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'.. if it were medicine .. they would call it medicine,' was some thing similar to what George Carlin had said.
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Assessment - LA Fitness (Valencia) Review
LA Fitness (Valencia)
28211 Newhall Ranch Road
Valencia, California, North America

Date: 186-218/4068
Genre: Athletic Club
Cost: $39 (Single Club Access)

Seemingly a rudimentary configuration, one might be led to believe that formulating and sustaining an athletic club would be relatively effortless. This would be true if the foundation of the business infrastructure was sound. This particular LA Fitness would stand on the equivalent of a several day old dried crumbling pile of feces. With numerous inadequacies, this athletic club fails to even make the grade. A cadre of noteworthy failures:

1. A defectively constructed plumbing system that disables the functionality of any of the water supplies (showers/faucets) - flushing a toilet to the sufferance of the bather should not reside in a commercial environment.

2. Frequent dilapidated machinery that musters for days. Loose hardware (bolts), damaged padding/grips and lack of lubrication.

3. Inadequate quantity of high volume equipment versus needless excessiveness of low volume apparatuses. A simple strap handle is often hard to come by during sluggish operating hours.

4. Uncleanly or often over-chlorinated pool - Band-Aids seeking residence?

5. Pallid operating hours deficient for a contemporarily employed young adult. Monday through Thursday 4-24. Friday 4-22. Saturday and Sunday 8-20.

Having resided in this middle-upper class locale for a scant three years, this athletic club sorely disappoints and I highly suggest avoidance at all costs, to even a degree of adopting a personalized budgeted home fitness regiment.

Cancelled - Best of Vegas Air Hockey Tournament
Due to the level of umbrage for either competitor, the opponents have breached any measure of collaboration. The tournament has therefore been cancelled.
Top 5 Sphere Destinations (202/4068)
1. Paoua, Central African Republic, Africa
2. Mogadishu, Somalia, Africa
3. Juarez, Mexico, North America
4. Bunia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa
5. Naypyidaw, Burma, Asia
A Return To The Grass Line
After a three year hiatus, we will once again be returning to the baseball diamond in Santa Clarita for a season of S.C.M.A.F. softball with several new and old faces composing the team "Octopi". A calendar listing has been supplemented and an additional link in the Miscellaneous category will become available following game one. Current players are listed on the Octopi statistics sheet and more will be named soon. The new season starts on 290.

Link: Octopi Statistics
Ancient Squid Media Presents "El Carnicero" (SFX)
On 220, 221 and 222, Daniel Levitch with Ancient Squid Media will begin production on a new short film series entitled "El Carnicero" ("The Butcher") and Tv Miller will be in tow as the Special Effects Coordinator, specifically for a graphically brutal scene midway through the film. In the coming days, we will give you an exclusive behind the scenes look at the preparations and final production of the special effects and much more. Stay tuned.