Elsewhere to Brainwashed
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When we first started this 'blog' more than 5 years ago, the entity itself was designated 'Brainwashed'. Over time, we evolved our editorial subtitles from 'Observations' to 'Thoughts' and eventually resting upon 'Elsewhere'.

As we merge into the multimedia sphere with our upcoming editorial series, we had the trite intentions of continuing the identity of the 'Elsewhere' surname only to tender a proposal in passing that we have now officially embraced.

Starting 306 (2-Nov) our new multimedia editorial series 'Brainwashed' will be released with our first episode 'Economy' immediately followed by several additional episodes covering topics from the lottery to toilet procedures and much more, all with the supplementary malicious malice towards humanity’s scruples.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming days.
Technical Difficulties
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Unlike my brethren who employ prefabricated blogging software, I have hindered myself with a home crafted concoction. What I am getting at is that we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with this internet site that should be regurgitated shortly.
Production - Elsewhere
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Elsewhere is going live! Live as interpreted as at some point in time in the progression of recording Elsewhere into a multimedia format, I will be provisionally alive and you, the viewer and/or consumer, will additionally be inhaling and exhaling giving reason to believe you to...are living. (Void in Nebraska) The first several episodes of Elsewhere are currently in production. Stay tuned.

Elsewhere is brought to you by Diareally. Diareally may cause diarrhea...as intended!

Assessment - LA Fitness (Colonial Drive East) Review
19:15.22 208-08 OTC
LA Fitness (Colonial Drive East)
2999 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida, North America

Date: 282/4068
Genre: Athletic Club
Cost: $39/month (Negotiated: No Setup Fee)

Having parleyed several athletic clubs in numerous provinces in the last 12 years, this particular location handily grades high. Encompassing an immense floor space, this temperature regulated facility rarely gives the impression of being occupied. Machinery is seldom defective and the tepid lap pool and locker rooms are consistently unpolluted. Flaws are diminished to the absurd operating hours and even more preposterous cancellation policy requiring the postal mailing of a sheet of paper.

Hiatus - But Not Really
15:32.54 205-08 OTC
We are currently acclimating ourselves into our new environment and throughout this paltry evolution, we will be modifying several attributes contributed by this internet website. Stay tuned.