Update - Professional Wrestling
We have still been unable to obtain an official designate for the wrestling production company which we will be appearing with in less than 6 days, however, we have confirmed the time and location of the event and have confirmed that this appearance will be recorded to digital media.

16.30 165/4069 (4:30pm 14-June)
Professional Wrestling
Appearances by Tv Miller and Mor
International Independent Showmans Club
6915 Riverview Drive
Riverview, Florida, North America

Pending this appearance, we have discussed the possibility of a long term hiatus from professional wrestling in order to focus more attention on Project:Sphere. We will attempt to tender an announcement following this event.
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Vote For Christine Craig
Do us a favor and go vote for a good friend of ours here at tvmiller.com, Christine Craig, over at the Fangoria Spokesmodel Contest. The deadline is D88 (29-March). Don't be afraid to clear your cache and vote again should the notion/time facilitate.
Screenplay - El Carnicero "Forgive"
The latest screenplay written by Tv Miller of the short film series created by Daniel Levitch, "El Carnicero" has been posted on the Entertainment menu. The last time we spoke candidly with creator Daniel Levitch on the status of the short film series after the tragic collapse last Summer into developmental hell, he stated that "...El Carn' still has legs." We'll keep you updated on any changes to this production schedule.

To read this script and the several others available through this website, you will need to be a registered member of the Tv Crew. If you haven't done so, visit the Tv Crew Member registration page below.

Link: Screenplay - El Carnicero "Forgive"
Refrigerator (1)
Today's Design-A-Day-Deluge entry is a relatively incomplete project for a more efficient profile refrigerator. The concept of design is to better utilize shape as a more efficient means of heat absorption throughout the entire unit rather than relying on a chamber by chamber reciprocation. Additionally, creating more independent access points allows for less heat exchange loss and creating a more per-product calculated temperate environment. Link: Refrigerator (1)