Elsewhere - Potentially Pending (in 2D)
21:47.14 153-08 OTC
Are you receiving any signals? (ref. G.J.M.)

A 1927 Elmer Gantry word origin; a term of endearment?!

Yearn for a leisurely weekend dip? Come to Frank G. Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California where the odds are against you, despite being a man-made tax paid rendezvous. (ref. 228/4068)

Electricity, the silent killer.

Is it truly practical to reason that traveling west is equivalent to traveling back through time?

Sneak Peak - 6:17
21:4.12 152-08 OTC
"...a generation of addicts is a continuum of oblivion."
Why would anyone take for themselves a nickname if they desired to be part of the masses?

A declaration is upon us.
Elsewhere - Multimedia-d Edition
16:13.15 150-08 OTC
Elsewhere will today delve into the new media era with our first of several multimedia'd editions harbinging the catalysts of our demise. Enjoy and repent.

Coexist [koh-ig-zist] v.
† †1. to exist together or at the same time.
† †2. to take your half out of the middle. (Hippie Ref.)

Excess [ik-ses] n.
† †1. the state of exceeding what is sufficient.
† † †Why are environmentalist blasť with receipt excess?
† †2. intemperance.

Guidance [gahyd-ns] n.
† †1. providing direction to a decision or a course of action.
Parenting [pair-uhn-ting, par-] n.
† †1. The rearing of a child, the care and guidance given by a parent.

Trailer Rape [trey-ler reyp] v.
† †1. to be psychologically violated by a superfluous warning.
† †2. a dismal or extraneous caution display.
Update - Bleach Your Whites
15:13.49 146-08 OTC
The United States of America, after immense scrutiny, has determined that Tv Miller does not satisfactorily meet the criteria for service with the armed forces -- and honestly, it is just as well. I have held tremendous reservations for a prolonged tolerance of a curriculum of 'God and Country' aside poised zealots.

We now return to our regular broadcasting schedule.

United States Armed Forces
Army (1460 Days)
Deadline: 319/4068

Operation: 1.1R
Paoua, Central African Republic, Africa
Deadline: 365/4068

Operation: 2.1R
Culiacan, Mexico, North America
Deadline: 349/4068

Operation: 3.1R
Mogadishu, Somaliland, Africa
Deadline: 365/4068