Have to start seriously contemplating size issues for #Miter. 100K file is not tragic but it is also inefficient. 500K file...that is tragic. Thinking file size creates new file. Requires numerous adaptive parameters in every code. I hate code! 22:21:46 363 017 Miter
Elsewhere – Displaced Immovable Objects
Grab your keys, unclench your buttocks and unhinge the garage door as we venture out at a high velocity in a decidedly unstable acuity essential immense metal, plastic and combustible fuel bludgeoning transportation device. Passengers are permitted to retain buttocks tightening until we have come to a complete stop...courteously alive.

Prior to our departure, we initiate a false sense of vanity. For example, underutilizing our "work" truck with assiduous external care in order to alleviate ourselves of that retched 'used' assertion.

We proceed from our scene onto the mutual thoroughfare...well, partially proceed. We often feel the need to preserve ourselves regardless of the inefficiency and labor to those to the rear.

Our first destination requires of us to quickly 'pop in' and pick up something. Surely, at this very moment, a person inside of this façade is not suffering from an urgent situation requiring the swiftness of an emergency vehicle to approach without hindrance. We'll only be a minute...in all probability. (Note: This woman threatened me as I photographed her violating the law.)

We return to the communal collective of our under appreciated vulnerabilities. Sigh...partly return. 'How do traffic signals work?' a likely suitable curriculum to be explored.

Turning right, then left, then right again and...oh dear. I had presumed our future had approached. Perhaps this poorly crafted and vastly necessary sign (paid in full with tax dollars) was merely suggesting that the future, as a static entity will always remains as such.

Harnessing the ability to traverse great distances while obliged to be easily distracted by music, illustrations, facial blemishes and attractive people...we continue along our byways to make a few brief stops along the way. Immobilized not included.

Feeling famished from our laboring of adjusting our rear view mirror from inspection-to-use, we hasten for the nearest food retailer.

Finally, our day concludes where our blissful family communes...with others, on our cellular phones and PDAs. (Note: She noted to her friend on her cellular phone about the rigors of her disjointed life.)

Where's Your God? #5
(ref: http://www.consumershero.com/)

Update - Anti-Gravitational Propulsion
Relocation (Part Thrice)
days until 1100 UTC 279/4068
Relocation to Orlando, Florida, North America

Assessment - 24 Hour Fitness (Santa Clarita) Review
24 Hour Fitness (Santa Clarita)
18645 Via Princessa
Santa Clarita, California, North America

Date: 240-273/4068
Genre: Athletic Club
Cost: $32/month (Negotiated: No Setup Fee $62)

Santa Clarita has a population of well over 150,000 individuals with the preponderance of culture in this middle-upper class community as habitually narcissistic as put on display by their incessant speeding to a red light. As newer athletic clubs are constructed catering to this volume, comfort and vanity, this approximately 7 year old inadequately premeditated gymnasium fails to even compete.

Housed in a measly 31,000 square feet facility -- a scant few becomes an encumbrance. Machines are clustered and chaotically assembled. The entranceway, cluttered with merchandise, is difficult to navigate, impeded by two or more passing individuals. Paradoxically, the staffing area of a far too numerous quantity of desks overwhelms a vicinity under-utilized.

Far worse are the locker rooms. Cumulated on tile only floors into a diminutive dining room sized area, walls criss-cross as obstructions. Benches are fixed to the floor leaving futile room to operate most lockers and amassing customers to the corners in unison. Showers are poorly kept -- one of seven nozzles function properly. Soap dispensers unstocked and disjointedly placed. Curtains torn or absent. Bathrooms are often latently cleaned –- urinals are the most displeasing to approach.

Overwhelmed by discomfort, there are some attributes that allow this club suitability.

The spa, steam room and sauna in addition to the outdoor lap pool are often quite habitable regardless again of dimensions as an obstacle. The machines and free weights are frequently well maintained and practical.

Athletic clubs often necessitate some degree of compromise and while this business is tremendously inadequate in capacity and severally derisory in locker room quality, the receptive hours of operation and characteristics of the machinery yields tolerance.

-- just not mine.

LOTC-Widget V5.F2A Release
The newest LOTC-Widget (V5.F2) allows us to release this version now before it's fully completed. With our new 'Add-On' design, new applications can be added to this widget over the next several releases without the user having to upgrade the embed script. Upgrade to the LOTC-Widget V5.F2 within the next 30 days before expiration of the V5.F1 model.

LOTC-Widget V5.F2(A) New Features
- UTC Singularity
- New Tabbed Design
- Add-Ons Function
- Single Embed Script (V5.F2 Compliant)