Refrigerator (1)
Today's Design-A-Day-Deluge entry is a relatively incomplete project for a more efficient profile refrigerator. The concept of design is to better utilize shape as a more efficient means of heat absorption throughout the entire unit rather than relying on a chamber by chamber reciprocation. Additionally, creating more independent access points allows for less heat exchange loss and creating a more per-product calculated temperate environment. Link: Refrigerator (1)
Design-A-Day-Deluge Returns
Tv Miller's Design-A-Day-Deluge returns after a couple of days hiatus with a night stand featuring a previously demonstrated pole light and integrated electrical outlets for use with now common communication appliances often slumbering close by while you sleep. Link: Night Stand (1)
Screenplay - El Carnicero (1X03)
Tv Miller has informed me that by the end of day 68, he will be posting the 3rd episodic screenplay for the short film series created by Daniel Levitch, "El Carnicero", which currently resides in production developmental hell. Stay tuned.
LOTC-Widget (V5F2) Embed Issue
We have recently been informed of a script embedding error primarily dealing with social networking sites such as Hergap (Myspace) and Assmagazine (Facebook). Carl and Tv are presently examining the script and we will post a resolution once dissected.
Block Clock (2)
Tv Miller's Design-A-Day-Deluge release today is yet another (to quote Tv) 'confusing, irrational and completely useless ornament to appease a false sense of sophistication.' This second Block Clock extricates a typical course for telling time to a generalization as an apparatus of decoration. Link: Block Clock (2)