Sneak Peak - Figment Miniature Golf Submission (1st Draft)
23:16.38 326-9 OTC
Here is a first draft sneak peak for the Figment Project's Governors' Island miniature golf hole design proposals that deadlines in only 20 days. [Figment Project]
FSPW North 'Grand Opening!' Show 19.30 198/4070
22:19.38 325-9 OTC
The debut 'return' show of FSPW (North) has been announced for 19.30 198/4070 (7.30pm 17-July-2010) at the BBGrandslam Sporting Complex in South Plainfield, New Jersey (US). Visit for updates, exclusive pre-show ticket offers, sweepstakes and much more over the coming weeks as we slowly debut the website and information about the inaugural event.
FSPW North Major Announcement
12:20.54 319-9 OTC
RT: @FSPWNorth FSPW North administrators will have a major announcement this Monday!

Domainly Okay
08:32.19 310-9 OTC
Rescued from the clutches of clutching, rises from ashes like some sort of bird pyre, ASPCA approved. We now return you to your normal programming already in progress.
FSPW North Announcement Coming Soon
18:14.47 308-9 OTC