Block Clock (2)
14:31.54 349-8 OTC
Tv Miller's Design-A-Day-Deluge release today is yet another (to quote Tv) 'confusing, irrational and completely useless ornament to appease a false sense of sophistication.' This second Block Clock extricates a typical course for telling time to a generalization as an apparatus of decoration. Link: Block Clock (2)
Happy Anniversary Birth Tv Miller (31)
20:49.58 348-8 OTC
Myself along with Carl and Mor, would like to wish Tv Miller a very happy 31st Anniversary of his Birth and invite him to visit Sad Trombone as complements to his presence here on Earth.
Support Our Sponsors
15:10.30 348-8 OTC
This site and all of our attributes don't come for free so we're asking for your support for and Sphere by simply visiting any of the numerous advertisements and sponsors featured on any of the pages you visit on Thank you.
Orb Clock (1)
13:25.32 348-8 OTC
Getting an early start today with Tv Miller's design-a-day deluge by adding the Orb Clock which features a traditional 12 hours and 60 minutes elliptical clock face grafted onto a sphere held aloft a sleek pedestal. Link: Orb Clock (1)
Light Poles (1)
20:25.36 347-8 OTC
Over the next several days, we will be releasing numerous diminutive designs from Tv Miller including this ambient lighting structure devised of a series of translucent poles timbered at angles.
Link: Light Poles (1)