Have to start seriously contemplating size issues for #Miter. 100K file is not tragic but it is also inefficient. 500K file...that is tragic. Thinking file size creates new file. Requires numerous adaptive parameters in every code. I hate code! 22:21:46 363 017 Miter
Elsewhere - Grape Flavored Shenanigans
Just a matter of time.

But...but, how can this be accomplished with two such dissimilar objects? (Congratulations goes to The Signal Newspaper for following that award-winning high caliber publication standard)

Congratulations to the Level 60 Orc Shaman Razibus Hamburgerpatty.

Where's Your God #4

Quitter! In the least, do all of us a favor and be hygienic about it. Cranium and pellets embedded into stucco is not making us miss you any further.

No less than 7,960 miles from Thailand to this simple bathroom in Santa Clarita, California, North America. Cost effectiveness trudges forward.

Who Never To Trust #7
Voluntary disability.

"How are you today?" "Fine...and you?" Further declination of fast food inefficiency, somewhere behind the 30 year old baffled drive-thru customer and the obese caloric "investigator".

Consumer manipulation? Two McDonald's restaurants located a mere 4.1 miles from each other charge a "Big n'Tasty" sandwich with a $1.10 disparity. Explanation? (ref. http://www.pricingforprofit.com/pricing-explained/) ...which delineates further corruption only with now a pine fresh scent.

*See "Tacit Responsibilities While Operating Heavy Equipment"
(Note: S/GD/Transportation)

K-Mart captures the prize for rudiments the environmentalists ignore.
(1 item purchased)

Who Never To Trust #8
Tattoo, a reflective imagery of one's condition. A memento of motivation...conferred with by chasing your own tail.

Who Never To Trust #9
Earphones embedded of 2 or more. Can't hear? Negligence assured.

I can't imagine how tough a 19 year old in the upper middle class Santa Clarita Valley can be as they speed around you in their hopped up Honda CRX, pull into the gas station parking lot in their wife beater and shaved head and buy...grape cigarettes.
Elsewhere - Muy Largo
Etched in a childish typography...fitting for a juvenile notion. "Peace" delineates a confliction-less environment, an absolute defiance of nature.

Your insignificance measured. A spec of life, as to be applied by nature, not deities. An external application is entirely yours.

America's arrogance is often easily routed. Top 5!

Suicide is the answer. No one will listen. No one will care when you are gone. Your life is now inconsequential. Enjoy 40% off at Home Depot. Home Depot – 'You can do it, we can help.'

'Grande' means large. 'Largo' means slow tempo. Huh? No one is awed Panera Bread.

Who Never To Trust #4
"Are you serious?" with an authentic inflection.

Who Never To Trust #5
Inefficient inacclimate ocular acuity.

Who Never To Trust #6
"Isn't that what we usually get?" inclined as forgetful.

Gender stereotyping is manufactured from asymmetrical variances. Nature delineates this from the palpable to the terse. Hunters/gatherers. The assemblage endures by these techniques. Do not evolve humanity's receptivity beyond faculty. (ref. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldne ... cials.html)

Where’s Your God #3

Improper dinner conversation? Ironic seeing as this is surely where the dinner is advancing towards?

Insult, not elation.

Technology and coherence are commonly countermanded by sheer human determination...to place themselves willingly in harms way.
Alert - Hiatus 258 to 265/4068
Tv Miller and Mor will be traveling to Sunnyvale, California, North America on 258 through 265 on behalf of a service agreement. During this time, activity on tvmiller.com and all affiliated internet sites (ex. Space of My) will be suspended.

Elsewhere - Dirge
Contemporary marketing, placing faces under our eating surfaces? At what moment do we have to entertain the entirety of this disadvantaged flyer? Are we gratuitous enough to find compassion for the less fortunate while dispersing ketchup upon their foreheads? Who was paid for this idiotic conceptualization?

Further environmentalist disregard -- this receipt is larger than the product itself.

Contest: Count the typical American inconsiderations? (Answer: 7)

De-effeminate my ice cream shake!

The likely sole reason why the affluent DNC and RNC would not entertain a convention in a smaller locale as to stimulate their economy -- in effect demonstrating the lack of sagacious reserve by Americans.

Who Never To Trust #3
Witness only to a blurred 1/3rd of the world.

Where's Your God #2

As analog transmissions are terminated at the end of this year and replaced by digital broadcast, contemplate recording your physical and psychological conditions and calculate if there are significant neuro-synaptic alterations. The question poised is will there be a noteworthy variation of the chemo-electrical activity of the brain in mass?

Guardianship gone too far.

Not a sense of otherwise. A life, mere cavitations, misled into prosperity.
Elsewhere - Hand Wash Only
In anticipation of the headline: Utah Arch Collapses, Man Blamed. (ref. http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/08/10/arch.c ... index.html)

Coflater: Coke flavored water. $1.95 (8.0 fl oz.)

Gay T-Shirt? (ref. http://www.cafepress.com/tvmiller)

Eventual California driving regulation -- hands free smoking?

Should the arresting officer have prior acquaintance with driving a manual before he has the faculty to arbitrate your ability to navigate your vehicle?

"I would love to have dinner with you...do you think we could meet halfway?" Can we quantify variances in population figures based on socioeconomics encumbering looming relationships?

He IS Mike. Mike enjoys touting his status as a Mike. Feel free to advise this 'bloat' to step up to the mike for being a douche bag who now is easily exploited after having offered up his identity.

This behemoth vehicle transported two bicycles a few blocks to be ridden for aerobic exercise.

A computer desk manufactured with an incompatible mouse surface.

Something special for the ladies out there; The majority of men employ the same towel on their ass, taint, feet and face. Possibly even in that order. Daily residuals are habitually disregarded. Enjoy that good-bye kiss in the morning.

Who Never To Trust #1
Spontaneous heroic act inapplicable.

Who Never To Trust #2
Inefficient narcissistic posturing.

Where's Your God #1