Elsewhere to Twitter
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Thanks in large part to the application Twitpic, we have decided to migrate the written editorials (currently:Elsewhere...) to Twitter where as the format to some extent alters to a more fluid manufacture.

You will find the most recent posts displayed on tvmiller.com the while an archive of these posts are available at twitter.com/TvMiller. A supplementary retort from you, the viewer, is accessible exclusively at tvmiller.com, found under the Twitter display box on the right.

If you are a current/future Twitter user, be sure to 'follow' us by visiting twitter.com/TvMiller.
Video - LAW Battle Royal (319/4068)
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LAW/FSPW 319/4068 Results
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Sarasota, Florida, North America
Tv Miller (w/ Mor) vs. Jerome Hendrix
Tv Miller pinned Jerome Hendrix

Sarasota, Florida, North America
Battle Royal
(2) Tv Miller
(3) Mor
Tv Miller eliminated Mor
Jerome Hendrix eliminated Tv Miller to win the Battle Royal

The next FSPW/LAW show is tentatively scheduled for 31/4069.

 UPDATES  We have had several difficulties obtaining multimedia from the numerous accomplished performances Tv has had with FSPW and LAW over the last 1.5 years. Last night was little different. At this time we are certain footage from the Battle Royal will become available while the following are updates from previous events:

Championship Title Match
Tv Miller vs. Ricky Romeo (c)
A video camera and bag (w/video tape) was taken from the owner and may still be obtainable from the known thief providing the footage has not been removed or destroyed.

Tv Miller vs. The Hardcore Conquistador
Video is available of this performance through a third party though prompting some difficulty in obtaining this footage.

Tv Miller vs. Jerome Hendrix
A file error may have terminated any complete footage however, Channel 6 was present and did record the entirety of the match. More information will become available soon.
Tomorrow - Professional Wrestling Live
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Just a reminder that tomorrow, Tv Miller, Mor and #4 will be making an appearance at the LAW/FSPW wrestling show in Sarasota, Florida at 19.30. Tickets are on sale now. Consult the Calendar below for further information.

 UPDATE  We will be 'Twitter'ing live from the LAW/FSPW show. Stay tuned for updates prior to, during and following the event. If you are a Twitter user, be sure to 'follow' Tv Miller now by visiting twitter.com/TvMiller or visit this site so you can view or add comments as they are updated.
New - Rotating Wall Speaker
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Rough initial sketches for a rotating wall speaker have been posted under the Engineering category. Additional designs will include LED ambiance lighting and supplementary controls.

Link: Rotating Wall Speaker