Warning - Objects In Mirrors
01:6.56 157-08 OTC
Finally a reason to stay tuned -- anticipate this internet website to be updated once a day over the next 5 days with editorials, assessments, the new "Where's Your Lord" featurette and Sphere's voting process. To reiterate; stay tuned.
An Excruciating Transitory Reiteration? (Suicide: A Healthy Substitute)
20:17.44 155-08 OTC
Translation: An Agonizing Temporary Reappearance? (Kill Me Now!)

After having subsisted 45 days in this economic cavity, Southern California has proven problematic and developmentally ruinous (1-4). A pleasure as always to evoke memories forgotten or to indulge in fatalities fashioned by my absence.

Regardless of loss, it is the deficiencies of acquisitions that is disconcerting. Having now crook'd my attention towards a more confined method of notoriety (S2.1R) objectivity turns to provisional resolution.

Where, is my grief. Stay tuned.
Elsewhere - Potentially Pending (in 2D)
21:47.14 153-08 OTC
Are you receiving any signals? (ref. G.J.M.)

A 1927 Elmer Gantry word origin; a term of endearment?!

Yearn for a leisurely weekend dip? Come to Frank G. Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California where the odds are against you, despite being a man-made tax paid rendezvous. (ref. 228/4068)

Electricity, the silent killer.

Is it truly practical to reason that traveling west is equivalent to traveling back through time?

Sneak Peak - 6:17
21:4.12 152-08 OTC
"...a generation of addicts is a continuum of oblivion."
Why would anyone take for themselves a nickname if they desired to be part of the masses?

A declaration is upon us.