Elsewhere - Grape Flavored Shenanigans
18:19.43 182-08 OTC
Just a matter of time.

But...but, how can this be accomplished with two such dissimilar objects? (Congratulations goes to The Signal Newspaper for following that award-winning high caliber publication standard)

Congratulations to the Level 60 Orc Shaman Razibus Hamburgerpatty.

Where's Your God #4

Quitter! In the least, do all of us a favor and be hygienic about it. Cranium and pellets embedded into stucco is not making us miss you any further.

No less than 7,960 miles from Thailand to this simple bathroom in Santa Clarita, California, North America. Cost effectiveness trudges forward.

Who Never To Trust #7
Voluntary disability.

"How are you today?" "Fine...and you?" Further declination of fast food inefficiency, somewhere behind the 30 year old baffled drive-thru customer and the obese caloric "investigator".

Consumer manipulation? Two McDonald's restaurants located a mere 4.1 miles from each other charge a "Big n'Tasty" sandwich with a $1.10 disparity. Explanation? (ref. http://www.pricingforprofit.com/pricing-explained/) ...which delineates further corruption only with now a pine fresh scent.

*See "Tacit Responsibilities While Operating Heavy Equipment"
(Note: S/GD/Transportation)

K-Mart captures the prize for rudiments the environmentalists ignore.
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Who Never To Trust #8
Tattoo, a reflective imagery of one's condition. A memento of motivation...conferred with by chasing your own tail.

Who Never To Trust #9
Earphones embedded of 2 or more. Can't hear? Negligence assured.

I can't imagine how tough a 19 year old in the upper middle class Santa Clarita Valley can be as they speed around you in their hopped up Honda CRX, pull into the gas station parking lot in their wife beater and shaved head and buy...grape cigarettes.
LOTC Widget V4.F5 Update Coming Soon
21:52.17 181-08 OTC
A new more appealing aesthetic version of the Live Orbital Time Clock Widget (V4.F5) is currently under development. A pending update (V5.F1) will feature entirely new scripting with additional features like 'day of week', 'week of year', user end parameter scripting (aesthetics) and live RSS feed.
Sphere - Global Doctrine - Department of Registry
13:39.50 181-08 OTC
The most significant step forward in the restructuring of an environment and pending application of a democracy is the registration of it's inhabitants. The role of the Department of Registry (DOR) becomes an individual entity govern by the people, entrusted by a publicly designated department supervisor overseeing a technical fluid quantity.

We have posted a first draft rough outline of the S/GD/DOR model under the Sphere category.

Link: S/GD/Department of Registry
Hiatus Cancelled / Relocation Delayed
01:12.34 179-08 OTC
Due to the utter incompetence and bad form of the operator of the plumbing company All American Plumbing located in Santa Clarita, California, North America (a now commendable derogatory endorsement) the alleged week long hiatus to Sunnyvale, California, North America has been cancelled.

As consequence of this, our relocation to Orlando, Florida, North America has been further delayed.
Hiatus and Twitter
14:36.23 178-08 OTC
To the right, you will take notice that we have recently added the Twitter RSS feed script to advise our readers of what we are doing more promptly and remotely. It will be shortly exploited while we are on a week long hiatus starting on 258. Frequent updates will give you a more direct insight as well as the occasional irrelevant irregular comic relief.

Link: http://www.twitter.com/tvmiller