OTC
1930 228/4068
Latin American Wrestling
Mor versus (tba)
8440 N. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, Florida, North America
Admission $8.00(US)

1930 256/4068
Latin American Wrestling
Mor versus (tba)
8440 N. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, Florida, North America
Admission $8.00(US)
Politicks (160/4068)
14:24.15 80-08 OTC

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World Trade II: Hard Target

Observations Archives Updated
12:47.23 80-08 OTC
The Observations Archives ('4063-65) have been restored and reconditioned into a searchable database. The links (4) are currently available under the Literature category.

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Indentations and Professional Wrestling
02:54.13 80-08 OTC
I have found myself in one of those rare occasions 2.35 years later when one can not decide between watching Roger Rabbit or Castaway because they are the only reasonable programming on television the while intermingling the acknowledgement that regardless of your obduracy, the person that most encapsulated the intimate colleague of your life's pursuits, you failed and shall never grasp again. Damn you Isabel. An unshared burden, I assure you.


Tv Miller -- in a manner of speaking, in some form or another -- returns to the 'square circle' on D180 (29-June) in an appearance with the novel Latin American Wrestling (LAW) organization out of Tampa/Sarasota. With a reinvention of the much fabled 'Mor' disposition (not merely a gimmick or character), three appearances are currently booked through the next several weeks. Check the Calendar to the right for more information as it becomes available.

180/4068 (29-June)
Latin American Wrestling
Tampa, Florida, North America

228/4068 (16-August)
Latin American Wrestling
Sarasota, Florida, North America

256/4068 (13-September)
Latin American Wrestling
Sarasota, Florida, North America