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Who Never to Trust #10
64,908,616+ Barack Obama supporters. A display of gullibility to a man who broke bread with a fanatical preacher, allied with an anarchist who bombed a homeland government facility and who's children were babysat by a member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. A man who's auditory fundamentals have changed to suit the essence of the zealots now interwoven within society, acclimated by a willingness to never be held accountable. Never trust the out-of-shape, illegally drug induced, memory deficient and culturally illogical inept American. I do not support America and it's republic however I am cognizant enough to interpret the downfalls of this present occupation that is now of your consequences - and for crying out loud, do not celebrate. In competition, the victor has proven his worth. Until Barack Obama has demonstrated his bravado within his own merits, he is no conqueror.

"A sign?! Hmm? Interesting. Shades of red, white and blue. No message...yet, a hint of an axiom implying 'I'm the right choice by sheer principle of entity'. All right...Im swayed by your blighting littering argument Mr. Sign and will amend my ballot promptly."

This particular restroom houses fewer evacuation products than hygienic basins. Any surprise where such negligent excess occurs? A tax subsidize university. (Avg. cost labor/supplies $160+)

Nature is commonly found hanging around pool-side at the Hard Rock.
Puns ahoy!

(Handicap Lic.# JOKER) 15+ mph over the posted 70 mph speed limit. -exhale noisily- Obama voter.

Shattered rear end. Bungee corded trunk. Broken rear window. Following too closely. Cigarette in hand. -exhale noisily- Obama voter.

(Army Wives) Barnes and Nobles' categorical perspectives are slightly bizarre. Combat strategies and the philosophical art of war bookending the management of your life should you decide to marry a volunteer of the armed forces. The ISBN tribulation.

3 wombs. 7 children. 2.3 children per womb. 1:2.3 residences. 1.3 excess we as a species must now accommodate space for on this oblong sphere.

Yet again -- "I have to just pop right in...just be a second." When you consider the coherence of such a blatant insolent act, I can almost consider that they are more deserving of a handicapped branding than an invalid who was likely unable to occupy that specific parking spot at that moment.

Who Never To Trust #11
Male, indoor hat wearing, feet shifting and/or picking unheroic sandal wearing, cellular phone or ear bud consumed, coffee sipping, messenger bag fruit-jock. Never!

Exactly how much time and effort should be applied to the design and manufacturing of a taco sauce packet?

Congratulations goes out to Autozone on East Colonial, Orlando, Florida for evading environmentalist scrutiny the while --

-- Walmart needs to step it up. You're being given a green light from environmentalists so let's see some tape. If your product is not smaller than the single item receipt, you're not trying hard enough.

Ease of backing out by never pulling in.

(4/3pir3)/2 rational efficient use of space = traditional lavatories.

Your choice. An infection spread when you wipe your mouth with your hand or when you wipe your nose with your arm. Still awaiting the foot pedal alternative...and by waiting I mean of course, whenever I have completed the design.

Packaging -- the consummation of a product within a supplementary resource. 12 sticks per 12 sheets per package. I'm a better environmentalist watchdog than Greenpeace and I don't even care to validate it.

Where's your god? #5
Press Release: Sphere Declares War
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William T. Hark
Director of Communications
Postboks 4012
DK8900 Nuuk Greenland

Sphere Declares War
(18.27 309 62 .4068) In observance of a lengthy recognition of the imminent 'liberal' majority within the Executive and Congressional branches of the United States of American government as a referendum -- doctrines of specific fields of societal relations will shortly become asymmetrical to the success of human evolution.

An assemblage of executive members of the Sphere organization convened at 07.20 this morning to resolve the preceding re-alignment of the preliminary Objective for Resolution 2.1A (OR2.1A). Upon the conclusion of the convention at 07.52, a declaration was ratified by a 4:0 ballot.

On this day of this year at 09.30, Sphere has declared war on five sovereign 'drug' cartels located within the boundaries of 13.703 degrees latitude to 32.698 degrees latitude as identified as the Gulf Cartel (Los Zetas), Juarez (Carrillo-Fuentes) Cartel, Sinaloa Cartel, Sonora (Caro-Quintero) Cartel and the Tijuana (Arellano-Felix) Cartel.

Operations within this region will be reported following the implementations of said operation. A DRT group is presently on location until further notice.

This document has received signatory response and has been authenticated by the Executive Director of Operations Tv Miller.

Update - Brainwashed
09:35.9 230-08 OTC
Alas, we have yet again been unable to satisfactorily erect an advancement of editorial presentation after having experimented with the multimedia series "Brainwashed" over the last several weeks. It has become more apparent that we work best within a medium of privatized contemplation and communal discourse to exhibit our ingenuous fundamentals. We will begin examining avenues for the adaptation of this tenet in the coming future. Thankfully reading is still an applicable human function therefore we will continue to posture our multifaceted annotations in text on tvmiller.com.
Tv Miller's United States of America Presidental Endorsement
23:40.45 229-08 OTC
For the efficacy of stabilization in an economic tumult the while I am presently incarcerated within these boundaries -- and after great analysis and observation, we find that a liberal majority within the congressional and executive branches would be distressing and therefore we are endorsing the conservative candidate John Sindey McCain III for the role of President of the United States of America.
MSIE Twitter Comment Bug
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We are currently amending a MSIE Twitter Comment bug.

UPDATE: (20.22UTC) MSIE bug has been resolved. MSIE continues to display the Twitter Comments page irregularly. This will be reviewed tomorrow afternoon.

UPDATE: (5.46UTC) For MSIE, the CSS has been re-scripted to a more accessible coding yet still MSIE requires less amenable scripting for our intent.

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