(2 of 9 - Part II) LockLight
04:52.31 286-09 OTC

Category > Engineering > LockLight

(1 of 9 - Part II) Card n' Arm Spokes Strap
04:23.49 278-09 OTC

Category > Engineering > Engineering Dump

5+4 More Moist Dung-esk Inventions
15:51.14 275-09 OTC
On the heels of our 6 bulls#&t gadgets in 6 days, our grey bog has usurped further unseen (presumably) inventions from allowances within the masses to which we will be releasing in our characteristically clever impingement on ad copy only with far less ménage à trois. Is that plural for plural coitus? Anywho, starting tomorrow or tomorrow's tomorrow, our first of five 9 will be available exclusively at tvmiller.com...you're already there. Stay tuned.

[Update] In the span of stupid (approx. 1.4 hours) we have added 4 more to the list bringing the total to 9. No sneak peaks lowercase jews!
Press Release: OHREC Project Announcement
12:6.21 266-09 OTC

Postboks 4012
DK8900 Nuuk Greenland

OHREC Project Announcement
As of 0300 today (344/4068) Project:Sphere has been reclassified under the entity O.H.R.E.C. [OHREC] All identifications regarding the former project title have been altered to suit. Few references to the preceding title may be present as incidental.

This document has received signatory response and has been authenticated by the Executive Director of Operations Tv Miller.

Website Updates
03:49.30 255-09 OTC
Over the last few days we have been improving the function of this internet site with aspirations for cultivating further traffic and developing polished aesthetics. Various augmentations may be unnoticed and some immediately acknowledged including search coding and the addition of a 'back' button on all secondary pages. During this 'transition' do not hesitate to advise us of any bugs you may encounter. (webmaster@tvmiller.com)