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Sneak Peak - Figment Miniature Golf Submission (1st Draft)
Here is a first draft sneak peak for the Figment Project's Governors' Island miniature golf hole design proposals that deadlines in only 20 days. [Figment Project]
FSPW North 'Grand Opening!' Show 19.30 198/4070
The debut 'return' show of FSPW (North) has been announced for 19.30 198/4070 (7.30pm 17-July-2010) at the BBGrandslam Sporting Complex in South Plainfield, New Jersey (US). Visit fspwnorth.com for updates, exclusive pre-show ticket offers, sweepstakes and much more over the coming weeks as we slowly debut the website and information about the inaugural event.
FSPW North Announcement Coming Soon
Top 10 In Development - Downwhile Edition
Following our lush cache of irrelevant gadgetry and amidst an evaporation of our internet presence for an undetermined (short) amount of time, we retain the rights to meander about on such refinements as the following:

Short Film - Fragments (Production 90/4070)
PR47 (01.01R and Logos)
Rub Rob Widget (rubrob.com)
Professional Wrestling (Announcement Coming Soon)
Website Design - Off Broadway Restaurant
Drafting - Isle (Aquatic Theme Park)
Comic Strip - Politicks
Screenplay - Morningside
Drafting - FigmentNYC Governor's Island Miniature Golf
Stand Up Comedy (Open Mic Schedule Coming Soon)
Comic Book - Progeny
(+127 more)
(8 of 9 - Part II) Bloody Stool
Due to technical and contemporaneous issues with two -now former- projects, this eleventh-hour auxiliary will be the final useless b.s. gadget and/or contraption presented in this 2nd series...of needless though tenable and erstwhile imperceived gadgets and/or contraptions. We have thoroughly explored the human body and mused on the comforts of treachery and while our distinctiveness is bold, we shall pretend this may have never occurred.

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