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Assessment - LA Fitness (Valencia) Review
LA Fitness (Valencia)
28211 Newhall Ranch Road
Valencia, California, North America

Date: 186-218/4068
Genre: Athletic Club
Cost: $39 (Single Club Access)

Seemingly a rudimentary configuration, one might be led to believe that formulating and sustaining an athletic club would be relatively effortless. This would be true if the foundation of the business infrastructure was sound. This particular LA Fitness would stand on the equivalent of a several day old dried crumbling pile of feces. With numerous inadequacies, this athletic club fails to even make the grade. A cadre of noteworthy failures:

1. A defectively constructed plumbing system that disables the functionality of any of the water supplies (showers/faucets) -– flushing a toilet to the sufferance of the bather should not reside in a commercial environment.

2. Frequent dilapidated machinery that musters for days. Loose hardware (bolts), damaged padding/grips and lack of lubrication.

3. Inadequate quantity of high volume equipment versus needless excessiveness of low volume apparatuses. A simple strap handle is often hard to come by during sluggish operating hours.

4. Uncleanly or often over-chlorinated pool –- Band-Aids seeking residence?

5. Pallid operating hours deficient for a contemporarily employed young adult. Monday through Thursday 4-24. Friday 4-22. Saturday and Sunday 8-20.

Having resided in this middle-upper class locale for a scant three years, this athletic club sorely disappoints and I highly suggest avoidance at all costs, to even a degree of adopting a personalized budgeted home fitness regiment.

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She Doesn't Know And Neither Did I
It's four minutes past the moment when you think the day turns to the next but I know better. I know it doesn't just go away. It sticks around until I decide it's the next. Could be after I wake up or it could be when my brain rattles itself into realizing I've been awake for far too long. Either way, it's still today.

It's now five minutes past. A minute ticks off without worry. Now confined within a few breaths and words cluttered together in this attempt to justify what I think is worthy of those ticking moments.

What are they?

It's that you're dangerous.

I've spent a lifetime suspicious and still fallible and here you are uttering words that echo through an empty hall bouncing back at me, giving me an idea of distance in the still darkness. Yet, I still reach out. Hoping not to bump into the night. Hoping more so, not to fall.

When words are more dangerous than actions, temptation riles my passions. It's dirty in here...my head. Filled with desperation and wit coughing up through billowing smoke. I'm surprised my own mind has deserted me. Maybe it knows something it's afraid to tell me. Maybe it already has.

Maybe taking those ticking moments for myself, without morals, was it's way of telling me what day it is.

It's late.

Yet, I'm not weary. Fools gold. I get it. I knew it then.

Someone get the lights, I don't want to see what I do next.

Love, Tv.
Elsewhere - Potentially Pending (in 2D)
Are you receiving any signals? (ref. G.J.M.)

A 1927 Elmer Gantry word origin; a term of endearment?!

Yearn for a leisurely weekend dip? Come to Frank G. Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California where the odds are against you, despite being a man-made tax paid rendezvous. (ref. 228/4068)

Electricity, the silent killer.

Is it truly practical to reason that traveling west is equivalent to traveling back through time?

Elsewhere - Multimedia-d Edition
Elsewhere will today delve into the new media era with our first of several multimedia'd editions harbinging the catalysts of our demise. Enjoy and repent.

Coexist [koh-ig-zist] v.
   1. to exist together or at the same time.
   2. to take your half out of the middle. (Hippie Ref.)

Excess [ik-ses] n.
   1. the state of exceeding what is sufficient.
     Why are environmentalist blasé with receipt excess?
   2. intemperance.

Guidance [gahyd-ns] n.
   1. providing direction to a decision or a course of action.
Parenting [pair-uhn-ting, par-] n.
   1. The rearing of a child, the care and guidance given by a parent.

Trailer Rape [trey-ler reyp] v.
   1. to be psychologically violated by a superfluous warning.
   2. a dismal or extraneous caution display.