Iceland has already accomplished as much as I could have wanted in the #WorldCup ... by embarrassing Tiger Woods commentators ... shit ... I meant Lionel Messi commentators.
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Refrigerator (1)
Today's Design-A-Day-Deluge entry is a relatively incomplete project for a more efficient profile refrigerator. The concept of design is to better utilize shape as a more efficient means of heat absorption throughout the entire unit rather than relying on a chamber by chamber reciprocation. Additionally, creating more independent access points allows for less heat exchange loss and creating a more per-product calculated temperate environment. Link: Refrigerator (1)
Design-A-Day-Deluge Returns
Tv Miller's Design-A-Day-Deluge returns after a couple of days hiatus with a night stand featuring a previously demonstrated pole light and integrated electrical outlets for use with now common communication appliances often slumbering close by while you sleep. Link: Night Stand (1)
Block Clock (2)
Tv Miller's Design-A-Day-Deluge release today is yet another (to quote Tv) 'confusing, irrational and completely useless ornament to appease a false sense of sophistication.' This second Block Clock extricates a typical course for telling time to a generalization as an apparatus of decoration. Link: Block Clock (2)
Orb Clock (1)
Getting an early start today with Tv Miller's design-a-day deluge by adding the Orb Clock which features a traditional 12 hours and 60 minutes elliptical clock face grafted onto a sphere held aloft a sleek pedestal. Link: Orb Clock (1)
Light Poles (1)
Over the next several days, we will be releasing numerous diminutive designs from Tv Miller including this ambient lighting structure devised of a series of translucent poles timbered at angles.
Link: Light Poles (1)
Block Clock (1)
We have just added a decor clock titled the Block Clock in first version. Clocks are now more commonly melded into the decor of a room as this particular design has attempted to do. The Block Clock features 24 hours, 60 minutes and 60 seconds in a digital LED series delineated as first digit to last. To amend to a specific decor, the lighted blocks can be altered to different colors or randomized via a switching board located on the rear of the unit. Link: Block Clock (1)
FSPW - Tv Miller vs. The Hardcore Conquistador (Clip)
FSPW Grand Finale Results
Tv Miller w/Mor defeated Anthony Devlin w/Jelena via submission.

Battle Royal Lumberjack Match
Tv Miller and Anthony Devlin eliminated each other.

Multimedia from this event will become available soon.
FSPW Grand Finale Card
19.30 31/4069
(7:30pm 31 January 2009)
Arena Latina @ University Roll
8440 N. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, Florida

Admission $5.00

LAW Championship Match
Diez Mascaras (c) vs. El Jugador

FSPW Florida Championship Match
Rip Malibu vs. BoneZ the Cutthroat

Tv Miller w/Mor vs. Anthony Devlin w/Jelena

"Hardcore Conquistador" Tony Perez vs. Jason Sensation

Torcher vs. Heater

The Virus vs. The Devils Rejects vs. The Fed Up North vs. TBA

Also in Action...
FSPW Champion Ricky Romeo
The Mooks
George Rodriguez
"The Best Ever" Sonny Maivia
And more...
Lost Footage (Again)
Tv constantly bickers with me how the intelligence quotient in Florida is on par with aboriginal tribes lost/immersed well into the Amazon. Unfortunately, he is consistently proven correct.

Today we were notified by Harlan Schmidt of SNN6 that the video footage of the most recent LAW professional wrestling event in Sarasota (Tv Miller w/Mor defeated Jerome Hendrix) was deleted by engineers prior to Mr. Schmidt obtaining the entirety of the match for transfer.

Two rationales deriding the truth arise. One would query the fact that while using a digital recorder, the data would have likely been stored on a RAID system, something the engineers would not have so easily eradicated. Second would objectify that should a RAID system be vulnerable, a backup of data to an external storage device (DVD-R) would be a traditional avenue.

Either way, we can decipher that Harlan is either a liar or an idiot, to the lack of benefit to us. This is the third video acclaimed to be misplaced, stolen or deleted by separate individuals native to Florida.

1. FSPW - Tv Miller vs. Ricky Romeo (Championship Match)
2. FSPW - Tv Miller vs. The Hardcore Conquistador (?)
3. LAW - Tv Miller (w/Mor) vs. Jerome Hendrix

The only remaining lackluster footage is available here.

Out of pure curiosity, here is a link to the NAEP State Profile for Florida. What should be discerned is not the most recent data but rather the preceding 5 to 10 years which alienates those who you commonly interact with as adults. According to a government statistical abstract, Florida is currently ranked 29th from a previous (5 to 10 years ago) 38th.