Refrigerator (1)
Today's Design-A-Day-Deluge entry is a relatively incomplete project for a more efficient profile refrigerator. The concept of design is to better utilize shape as a more efficient means of heat absorption throughout the entire unit rather than relying on a chamber by chamber reciprocation. Additionally, creating more independent access points allows for less heat exchange loss and creating a more per-product calculated temperate environment. Link: Refrigerator (1)
Design-A-Day-Deluge Returns
Tv Miller's Design-A-Day-Deluge returns after a couple of days hiatus with a night stand featuring a previously demonstrated pole light and integrated electrical outlets for use with now common communication appliances often slumbering close by while you sleep. Link: Night Stand (1)
Block Clock (2)
Tv Miller's Design-A-Day-Deluge release today is yet another (to quote Tv) 'confusing, irrational and completely useless ornament to appease a false sense of sophistication.' This second Block Clock extricates a typical course for telling time to a generalization as an apparatus of decoration. Link: Block Clock (2)
Orb Clock (1)
Getting an early start today with Tv Miller's design-a-day deluge by adding the Orb Clock which features a traditional 12 hours and 60 minutes elliptical clock face grafted onto a sphere held aloft a sleek pedestal. Link: Orb Clock (1)
Light Poles (1)
Over the next several days, we will be releasing numerous diminutive designs from Tv Miller including this ambient lighting structure devised of a series of translucent poles timbered at angles.
Link: Light Poles (1)